Windows 7 Compatibility: Test your PC

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If you have Java installed, you can check out right now if your computer meets requirements of the resource hungry Windows 7 OS. Practically if Vista was making your PC sweat up everything it has  got, Windows7 will make it cry for mercy. So in the tool below just submit your hardware specification and get your result. This will just give you a overview and is by no means an official confirmation as many PCs may well run Windows 7 with weak hardware specs while some with higher specs might find it difficult based on applications and programs used.

Enter your RAM(in MB), Processor Speed (in GHz), Hard Disk (in GB) and Graphics Card (in MB) details below:

This simple tool will tell you if you need any hardware or if you need to upgrade your existing ones. It is not the minimum requirements, but one assured to provide you optimal performance with your PC. Eg. If you have 20GB hard disk, you can install Windows 7. But then you need at least 40GB in total to do your basic work! You can do without a graphics card but then you would miss out the Aero effects. Feel free to try more combinations of various hardware specs if you want. If in any case you are not getting the desired result, let me know.

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So before asking your friends for that Windows 7 DVD or buying it, check if you meet the requirements. So far the feedback for this operating system had been pretty positive and people really felt Microsoft should have brought this version out at the time when they brought Vista, which was a huge failure. Windows 7 sure is going to pose a competition to Google’s new operating system due out soon!

Windows Compatibility
Windows Compatibility

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