India Pakistan encounter spice up sick leaves

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The semi-final clash between India and Pakistan will be doing a trick this week. The companies and schools will see a fishy rise in the number of people falling ill 😉 No doubt this is going to be the biggest clash between the two teams in recent times. And this hype and interest for this match is nothing amusing. It has now become as big as it could be.

India Pakistan Cricket Match
India Pakistan Cricket Match

India now having beaten Australia out of the tournament, this mid-week match is gonna set all the nerves on a roller coaster ride. Some companies have the luxury of having of television sets in common rooms like canteens etc. But for those who doesn't have that and for schools, which obviously don’t have such facilities, it’s gonna be a bunk n leave day all over the country!

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In case you want to cast your vote about what you feel regarding this match which is coming up, visit this poll and also see what others are saying! You can also speak out if you want to!

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