Infosys Campusing Experience

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This is a guest post by Nirmalya Roy Chowdhury who had got his dream of getting placed in Infosys fulfilled in February 2008. Extremely fond of programming, he is a really pragmatic and cool guy to hang out with.

I came to engineering not just to learn but also to get a good job in software field . My college Techno India, Salt Lake gave me the chance back in 2008 when I was in my 3rd yr 6th sem. Our TPO sir came to our class one day back in Feb.,2008 and announced a list of some 6-8 companies interested to hire us . At the same time, he also told us that 2 companies have already given their dates. They are the top 2 it companies in India……TCS and Infosys , with tcs coming first on 14th Feb. Everyone in our department became very much excited,at the same time,nervous on thinking about the outcome. We had some 2 weeks to really prepare for apti and sharpen our technical knowledge as far as possible . Then the day came. Our chance came around 5:30 pm in evening. But unfortunately, I couldn’t clear the apti . My mind was completely shattered. My mind was crying and my eyes also tried but I somehow stopped it . I was just remembering the face of my parents and was remembering tat after such a long struggle for me ,I couldn’t repay them back with good news . on tat night,I came back to my home,with mind still in trauma and pain . I couldn’t sleep at tat night .

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Then the next morning came. My father consoled me by saying that he wants me to join Infosys and not tcs as Infy was coming next . I knew tat it was just to console me . I somehow,started preparing my apti for infy with questions from freshersworld. Moreover, I came to know tat Infy’s question pattern has changed from puzzle type to normal apti in reasoning and English and you need to excel in both these sections to cross the first hurdle . I also started solving questions from rs aggarwal reasoning and started revising grammars and tenses from wren and martin . In fact,I never studied like tat even before sems. In fact I can remember……….i last studied in tat way back in HS or may be in 10th board exam . It was 20th Feb., 2008 evening . I was practicing and revising questions . then suddenly, I don’t know why it came…….something told my mind tat it would be a job tomorrow or I will be jobless. Even I told about this to my friend Somdas tat I will either get a job in Infosys tomorrow or I will be jobless.

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Infosys Campusing Experience
Infosys Campusing Experience

Then the next day or you can say the D-day arrived . we went to the venue at around 7:30 in the morning . Infy people started their ppt at around 9 and I was amazed to see the lovely pictures of gecs of Infy in Mysore dc . they then offered us Rs.3 lac/annum. We went to apti and it went well. Result came out at around 4:30 pm and in the beginning ,my name was not coming. One by one ,my friends who cleared in apti erupting in joy and I was just telling my mind that this time 2 i will be among unsuccessful ones when our tpo sir called out my name . All my friends who helped me in preparation and helped me during this tensed 1 week congratulated me and said me that this would be my day . then the selected ones r taken to another venue for interview. Infosys does not take technical interview . Infy only takes hr interview . But this hr interview is different from other hr interviews. Here they never ask questions like why Infosys. I was asked questions related to my background. Then they asked that why I changed my board from CBSE to West Bengal board after class 10. I explained. The interviewer then asked that did u do any managerial tasks in school or college. I replied back that I did in my school fests and explained how I did. He then asked me that u r waiting for such a long time from early morning aren’t u feeling fatigued. I explained my answer and he seemed satisfied. Then he asked about my extra-curricular activities. He also asked that whether learning by books is actual learning. I replied by saying that my fav subject is c programming. So u just can’t enrich ur knowledge from books but besides u should participate in tech competitions and should give more focus on experimenting with small things to build our concepts in a better way. He seemed satisfied. Then he asked me that do I have any question . I asked that why Infosys build such huge dcs while other companies like TCS etc do not have such huge dcs . he explained me the reason and my interview was finished . then we waited for about 2 hrs. at around 10 in the night,results came out and I was selected.

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So,this was my experience. At the end I would like to say to others who face failures often that do not lose your confidence on yourselves, you will surely succeed. My joining date has already been given,tats on 11th Jan,2010. So I am enjoying my remaining time before stepping into my professional life as an Infoscion.”

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8 thoughts on “Infosys Campusing Experience

  1. bhai nirmalya god bless you bhai.tor lekha ta pore bhalo laglo.ami heritage e mba er 2nd year.eber amader campussing start.besh confidence pelum re

  2. Congrats you have got a job in INFOSYS !! My heartiest congratulations to you but I actually had just the opposite experience with INFOSYS !I was really shocked by their arrogance and obstinate approach to recruitment. It might be the most highly respected company in Indian Software scenario but after getting to know that I kind of developed a repugnance over it. Not only that I know a few people who have worked in INFOSYS, they speak very highly of INFY yet they all agree on one thing. In INFY you enter as a human and come out as a ROBOT. They have the habit of treating their employees like Paydirt. I am sorry, you may not feel that way I surely do and as an example I already saw that during Campussing !! They are also extremely biased in many ways which I would like to elaborate later if I get a chance. I am sorry my friend but this is my view. No HARD Feelings !! By the way I wish you all success in life !

  3. nothing to feel sorry……..wateber u said is not wrong………and specially in this scenario they r kicking out too many ppl……..but its not in our hand………wat is in our hand……..we need to perform well and learn as far as possible……….rest is fate dude !!!!………noone knws better than me in terms of fate where i missed tcs campussing due to my health problems tat occured on the day of campussing……….so fate is something which u need by our side at every stage…… is ur hard work !!!!

  4. this is same story that i have undergone that is i lost tcs,and after a week i am in 4 infy.just rockon!!!ur thinking also resembled mine after the doj is 18jan 2010

  5. this is same story that i hav undergone.i lost to tcs and a week later i am in for infy.anyway just rock!!!congrats dude!! ur thinking had resembled mine wat a coincidence. my doj is 18 jan 2010

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