C and C* grade colleges getting joining

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This is a good news for all TCS 2010 freshers. Colleges of grades C and C* have started to get joinings. No doubt it would ease the air amongst everyone. The situation is turning out to be really positive with the number of students who are waiting is readily decreasing.

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4 thoughts on “C and C* grade colleges getting joining

  1. I am from Truba college bhopal,and this is a C grade college,but this college is not present in rahul list not even in a list of TCS-2010 recruited college list,what is the reason,and the same condition is with Bansal(bist).bhopal C grade,and when we get joining,because all other C grade college got the joining,only we two left.

  2. Hey i'm from MUMBAI in a c-grade college..i got placed feb…still i'm waiting for joining dates….my friend who got placed in TCS (off campus) in august end got the call during the 1st week of sept!!! and his college is not even graded by TCS!!!not fair …!!!!!!!

  3. hi……. am from RYMEC college bellary……. i got placed in tcs in 2010 february. our college is a c grade college. when can i get my joining date?????? pls let me know

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