Looking to share your Nature, Landscape and Wildlife photos?

All photographers whether an amateur or professional quickly finds he has a pretty large collection of photos, often the better ones finding a place only in their backup storage devices like DVDs etc. But how about sharing your photos with the world where you can allow your family, friends and friends of friends to see them? And what is better than Flickr to share your collection!

You can choose your own settings to allow anybody, or only your friends, or only your family members to view your photos. So privacy isn’t any issue. If you have photos of landscape, nature and wildlife you can start your venture by joining this group and adding your photos. There are lots of groups and as you keep searching and moving about you will find that there’s actually a group existing for virtually every topic.Fullscreen capture 752009 23808 PM.bmp
What becomes addicting after some time is the community feature, because as you share your pics in more and more groups, more people see your photos and leave comments, you comment in theirs when you get time and so it fun to hang out.

Many people are concerned of their privacy being breached and their photos misused. But here if you explore the Flickr’s account section a bit closely you will find lots of right and permissions you can choose to allow or not to allow. For more information you can check out this, though it’s actually an comparison yet the Flickr column alone should prove to be useful.

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