TCL ILP Gandhinagar Experience – The Journey Begins

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This is a guest post on TCS ILP by Chandan Kumar Singh. The views expressed are entirely of the author.

Hello everyone, I am so grateful that somebody is willing to go through my experiences at TCS ILP. I am Chandan Singh, from Gaya, Bihar. Please forgive me if I am having any sort of grammatical mistakes. I have got Gandhinagar, Gujarat as my ILP Center. I have to report at Gandhinagar on 16th December, 2010. We were the premapped batch at Gandhinagar. We were supposed to join the Gandhinagar development center after our training.

Our group consists of 25 people. We reached Ahemedabad on 10th December 2010. Why so early????? As we were premapped batch we are supposed to make our own arrangement for accommodation. It is very easy to get accommodation at TCS ILP Gandhinagar, people used to come and take you to many apartments. Just you need to pick one out and negotiate the rent. Then the flat is yours.

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The info-city at TCS ILP Gandhinagar is very good. It has all the residential apartments, bungalows and shopping complex at one side and all Offices, info-city club resort on the other. Info-city has four huge office buildings namely tower 1,tower 2,tower 3 and tower 4 respectively. TCS ILP center is at tower 3 which is also known as “Nal Sarover”. Gandhinagar is heaven for those who like peace, natural beauty, greenery, cleanliness and less crowd. Believe me this place is just like heaven, it is the second greenest city after Chandigarh. Gujarati people are very polite and helpful. They will help you in every possible way. Enough for the place I think.

TCL ILP Gandhinagar Experience NQT Ninja Digital Hiring Interview Syllabus Registration
TCL ILP Gandhinagar Experience

At 16th December,2010, we reached TCS ILP Tower 3 “Nal Sarover” sharp at 8:45 AM. First we had to make entry at reception, and then we seated our self in auditorium. Then a group of HRs came, and they had taken sessions on introduction, company's vision, mission, its policies, processes and many more things.
They stressed on calling them with their first names, no sir no madam. I spent half of the session thinking, “what is going on exactly?”. Then that thinking process made me very tired and spent remaining half sleeping. Just you all need to keep your eyes open.

After the TCS ILP HR sessions, we proceeded to TCS Canteen area. There HDFC Bank employees were eagerly waiting for us to open our salary account. It was just a simple process, we need to fill up two forms. But let me tell you that the form was just unbearable for us, they have just taken our signatures at more than 60 to 70 places. Yes, you read it correctly it was 60-70 times. I just felt of applying ctrl+C and ctrl+V over there. But it was not possible. They will open your two accounts. First one is your salary account which will be saving account and second one is current account for your all reimbursements.

Then again HR had taken HR session on leave policy and our salary structure. He showed us how to use “Ultimatix” tool. Its an ERP tool which is used by all TCS employees and TCS to keep track of all internal processes. Our first day at TCS ILP ended right there.

On second day also they had given sessions on information security, dos and don'ts at TCS, Tata Code of Conduct, Confidentiality Terms and conditions. Just imagine first two days at TCS and nothing related with studies till now. Initially we were very tensed that TCS ILP is going to take “pre-Test “ and divide us into batches on our performance. But TCS just divided us randomly on second day only. Each of the batches were given their schedule timings which they needed to follow it from next day onwards.

From next day onwards we sat in our respective learning rooms for training sessions. We used to have two sessions: technical session and life skill session. In technical sessions we used to get all technical stuffs. But life skill sessions were great. You all will be going to enjoy in this session a lot. All type of stuffs goes on here dancing singing, skits, ads, comedy, professional grooming and a lot of things. I still miss my ILP life skill sessions. This time TCS ILP has changed its training trends. Now , no more OOPS concepts using scheme. They taught us OOPS and Programming concepts using JAVA. They taught us many things like SQL, UNIX concepts, process models, Software development methodologies especially Object oriented Analysis and design etc. during induction phase. Just be prepared to get your hands dirty. That is what trainers used to tell us during technical sessions. Mind you if you are not ready to devote yourself for the work then TCS may be the bad option for you. They used to give us many assignments which we were supposed to complete and upload on the system.

Now you will be thinking about TCS ILP evaluations. Yes they take two individual evaluations and four group evaluation called “mile stones”. Both the individual evaluations will be based on programming and mile stones will be based on dummy project which they will assign you in group. Let me tell you, it is very easy to score good marks in individual evaluations if you are good at logic building We were having three technical sessions and one life skill session daily. We were given two tea beaks of 20 minutes each and one lunch break of 35 to 40 minutes.

Party at TCS ILP: yes TCS had given us a grand party near studio apartments. “Shine and Shimer”- This was the title of party. DJ was playing a great combination of songs by mixing them. We enjoyed a lot over there. Every one just given some steps at party and we just rocked on. Some TCS ILP participants also performed on stage. They also performed “Fashion Show”. It was awesome I should say.

I have just completed my TCS ILP induction phase. All milestones and evaluations over. I have cleared my induction phase and my integration phase is going to start from day after tomorrow. Recently we got opportunity to change our posting to Mumbai after training. I have applied for the same and I have to report at Mumbai branch after completion of my training. I am very happy for that. See you at TCS, don't worry you are going to have great days ahead. Thank you for your patience reading.

Author: Rahul Bhattacharya

Rahul is a journalist with expertise in researching a variety of topics and writing engaging contents. He is also a data analyst and an expert in visualizing business scenarios using data science. Rahul is skilled in a number of programming languages and data analysis tools. When he is not busy writing, Rahul can be found somewhere in the Appalachian trails or in an ethnic restaurant in Chicago.

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  1. hey i have a query….i am working part time for a company and have my salary account in hdfc….i am already placed in tcs and waiting for date of joining….i have heard that even tcs creates salary account in hdfc/icici banks….but going through ur article it seems u were not provided an option….is that going to create any problem when i join tcs?? please reply asap 🙂

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