What is the easiest way to get a job with Amazon?

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Amazon is one of the largest corporations in the world today. Due to the vast landscape of their expertise in different domains and different sectors, Amazon employs people from diverse backgrounds to meet the required skills. There are a variety of teams and departments working in Amazon all over the world to meet their customers demands. Various openings and positions are constantly opening up at Amazon, which are in need of skilled candidates. One of the popular positions that is frequently looking for new candidates is the Amazon Locker+ customer service associate position

As part of a Amazon locker+ customer service team, the candidate will be part of a dedicated team at Amazon, which makes return and pickup of packages convenient for all the customers of Amazon. Amazon has a number of locker plus retail locations which are in need of expert customer service experiences. The associates should be ready to delight the customers with quality service at these locker plus retail locations with a willingness to work and a positive attitude. The candidate should be ready to thrive in a fast changing and dynamic landscape, and should be ready to go beyond to assist with customer orders. The Amazon locker plus customer service associate should also try to connect personally with every customer and uplift their lives even if it is only for a few moments.

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Amazon Locker+ Customer Service Job

The Amazon locker plus customer service associates should be working in designated retail locations. As Amazon locker plus customer service associate you will be conveniently helping facilitate the delivery and return of different customer orders. As the Amazon locker plus customer service associate, some of the key roles and responsibilities of the candidate will be to maintain a clean, safe and organized workspace. The associate will also be responsible for assisting customers with questions that they might have, along with working through problems and solving scenarios for customers. The Amazon locker plus customer service associate will also be helping in receiving, picking, and storing customer orders, processing returns, and preparing for delivery.

The Amazon locker plus customer service associate will also be receiving truck deliveries and managing responsibilities for locker plus location, including opening and closing site. The candidate will also be using technologies like smartphones and handheld devices to sort scan and prepare orders. The employees of Amazon are often called Amazonians. There are thousands of offices and centers around the globe of Amazon. In the United States, Amazon is one of the most sought after employers with thousands of people who are aspiring to be a part of this organization. For every available position, there is a huge competition. But it is important to note that you should not be intimidated as a candidate.

What is the easiest way to get a job with Amazon
What is the easiest way to get a job with Amazon

With good preparation and strategic research and study, you can successfully be a part of Amazon. The first step you can take is to search the Amazon Jobs website, where you will find open positions in many different technologies, domains, and skill sets. You can also type a keyword or search by your specific job title. In the find job search bar you can also search with a specific location to find the available jobs in that area. Explore the links in this article to easily find the available jobs and bookmark this page for future reference. A candidate can also find a variety of student programs, jobs at fulfillment centers, and also remote jobs with Amazon, or with any of the subsidiaries of Amazon.

A candidate will also be able to see a complete list of all the Amazon departments and teams along with their job categories and office locations in the Amazon job portal. This will give you a sense of the types of jobs that are available at Amazon and how best a candidate can utilize their skills. There are also a variety of technical positions like software development engineers, which require technical and engineering degrees. However, not all the jobs at Amazon have specific educational requirements. Hence, business degree is often not required for our business role at Amazon if a candidate can efficiently demonstrate their business acumen and analytical thinking skills. Problem solving is also an important aspect for a business role.

Amazon Hiring Opportunities

Amazon also actively hires various candidates from the universities across the world and even military. If you follow Amazon on LinkedIn, you will also get an idea about the variety of recruitment programs and job locations that Amazon shares. There are also a variety of events and conferences in different domains and fields of study that are conducted. In these events and conferences, you will get to socialize and network with different Amazon recruiters who are in charge of filling the openings in different departments at Amazon. Amazon also sends out different recruiters to events to meet candidates in computing annual conferences. Amazon also has a variety of physical recruiting presence in designated colleges and campuses of universities all over the world.

These presences can be related to participating in different career fairs and giving occasional talks on technical topics in classrooms. Hackathons are also an important way to connect with the candidates. Amazon hosts different webinars on a variety of subjects to connect with students in their graduation or under graduation phases. There are a variety of military events as well which Amazon utilizes to connect with potential candidates. For example, the service academic area conference, and military officers job opportunities are some of the events where Amazon recruiters actively connect with potential candidates. If you were in the military, you will get to know about this and several other events that Amazon schedules regularly.

