Windows 7 Theme and Wallpaper

This is probably the best ever version of operating system released by Microsoft. The looks and feel of this one are better than even Vista. It may be a bit resource hungry but it is surely worth it. It makes the overall appearance much more appealing. Not to mention the high res wallpapers spread all across the net, with which it looks all the more stunning. Get the theme and the wallpapers under the orange fire icon after installing this.

No doubt, after you install and start surfing after few minutes, you will keep on appreciating 1the looks your PC has been gifted with. This theme will take you to as close as you can get to feel Windows 7. Even if it’s a basic task like word processing, you would love to keep working at your desktop or laptop. It’s the visual appeal that counts while using Windows 7, much much ahead and unlike most other earlier versions of Windows.

Will try to keep updating with the latest themes and wallpapers in the same place. This might well be a daunting task as there’s a huge number of wallpapers around, but any how, windows 7 continues to impress me. But am still waiting for Google’s operating system. So keep checking it out. If you have anything to share or suggest anything, you can gladly do so here regarding Windows 7 stuffs, looking forward to making it my primary operating system anytime soon.

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