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Microsoft has long been trying to find something to compete with in the search engine market, finally they seem to have got some foothold. After much hard work and strain they have come up with Bing, their search engine which is aimed to compete in the search engine market to get more users. It’s one of the projects by Microsoft that needs to succeed rather very badly, after failing miserably with their Live search. A few search queries by me in the Bing apparently seemed pretty satisfactory. But that said, Google is Google. And Microsoft needs to come up with something at least as good as Google to draw the slightest attention of current Googlers.

Microsoft Bing Search Engine Competition vs Google Performance Quality
Microsoft Bing Search Engine

The scenario is eminent that many bloggers and site owners will want to add a Bing! search box to their web pages. I have made one that looks something like this. Just type in any word and click Bing!

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Well, it has been definitely a long time that Google became a verb, same is with Bing until we say let’s Bing! So if you want to add your own search box just copy this code (select the code in green below and click Ctrl+C to copy) and paste it wherever you want !! Replace the singlequote in red below by a single quote.

<script src = singlequote singlequote >

Keep Binging!

Author: Rahul Bhattacharya

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