Let’s try to make it straight

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Last few days has really been grim. Bottom-line being caught in a tangle between showing moral support for our juniors along with our other 4th year friends, and our fear of getting our image, marks and career hampered by taking this route of aggression. Class being absolutely divided into parts, each student sharing his or her own point of view. Some change was needed to be done to the system. Unfortunately it affected the students really badly which has led to the present situation. We can’t even think of withdrawing our support at this point which would be a major blow, possible fatal to this movement. Also, we can’t even think of continuing this protest indefinitely, latest being one more week. Keeping all the affected and unaffected in mind, my inner voice tells me just go on with this movement, let’s see an end to this. But my brain tells me no, the consequences may just not be right for you people over the next few months, right on the verge of finishing our graduation. Its just the trickiest of trickiest situations we have ever faced.

Withdrawal of support would mean leaving our other 4th year friends in an awkward situation, leaving the 3rd years with little chance to put their point across for the cause, which am sure none of us would want. Not withdrawing support is certain to bring some negative consequences to us in this semester, be it in our project, internals or final semester which, again, am sure none of us would want.

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Let’s try to clear the situation. Here a poll has been added, just scroll down a little bit and you’ll find the poll on the right side. Vote what you prefer the most, guys, consider all the factors before you cast the vote. Just for your info, protests started on the 1st week of March.

P.S. If you would like to share your opinions, do that below, choose a profile, easiest being ‘Name/URL’ and post it.

Poll Results on “How long should we continue our protest against HOD?” (Total Votes:25)

Withdraw support from the protests immediately
10 (40%)
Support for a max of 1 week (from start date)
2 (8%)
Support for a max of 2 weeks (from start date)
7 (28%)
Support for a max of 3 weeks (from start date)
1 (4%)
Support for a max of 4 weeks (from start date)
0 (0%)
Any higher threshold (plz mention)...
0 (0%)
Support as long as we dnt hv a favourable decision
5 (20%)

Path to a Brighter Future
Path to a Brighter Future

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4 thoughts on “Let’s try to make it straight

  1. really its getting really frustrating as the decision of the management is not so clear…but personally i think removing an HOD is not such an easy task….

  2. if we r so much impatient then we shouldnot have joined this movement………..we would have waited for our turn to get the same thing wat our juniors have faced………..

  3. It’s true that we can’t be impatient.even i support this movement wholeheartedly.but how long???management is very shrewd.they r running a vast business.they r more intelligent than we r.they know exactly what 2 do n when…how to handle situation.do u really feel our way of showing grudge will help sorting out this prob??specially when we dont have much time left in passing out?

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