Michael Jackson no more, an era comes to an end

There’s no word which can express the grief the world is experiencing right now, as messages keep popping up praying for Michael Jackson to rest in peace here. Speculations whether the his cardiac arrest was genuine was something most wanted. Let’s hope the issue gets settled. Over the years he became the king of pop and truly lived like a king. Though controversies started tarnishing his fabulous career, yet he remained at the top with albums like Thriller, Bad, Invincible breaking records. His death led to a tremendous revival amongst his old and new fans to rejuvenate with his music, some claiming that Google’s News service showed up “We’re sorry” messages frequently virtually being attacked by such a huge number of hits on the same topic. Jackson’s video channel has already receive an incredible 12,694,527 hits. A fan here is surely utterly grieved, so are all his friends. Taking music and dance to an altogether different level, his music is sure to last amongst us forever. We simply will love to keep watching his feats here over and over again. Billie Jean will surely inspire millions over the decades to come. This video is one of my favorite pieces.

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