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Amazon offers a variety of jobs in different parts of the world in its vast network of supply chain and warehouses. In this article, we will be presenting all the different types of Amazon online jobs, including the full time, part-time, and hourly jobs. In addition, we will be also sharing all the essential links and references which candidates can use to apply the jobs and filter based on the different types of job categories and locations. In particular, we will be also focusing on the core values and principles that every candidate needs to know to prepare for Amazon. In order to prepare for Amazon, it is also important for the candidates to be aware of the interview questions that they can expect in the actual interview.

Hence, we have prepared huge collection of interview questions for every type of job for the subscribers of this website below. One of the most important jobs at Amazon is that of the Senior Software Development Manager. In effect, the role of the Senior Software Development Manager is to make sure that a strong engineering team grows both strategy wise and vision wise. The average salary of that of a senior software development manager at Amazon is close to 180,000 United States dollar per year. In essence, the role of the Senior Software Development Manager is to assist with different types of product feature launches, and partner with different departments and the product managers, along with quality assurance leaders to make sure that the product is aligned with the goal and Amazon quality standards.

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Amazon Jobs

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Amazon Senior Software Development Manager Job

In general, the Senior Software Development Manager will also be engaging with user interface and user experience designers to make sure that the product is a great fit for the market. In reality, the role of a software development manager in the senior position requires a vast amount of experience. And the eligibility is often for 10+ years of relevant experience. As a matter of fact, a senior software development manager is also required to have more than 5 years of experience of managing engineers and managers across diverse backgrounds. In conclusion, the eligibility criteria of a senior software development manager is steep, and is expected to be one of the key personnel at Amazon in charge of driving a product in a successful direction for Amazon.

One of the other job positions that is extremely critical for Amazon and popular today is that of the associate corporate counsel. The average salary of the associate corporate counsel at Amazon is close to 170,000 United States dollar per year. To begin with, the role of the associate corporate counsel at Amazon is to be a talented attorney for Amazon. To clarify, at this position of the associate corporate counsel for Amazon, you will be a partner to a legal team and their business operations clients. As Associate corporate counsel for Amazon, you will be responsible for structuring and drafting various commercial agreements for Amazon. To put it another way, you will also be in charge of negotiating a variety of commercial agreements, including contracts within the technology, licensing, and the marketing departments at Amazon.

Amazon Online Jobs
Amazon Online Jobs

Amazon Associate Corporate Counsel Job

To summarize, the role of associate corporate counsel at Amazon requires a deep understanding of the law and the legal aspects that Amazon has across all its services and products. To this end, it is extremely critical that all the legal matters are extremely transparent to us so that you are fully aware of what you and Amazon are getting into together. One of the next important online jobs that is offered by Amazon is that of the content acquisition manager. The average salary of the content acquisition manager at Amazon is close to 180,000 United States dollar per year. Due to the large quantity of content that is produced every day on the internet, it is important for the content acquisition manager at Amazon to work with different areas of Amazon and with products like sync, licensing, podcasts, and Amazon Studios.

In general, there is a lot of work to be done by the content acquisition manager to be successful. And some of the key skills is to have good experience in account management, licensing, and business development. In particular, the content acquisition manager at Amazon should have a high degree of expertise and knowledge in different domains of content account management, and how best to utilize the different formats of content that the customers consume today. One of the next most popular online jobs at Amazon is that of the solutions architect. The salary of the Amazon Solutions Architect is close to 200,000 United States dollar per year. In short, the responsibilities of a Solution Architect at Amazon should be to address a variety of business problems of Amazon customers on a strategic level.

Amazon Solution Architect Job

On one hand, the solutions architect's role at Amazon is also expected to write code. However, the solutions architect will also work with a variety of Amazon customers from different backgrounds, and along with engineering and product teams at Amazon to better understand what type of solution needs to be implemented and how to address the different problems. For example, an Amazon Solutions Architect might also be working with different account managers at Amazon to understand how best to optimize financial system and reporting practices. Most important eligibility criteria for a Solutions Architect at Amazon is to have a bachelor's degree in computer science, engineering, mathematics, or a related field and with relevant experience.

In general, a solutions architect position at Amazon is one of the most important positions which helps to define the strategy of Amazon and where it will be headed in the near future, both in terms of its supply chain and business practices. Of course, a solutions architect at Amazon will be taking feedback from the different teams in Amazon and will be listening to the challenges they are facing. But ultimately, they will bring their own expertise to suggest different types of solutions that will be taken further ahead for feedback and review to identify and choose the best possible solution. One of the next most popular online jobs at Amazon is that of the principal business development manager.

Amazon Principal Business Development Manager Job

The salary of the principal Business Development Manager at Amazon is close to 500,000 United States dollar. Without a doubt, it is one of the key positions at Amazon, and as a principal business development manager the responsibility of the candidate will be to manage the entire lifecycle of a business development process. In this case, the eligibility requirement for a principal Business Development Manager at Amazon is nearly 10 years of sales and business development experience. In fact, the role of a principal business development manager is much more than that of the development manager or the product manager. Because in this role, the candidate will be managing the entire lifecycle of the business development process and see how the product fits in to the benefit of the business.