Amazon Military Recruitment

Explore the links above to learn more about the information about military recruitment at Amazon. A good approach to get hired at Amazon is to get a referral from another employee who already works at Amazon. In case you happen to know someone who is working at Amazon, it would be a good step to reach out for advice. Discuss with them about what roles would be a good fit for you based on your resume and skill sets. If possible, request them to put in a referral for your with their supervisors. In case you do not know anybody who is working at Amazon, try visiting LinkedIn and try to connect different Amazon employees who are working in your area. Share with them your career aspirations and resume and explain why you want to be a part of Amazon.

You can also share your job interests and specific domains that you want to work in, and request them to provide you a referral. Doing an internship with Amazon is also a good idea to become a part of the organization. Amazon is known to actively hire full time employees in different roles in different departments across the organization from its pool of interns. Explore the links shared here to find available internship opportunities and student programs in different departments of the organization. The internships are conducted across technical, non technical, as well as graduate research intern domains. Amazon also has different internship programs for MBAs, PhD candidates, as well as undergraduate students.

Amazon Internship Hiring

The Amazon internship programs usually last for about 12 weeks over the summer. During these three months, you will get a comprehensive exposure, what it feels like working in different project teams at Amazon. The internship positions that are available at Amazon are available in a variety of different fields. Thus candidates can choose a role based on their areas of expertise like software engineering, business analysis, management type of roles, or in retail and applied research. Amazon fully pays and compensates the intern candidates and also helps them with relocation costs involved. Explore the links that are shared here. To apply online through the Student Program internship webpage. You will get to see a list of opportunities that Amazon currently has open for different locations.

Let's learn about how to apply for the job at Amazon. The hiring process can begin with the application of a candidate. It can start by attending a local hiring event or a full time and part time warehouse positions application. Amazon often conducts various mass hiring events for different open jobs across its multiple fulfillment centers. Many of these Amazon hiring events also welcome walk-ins. Thus, candidates can simply walk in and apply for a particular job that matches their skill sets and there is a high chance that they will be offered a job on the spot. There are a variety of jobs which are not available in the working events and are by invitation only.

Amazon Hiring Events

If you are looking to get an invitation to our Amazon hiring event, you can fill out some of the application forms that Amazon has provided online ahead of time. Amazon will send out email confirmation to the candidate confirming the acceptance and you can print that out when you come to the hiring event. You can search the Amazon online jobs and hiring events in your particular location in the links shared above. The eligibility criteria that Amazon mentions for these jobs is for you to be at least 18 years of age, and have a high school degree or equivalent to be hired for the Amazon warehouse positions. It is important to note that it is not mandatory to have a resume to apply for the warehouse position at Amazon.

You only need to share your experience and expertise at the time of filling the application form. But make sure that you bring a photo identity proof along with you to the Amazon hiring event. You might also need to participate in a drug test via mouth swab. Amazon also provides a facility to its candidates to apply online through the Amazon job site for a variety of other positions. You can filter as a candidate in the Amazon Jobs website by location, the category of the job, or a specific keyword that you are interested in. For each of these filters, you will find different roles that are already listed in the job portal of Amazon.

Amazon Application Process

When you find a job that you want to apply for, click on the Apply Now button beside the role at the top of the page. In the subsequent screens, you will be taken through the creation of a profile or provided any additional details that you need for that job. If you are a new candidate, you will need to create a profile with all the details. Otherwise, you can log back in if you are a returning candidate. Amazon will send out send you updates to your text or email based on the options and details that you have provided.

It is important to note that you cannot use your shopping Amazon customer login for your application job profile at Amazon jobs. These two profiles are kept separate by Amazon for security reasons. Amazon also requests you that you keep an updated version of your resume your CV and upload it in your profile. In case as a candidate you do not have a formal resume or CV, then Amazon requests you to give a brief description of your background and work experience along with your education and skill sets. Amazon also does not accept cover letters for some roles. So at the time of profile creation, you can skip the cover letter preparation phase.

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