You In? Yahoo spreads ripples of kindness around the world in 129 characters

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Yahoo has struck upon an innovative campaign where users share their small acts of kindness in as little as 129 characters which gets mapped in a world map based on their privacy settings and then can ask their friends or other people “You In?” . The site is really at a very basic stage but looks promising given the concept of micro blogging backing it and innovativeness of Yahoo.

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Kindess Projects
Kindess Projects

The site till now has had only 206 updates from users. With lots of more holidays and Christmas coming soon it is sure to overflow with some real cool updates to look out for. It’’’ be interesting to see how Twitter and You In? counters each other if this campaign takes off in a massive way.

Here is how Yahoo puts it:

“ Help us create a ripple of good around the world with purple acts of kindness. Update your status to share what you're doing to spread holiday joy, then inspire others to join you by asking, "You in?"

Yahoo! will also be doing our own purple acts of kindness inspired by your updates. So whether you pay for someone's groceries or drop off a coat for the homeless, you'll be encouraging people around the world to join in acts of kindness.”

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