Education System pending introspection

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This is crazy. Just visualize this. Heard it happened in a college nearby. A student doesn’t get to sit in internal class test of 30 marks coz he has poor attendance. A new rule has been made, guess what!! It’s divided into various percentages of attendances for the four years of B.Tech. For first years, its close to 75%, and decreasing slowly to 55% for fourth years. Before the internals, your attendance would be checked, if you qualify, you sit for the 30 marks test, else get default 12 in it. Now, coming back to the basics, why would a student actually want to not attend classes? Considering he has no personal problems or engagements, why would he not attend the classes if they are conducted in such a way that we can’t even think of a substitute of classroom teaching? No, let’s make it very clear. Am not blaming the faculty here. I am blaming the entire system here. Why would a student, who can self-study without attending a single lecture and score above 90% marks, would attend classes? To be allowed to sit for the internal tests? Isn’t this the crappest logic and wastage of talent ? It would have been much better if classroom teaching is organized in such a way that we are looking forward to attend each an every class rather than being forced to do them. The absolute essence of learning and getting educated will come to the forefront, and all these non-sense about attendance and internals would be forgotten. They would exist of course, but of no use, as we all would be having close to 100% attendance !! Just hoping when thing turn around and create more opportunities for students like us to get the best out of the system. It’s time to act, yes, but not in an illogical way. To get the brats attend classes, get some stricter rules out of the bag, but not this, which affects everyone, even the guy who may have genuine reasons to have missed classes. Get a student profile with feedback from teachers to decide on a student, this would help, I guess.

Education System
Education System

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Author: Rahul Bhattacharya

Rahul is a journalist with expertise in researching a variety of topics and writing engaging contents. He is also a data analyst and an expert in visualizing business scenarios using data science. Rahul is skilled in a number of programming languages and data analysis tools. When he is not busy writing, Rahul can be found somewhere in the Appalachian trails or in an ethnic restaurant in Chicago.

10 thoughts on “Education System pending introspection

  1. i have another point… i dont find any logic in forcing students in attending classes by these means… if a student doesnt want to attend class and u force him to seat in the class… do we expect him to pay attention.. useless thing…instead it will disturb the class

  2. Nice post Rahul..this is something I truly believe in. Our education system needs a total revamp and it should be more student friendly. I think the purpose of classroom education shouldn’t be just one teacher giving notes to 50+ students, which is what our system is all about. I faced it right from school to graduation level and in a way it felt absurd, going about it on a daily basis. Classroom education should have teachers enlightening students about the content of their curriculum and I believe more scope should be given to discussion. It is easier to retain things in your mind when one discusses it, rather than blindly noting them down. One to many communication is hardly effective.Ok now I am going on and on.. almost a post of my own here 😛 But then again, nice post 🙂

  3. it surely doesnt have any meaning…sometime it may happen a student is not attending a class but the same student is attending a class conducted by diff faculty..the faculties r responsible to attract the attention of a student and deliver their lecture in such a way that the student doesnt even think of bunking classes..

  4. @Smritipoint noted, but we really need to implement these things fast, else students will continue to get educated like this year after year, and face more such situations..but we can’t do anything, but suggest probable solutions… 🙁

  5. But feels good to hear now that this decision has been suspended temporarily by the faculties keeping our final semester in mind, and finally allowing everybody to appear for the tests !!

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