Flickr’s addiction : How not to get rid of it

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If you are an avid lover of photography and a bit net savvy you have surely heard of Flickr. And not to forget it’s Pro feature which comes at a cost of 24.95$/year. Having used this for quite some time now, I feel it offers you much more than you can actually imagine. If you are already  to sharing your photos of your friends and families and really cherishing the full resolution unlimited storage of your photos, it’s time to for you to explore the thousands of groups that exist there based on specific categories like nature, wildlife, sunrise, flowers, etc. You can start with this group. Extensively sharing your photos in as many groups you can, will give your photo a very decent exposure, and you will often several comments, some of which you will find pretty well though and can be a learning curve as well. Keep sharing your photos in the groups as I said. Only limit you will face is sharing is up to 10 groups per photo for free users and 60 for Pro users.

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Now that you have been sharing your photos all along, have you ever thought what it would be like to store all your digital photography collection in one place? Yes, the full collection, including those rotten ones you took. Backing up your photos into sets and collections will be incredibly easy now with your Pro account, your entire collection! Start doing some now! Keep them Private in case you don’t want me to see them.

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Have you finished adding your photos to as many groups and backing them up. Well that’s only part of Flickr that you have explored as yet. With Flickr’s new video option, you can make and upload your own videos (90 seconds and 150MB limit). Don’t upload TV shows and lengthy movies, well you can try, but only first 90 seconds will be shown. You can even make your own time-lapse movies of the sun gradually setting or two snails racing etc. If you do not know how to make a time-lapse await my next blog article soon. So keep making your videos or uploading your existing ones and keep them sharing in as many groups you can!

Flickr Photo Upload Features
Flickr Photo Upload Features

This might be called as a bit of Flickr addiction by others by as for the user who gets addicted, there’s nothing more pleasurable than to keep taking snaps and sharing them on this awesome platform. So follow these steps above and keep going!!

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