Pak tour rightfully called off

Being an avid cricket lover, I really found it a heart-breaking news. But considering the present scenario, I couldn’t help but thank the BCCI to have judged the situation so well and have managed to opt out of this tour. Cricket have been seen as a bonding factor between these two neighboring countries for a long time now, probably the only one we can think of ! Now that its getting on our nerves, to hell with this sort of bonding. Its the ultimate opportunity for Pakistan to save their cricket, to save their relations with India, and most importantly, to curb terrorism in the sub-continent; which they have been claiming to have been doing, but to little effect as evident from the recent developments. The relationship between the two countries continues to get bitter and bitter, and may be this is going to be the same about a hundred years from now. So in spite of being an a die hard cricket lover, I whole-heartedly support this 2 month break that our Indian side has got, wont be surprised if this happens again in the near future. Pakistan cricketers are going to face a tough time in such a situation. But there’s nothing cricket can do here and cant be expected to do. Hoping some of our senior cricketers regain their vintage form during this time. Horses, Trailers and News

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