Is it hard to get hired on at Amazon?

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Amazon is one of the largest corporations in the world today and it employs thousands of employees all over the globe. The process to get hired at Amazon is extensive and exhaustive. Amazon maintains a very high quality of skill level and experience among its professionals. Every position that is available at Amazon has a large number of applicants who expect to get that job. Hence the competition for each position at Amazon is very high. Candidates needs to prepare well and thoroughly before applying for the Amazon interview process. As a candidate, you should make sure that your application and resume highlight some of the top skills that make you a good fit for that role.

Amazon offers a variety of ways to upload your CV, which includes sharing your LinkedIn profile or uploading your CV from your local laptop or mobile devices. I have come across the question which many candidates ask is if they can work at any of the Amazon subsidiary companies as well. Amazon shares that all the open positions with the subsidiary companies that Amazon is affiliated with are included in the Amazon jobs portal search results. Candidates can apply from the Amazon jobs portal search page in the links provided below to apply for the position which they think they would be a good fit for. A question frequently asked by candidates who want to be a part of Amazon is if Amazon hires contractors, temporary employees, or freelancers. Let’s learn more about this.

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Amazon Customer Centricity

Amazon clarifies that they often work with temporary employment agencies like contractors and freelancers. To learn more about these employer opportunities, Amazon encourages the candidates to contact leading employment agencies directly. This approach works for these employment agencies in the cities where Amazon has a dominating presence, which increases the chances of having an open job position. Amazon does not provide any listing for the freelancing contractor and temporary job positions in their Amazon jobs portal website. Candidates also often ask why they should create a new application profile instead of using their Customer login.

It is important to note that Amazon takes their customers security very seriously. Hence, they need to ensure that their customers and the candidate sensitive information are protected. Amazon keeps these information about their candidates who are applying for a job and the customer who are purchasing goods from completely kept separate. With such level of compartmentalization of sensitive data, Amazon can ensure they're providing the highest level of security to its customers and aspiring candidates. Hence, candidates and customers are encouraged to keep a separate profile to apply for the jobs at Amazon.

Is it hard to get hired on at Amazon
Is it hard to get hired on at Amazon

Amazon Work Permit

Another question I frequently come across from candidates who are looking to get a job at Amazon is if they need a work permit like a visa to apply. Amazon explains that they are regularly offering assistance to employees and candidates who are eligible to get a work permit. However, each of these cases are reviewed individually before proceeding to the confirmation stage of a work permit processing. Amazon also hires huge number of H1B workers from various countries like India, China and other countries. Hence if you are a visa holder or looking to join Amazon with a visa, you should start exploring the Amazon jobs portal page to look for available opportunities that match your skill sets.

A question that I have come across from many candidates who want to be a part of Amazon is how to reschedule their new hiring appointment. A new hire appointment is the initial appointment, which is provided after you have applied for the position at Amazon. If a candidate wants to reschedule their new hire appointment, they do not need to contact Amazon directly. Candidates can reschedule their new hire appointment from the Amazon portals job page. First the candidate needs to log into their candidate account, and in the menu that is available in the top right hand corner they can click the jobs that they have applied to link. The candidates will then get an appointment section where they can see their scheduled appointment details.

Amazon Appointment Scheduling

There will be a button called action next to the scheduled appointment details where candidates can choose to cancel the existing appointment. After clicking on cancel, candidates should refresh their page. And when they click continue their application they will be able to reschedule their appointment themselves. Another question that I have come across which candidates often ask during the Amazon application process is how to reschedule their start date appointment. The start date is the orientation date, after a candidate has already attended their new hire appointment. If a candidate needs to reschedule their start date appointment, then they should contact Amazon.

There is also another common question which candidates ask is if they are trying to schedule an appointment, but they're not finding any available appointment slots. This is due to the reason that the new hire appointments fill up very quickly in Amazon. Amazon tries to provide the jobs as soon as they're available. And hence candidates are encouraged to check the Amazon jobs portal every day to keep a track on any future openings of the appointment slots. To keep track of available appointment dates, candidates should log into their candidate account at Amazon jobs portal. And as mentioned earlier in the jobs applied menu on the top right, they can find links to continue their application to choose from available hiring appointments.

