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Freshers who got placed in Infosys have already been informed of their joining dates and now it’s only a matter of time before they begin their new life as an Infoscion. All of my friends have been given joining dates, some guys getting as early as July and the latest being around February. So some guys get busy immediately after completing the last semester while others get some time to enjoy before being burdened by the work pressure.

This system is sure to relief the freshers to some extent, mainly because there doesn’t exist the uncertainty as to when they will join their dream company after waiting for months or whether they will receive the dreaded regret letter at last. However there are a few hurdles to overcome after they step in. A training program is organized which is divided into separate modules. Each module covering a portion of the technical knowledge the candidates are required to be adapted to before being induced into serious projects. Sometimes second chances are given if a candidate fails to perform at first attempt. Subsequently continuous failures may lead them to losing their job.

However, many of my close friends who are waiting for these in-between days between last semester and joining to pass by are having a very enjoyable and chilling time of their lives. They often tell me this is probably the last time they are able to sleep for 10 hours at a stretch without any pressure and a care-free mind. Infosys seems to have made itself known for it’s work pressure alongside it’s quality of services. So when have you got your joining and feel free to share your experiences.

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  1. I wanted to know if i can join infosys training by showing my 6 semester marksheets as my 7th semester marksheet has been sent for re-evaluation by me and my 8th semester result is pending. Though i do clear the eligibility criterion of 65% uptil 6th semesters

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