In particular, the principal business development manager will be focused on the viability of our product and how it helps optimize and enhance the revenues and profitability of the different aspects of Amazon's business. It is important to note that there are multiple jobs available at Amazon across its various openings which are mentioned in the links above. In effect, the internet is full of a lot of information detailing Amazon's interview and hiring process out of which we have selected the top most popular ones. To demonstrate some of the most important online jobs and how to prepare yourself, I will try to add a lot of value to this discussion by sharing the best tips from a hiring manager's perspective. To explain, I will describe a variety of scenarios, which you can expect to play out during your Amazon interview.

Amazon Job Application and Preparation

You can expect these scenarios to play out in your actual Amazon interview. Let's also focus on the non-technical scenarios of the Amazon interviews and the hiring processes. To begin with, there is also a technical hiring scenario which does have a non-technical interview round and the process for that might run slightly differently from the purely non-technical path. Provided that you are appearing for an Amazon interview, you can expect to face similar experience what we will be explaining here in the most comprehensive way possible. One of the first stages of the Amazon interview hiring process is from your job application up to the phone screening stage. At first, you can expect the Amazon interview to start only after the candidate is shared with the details to appear for the interview.

First thing to remember is that the entire hiring process for Amazon is set in motion only after you hit the Apply button and create your profile in the Amazon job portal. In short, this step ensures that your profile and skill experience details goes into the Amazon internal candidate hiring database system and added as part of our review queue. Sooner or later, based on the urgency of the technical recruiters and the hiring managers, the various participants of the hiring process will be filtering out profiles to identify the best relevant candidate for the opening, and we'll be creating a shortlist. In due time, this shortlist that has been created by the Amazon technical recruiters and hiring managers will move to the hiring manager's queue and ultimately, your turn will come.

Amazon Candidate Shortlist for Interview

In essence, it is important to note that in majority or about 90% of the cases, the technical recruiter at Amazon will be building an initial shortlist, which they will then pass on to the hiring manager at Amazon. In the same way for about 10% of the cases, for example, if the technical recruiter at Amazon is on a holiday and filling that particular role and opening is very critical and is urgently needed, then the Amazon hiring manager might help the recruiter build the shortlist. In this case, as the hiring manager, I will be helping them pick the candidates who are invited to the initial and the first stage of the Amazon interview process which is known as a phone screen process.

Important to realize is the fact that what are the steps that as the hiring manager I'm going to decide which candidate should I approach first. From time to time as part of my job, I find it that the best and most relevant profile usually wins. In a word, it can be said that everything is actually very important when evaluating a candidate, starting from their quality of education, to the grades, to the profile of their past employers that they have worked with, along with the content of the roles and the achievements that they have accomplished in various different projects and organizations in the past. In particular, it should be mentioned that the Amazon interview and the hiring and recruitment process actually does not mandate any specific formula for any particular job role or profile.

Amazon Hiring Demand Factors

Every role at Amazon is actually unique, due to which there is no single formula. Every hiring context at Amazon is very peculiar and varies based on the need and urgency of the opening or role that is needed to fulfill the particular responsibilities expected by Amazon at that particular position. As can be seen that as a hiring manager, I might be often willing to take more risk on a variety of different candidates when there is a huge demand at Amazon. And I might cast a net that is much wider than what I would usually have the situation been different and there had been less a demand of hiring at Amazon.

For example, there are situations where I might be thin on my ground, and under a lot of pressure to hire a particular candidate for a particular job opening where the timeline for the project is really urgent. For that reason of time pressure, it however does not indicate that the hiring urgency will increase the probability of you getting hired with an otherwise uncompetitive profile. But it means, however, that it slightly nudges up your chances of being interviewed in the phone screen and gives you an opportunity to showcase your skills to be considered for the subsequent rounds at Amazon.

In essence, it is important to understand that if there is an oversupply of applications for any particular job profile, then my risk profile will become more conservative because I will be having a lot of candidates to choose from, and hence the phone screening to applications percentage will be going down, thus lowering your chances of getting a call if you do not have a foolproof application for the job you have applied for. In summary, as a candidate, you will not be able to influence or control 99% of the Amazon interview process at this stage. But you can make your profile and resume much more competitive with the details and tips that we have shared in this website and provide it in the best readable format to highlight your education and your achievements.

Author: Rahul Bhattacharya

Rahul is a journalist with expertise in researching a variety of topics and writing engaging contents. He is also a data analyst and an expert in visualizing business scenarios using data science. Rahul is skilled in a number of programming languages and data analysis tools. When he is not busy writing, Rahul can be found somewhere in the Appalachian trails or in an ethnic restaurant in Chicago.

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