Amazon Appointment Dates

If candidates are still seeing that no dates are available, it means that the slots are still filled up and there are no slots available. And candidates needs to keep checking frequently in case new openings come up. Candidates who are applying at Amazon also often come up with a question that they are trying to schedule an appointment but they are unable to attend any of the available appointments. Amazon clarifies that all the available appointments will be shown in the job page itself. And if our current candidate is unable to make any of the available appointments, then they will need to continue checking the job page to find future appointment openings for the job.

They will similarly need to go to the jobs page in the candidate portal from the menu in the top right. Then they will have to click to continue their application and pick a date and time from the list of available appointments. Candidates who apply at Amazon also often has a question that they had a new hire appointment earlier in the past, but they could not attend and they need to reschedule the date of the appointment. Amazon clarifies that a new hire appointment is the initial appointment after the candidate has applied. To reschedule this new hire appointment date, a candidate needs to log in to the candidate portal for the job and reschedule from the menu on the top right once they go to the job they have applied to.

Amazon New Hire Appointments

Beside the scheduled appointment candidates have to click the Action button and cancel it before clicking on continue their application. The candidate will now get the option to shift preferences and schedule a new hire appointment. If there are no appointments that are shown in the Amazon portal at that time they will not be able to reschedule their appointment and we'll need to wait longer. Another question that I have come across candidates who are in the middle of the Amazon hiring process is that they they had a start date appointment in the past, but they could not attend and needs to reschedule.

Amazon clarifies that the start date is the orientation date after a candidate has already attended their new hire appointment. Hence to request a change of date to reschedule the start date appointment, the candidate needs to contact Amazon candidates who are aspiring to be a part of Amazon. Also frequently a question regarding the application process which candidates ask is how they can apply to Amazon, and if they can reapply for a job at Amazon if they have already applied earlier. Yes, candidates can reapply even if they have applied earlier. All the Amazon open availabilities and jobs on their warehouse, Amazon shopper, Amazon air, and Amazon driver positions are posted in their website.

Amazon Jobs in Your Area

Many candidates often report that they are not able to see available Amazon jobs in their area. In such cases, it is useful to sign up for the text or email alerts of Amazon. Once applied to a job, candidates can also check their application status by logging into their candidate account and in the top right corner, under the menu icon, they will be able to see a section called jobs that the candidate has applied for. In that menu, candidates can find their own individual appointment details under the My appointment section. Many candidates who expect to work at Amazon had questions regarding the various customer service jobs that are offered by Amazon. Many of these customer service jobs are also work from home jobs, which a high volume of candidates are also interested in.

To be eligible for Amazon work from home customer service job, the candidate must live in the same country, which is listed in the job description. If you as an candidate, do not find any work from home jobs that are listed for your country, then you are not eligible for those jobs. You will have to wait until they are a new openings for customer service jobs for your country. Candidates are often curious about what is the process of hiring in Amazon. Amazon identifies four high level steps in the hiring process. Among these steps, the first step is the application process. The second step is a new hire appointment process. The third step is the new hire orientation process. The fourth and last step is first day or day one onboarding process.

In the Application step of the hiring process, a candidate is required to fill out the application form which includes selecting their shift and scheduling a new hire appointment. In the second step of the new hire appointment, a candidate completes the hiring process by providing their proof of identity and employment eligibility. In the third step of the new hire orientation process, our candidate will get the opportunity to learn about their new job, hear about it from their senior leaders and also get a badge photo for their first day. In the fourth and the last step at Amazon, it is called the first day on the job or called day one.

Amazon Resume Requirements

One of the common questions that I come across candidates who are applying for an hourly job at Amazon is if they need a resume. Most of the hourly jobs that are offered by Amazon do not require a resume, including warehouse jobs, driver jobs, and shopper jobs. If a candidate is applying for an Amazon job at a campus pickup point, they will need to provide a resume or CV in that case, which highlights their skills and their resume should also explain why the candidate is a good fit for the job. Another question that I have come across for many hourly jobs at Amazon is if the candidate needs to attend the interview. The hiring process for most of the hourly jobs that Amazon does not include an interview process.

If the candidate is applying for a job at Amazon, which is for a delivery driver role, in that case, they will be required to attend a interview as part of the Amazon hiring process. Another question that I have come across for candidates who want to work at Amazon is regarding the pay rate for working at Amazon. The minimum period at Amazon is as mentioned above. A candidate can also make more based on their location and the shift that they're choosing. Based on the shift that the candidate chooses and the location where they are based out of, the pay rate for an Amazon job can vary considerably.

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