TCS 2010 Offcampus Joining Dates

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The process of giving out joining dates for the offcampus candidates seems to be slow but have started. It is just a matter of time now before each an every one of the remaining candidates get their joining dates. Discussions and sharing of news are as always continuing on the various social networking sites. The data shared below is done by hundreds of TCS candidates in their facebook community. For more information click on the ‘What’s Hot’ menu above.

The offcampus candidates had been a little disappointed for sometime now as their joinings weren’t at the same pace as their oncampus counterparts till now. But now that the scenario is changing it is going to be a pretty good month coming up for them it seems. 

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Apart from the spreadsheet below, all updates are now shared in just one place. Read to know more. Predictions and dates will be added there soon. Keep watching that space. It is only going to get more useful with time, if not less. 

TCS Offer Letter Offcampus Joining Dates
TCS 2010 Offcampus Joining Dates on the horizon

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51 thoughts on “TCS 2010 Offcampus Joining Dates

  1. hiiiii i was selected from TCS-Trivandrum on 27-aug-2010 through shredskerala my name is in the spread sheet ……………when will i get my detailed offer letter….i got a mail from chennai campus to fill personal details through link in TCS hall ticket but i was selected through SHREDSKERALA i had shreds's Hall tckt i had no mail consisting of link,username and password…………pls help.

  2. hey guys,I'm Nandhini K.S, selected on 15/08 & received my offer letter on 20/09/10. I am hearing that DT candidates are going to get their doj between jan – mar '11. is that true?doom what long hols this is turning out to be! 🙁 Hope TCS calls us soon. almost 90% of my friends are either studying or joined job. 😡

  3. I got selected on 20th june at TCS, gurgaon….and still waiting for my joining date….HR delhi region are saying that they have no idea about joining…..

  4. Naval Madaan OFFCAMPUS 2010 SPREADSHEET 2010 LATEST UPDATES!/group.php?gid=119767344744549&v=wall

  5. Is there any bca/bsc candidate who got selected in TCS offcampus recruitment in 2010 is waiting for their joining date?I had my interview on 9th July 2010 in kolkata. I received my offer letter on Aug 31, 2010.My designation is Graduate Trainee. i was asked to accept the offer by sending the scanned copy signed by me to dhiman seal who is our contact person. should I expect to get the joining this year or next year?I know bca/bsc people who got their joining during the month of August in Chennai. Does anyone know when we'll get the joining,any slightest idea?

  6. hi i'm liya …i have been selected to TCS by their offcampus drive on sept 1st…i got my offer letter on 25th september…when can i expect my joining date…will it take so much delay..

  7. hey … m lokesh from bnglr … i ws selected on 21 aug … n gt d cnfrmtn on 21 sep …. dint recv offer letter yet … n wat bout joining dates ???????

  8. Hi dudes,I got placed in TCS on Aug 14th through direct recruitment in VEL TECH college,Avadi..I got my Offer letter on 20 sept.Any one hav idea abt my DOJ?…I heard itá around the end of 2010…. Ashok kumar

  9. hi this is srinivasa reddy can any body say when will be the joining date for the off campus selected candidates in hyderabad and get the offer letterr on 28/09/2010

  10. Hi Anil, I got selected in TCS in 1st of Sept, but still i didn't get my O.L. I hav a conformation letter. So waht i have to do?? may b reason is duplicate Hall ticket(manual).

  11. Hello frns I got selected in TCS 4m Kolkata & received my O.L on 23/09/2010 & still waiting 4 my D.O.J. Can ny one say Y kolkata people hdn't receive der D.O.J???

  12. hi this is rohitha, i have attended TCS offcampus on 29/9/2010. i received a confirmation mail on 26/10/2010. when will i recieve my order letter? when will i gat my joining date ?

  13. Hi good afternoon every body. This is chiranjeevi got selected for TCS on Aug 28 2010 in Sri Sairam Engg college, Chennai and I got offerletter on 21 sep 2010. Is there any people got joining date those who got selected in that college….when can I expect the joining date? and where will be our job location…

  14. hey am gowthamshankar here…. i got selected in tcs on 22nd of august… i got selected in vel tech engineering college.. but my name is not in the list … pls hel me out of tis…

  15. hi,i am Abhijit Sen.I got selected in TCS on 22nd of August.I also got my OL in SEP.I want some idea abt d date of name is anlo nt dere in ur list.

  16. hi,i m Harpreet Singh Bhatia.Igot selected in TCS on 14-15 Aug in Chandigarh Doaba group of colleges.i got my offer letter on 22 sep and aspire program on 10 nov.but dont get the DOJ.the aspire material is upto 11 jan.also in the spread sheet no info about tcs offcampus joining why?

  17. hii..i hv got selected in hyderabad on 9th of oct. my offer letter on 28th of oct..can any one say when probably i will get my joining???thanks.

  18. hi this is dharmendra kumar,selected on 28th august from pune ,got the offer letter on 23/9/10,aspire mail on 7th of dec. still havent got the doj….can anyone tell me when will be the joining……

  19. hi this is lalit kumar,selected on 22th august from G L Bajaj Gr. Noida ,got the offer letter on 23/9/10,aspire mail on 7th of dec. still havent got the doj….can anyone tell me when will be the joining……

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