Is it hard to get hired at Amazon?

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Amazon is one of the largest corporations in the world today, and they employ thousands of workers all around the globe. Due to the large number of opportunities that are offered by Amazon, it is indeed a good time to start applying. However, due to the high salary and employee benefits provided by Amazon to its employees, there is a large amount of competition for each of the roles. The uncertain scenario in the global economy today is also creating a challenging environment for the large corporations. Considering all the factors, even with proper preparation and having the matching skills, it is hard to get into Amazon today. It is undoubtedly hard to get hired at Amazon. Let's learn about the variety of different roles that is available to work at Amazon, and some of the most popular jobs and their eligibility criteria. Amazon offers a variety of roles where employees can work remotely, in advertising, and various other work from home opportunities. Get access to a large collection of Amazon interview questions when you subscribe below.

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Amazon Jobs

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Amazon Advertising Jobs

Amazon prefers that the applicants who are applying for the New York advertising roles live close to and can travel to the city. The requirements for this type of job is 75% remote work from home and virtual, and the remaining 25% would be working on site in New York. Amazon also mentions in the requirement criteria that the candidate for the advertising role should be passionate about Amazon products and the wide variety of technology services that are offered by Amazon. A major part of the advertising job responsibility would be working in different advertisement segments for, Amazon mobile ads, and certain special offers for the Amazon Kindle.

One particular great way to earn from Amazon is also to sell your items. Amazon has over 100 million unique monthly viewers. And if you do not have a brick and mortar business or physical store, and you don't want to be in charge of shipping them, then you can use the fulfillment by Amazon option, also known as FBA. This particular feature is optional if you are looking to sell on Amazon, but Amazon fulfillment includes Amazon storing, picking, packing shipping and even managing the different methods of processing of the returns of the product as well. You will need to create an Amazon seller account which is a paid service and has options for each item you sell per month or unlimited number of items per month sold.

Is it hard to get hired at Amazon
Is it hard to get hired at Amazon

Amazon Salary

It is important to learn what kind of salary is offered by amazon before looking for the different job opportunities. Amazon offers its employees our highly competitive salary, which often exceeds the minimum wage in most of the states. An entry level customer service professional in Amazon can often earn more than the national average. The salary varies considerably with different roles at Amazon, and some senior and management level Amazon professionals can earn over hundreds of thousands of dollars. The starting salary is often about $60,000 per year for many of the positions in Amazon.

When it comes to the location where Amazon offers work from home opportunities, it is important to note that not every state offers work from home facilities at Amazon. It varies considerably based on the type of the job and the roles and responsibilities that is required to be done at Amazon. On a variety of cases, that job might require you to live close to a physical Amazon location. In those cases, work from home might not be a possibility for that particular job role. This is because various Amazon job positions often require intermittent and occasional travel to the office. However, even for such cases, the majority of the work will continue to be virtual, so you can continue to work from home.

Amazon Work from Home Jobs

Many of the jobs are often open to a variety of candidates who can only work from home. Hence, this is an excellent opportunity for candidates looking to work at Amazon remotely. Amazon recruiters are well-equipped with all the information regarding remote working. So during your preliminary screening phase, you can get most of your questions clarified regarding where you would like to work and if the job you are applying for has specific requirements of commuting to office. The Amazon job portal always consists of a variety of different jobs. There are multiple departments within the company, which are always hiring and looking to fill the different positions that keep opening up. The process is never finished because Amazon is always trying to expand their areas of services into different technology and customer-centric products.

There are always new opportunities and jobs that are being posted in the portal. So make sure that you are always checking the portal to find any opportunity and availability that matches your skill sets. The payment and salary for many of these positions are negotiable. So even if the initial salary does not interest you right away, have a talk with the recruiter to find out more if you can negotiate to a salary which you would be happy to work with. Because Amazon offers a variety of work from home opportunities. With many of these responsibilities and jobs you can save a lot of money by working from home which does not require any travel expenses. There is also a large opportunity of growth in the company once you have started working at Amazon. Based on your experience, you might also qualify for a variety of supervisory or managerial positions that come up from time to time at Amazon.

Amazon HR Jobs

One of the most common types of job positions that is available at Amazon and also plays a critical role in the organization is that of Human Resources. There are a variety of job positions that keep opening up at Amazon due to its vast workforce. The most common human resource positions that are available at Amazon and also offers work from home opportunities are that of human resource assistant, human resource manager, benefits specialist, recruiting coordinator, and recruiter. Qualified individuals will have all the facilities that they can expect from Amazon and also work from home with schedule of their convenience remotely.

The eligibility requirement of this type of position at Amazon requires that the candidate should have excellent communication and verbal skills. The candidate should also have a prior experience of working in a human resource field at any capacity and extent. So if you are looking forward to applying in this role, make sure that you highlight any prior experience even if you have not worked exactly in that type of role and designation that you are applying for. Try to find the related experience that you have in this role and how you think that would add value in this particular role you are applying for. If you can show that you have the right skills, then there is no reason why you should not be able to get this job at Amazon

Amazon Marketing Jobs

The marketing department at Amazon is one of the most important areas in the organization. The task of the marketing department is to build relationships with its customers in order to make sure that there are repeat sales and higher revenue in the future. There is a huge demand for marketing professionals in Amazon. Some well-defined positions in the marketing department that I have happened to see gain popularity from time to time are marketing coordinator, social manager, social media manager, digital media manager, the marketing manager, and Amazon brand specialist. Each of these positions at Amazon has unique roles and responsibilities assigned.

In today’s age of social media and a variety of digital platforms, it is more important than ever before to have specialized skills to reach the largest amount of audience possible to be a good candidate for the Amazon Marketing position. The skills that you should have is strong critical thinking ability, and having a self-starter type attitude. If you have a marketing experience in a field similar to Amazon, make sure that you highlight it in your resume. Even if you do not have a similar type of experience, but if you have worked in other domains at various other capacity, and have acquired the skills required for this job, then make sure to discuss the same with your interviewer when you apply for the marketing role.

Amazon IT Support Jobs

One of the most popular jobs that is available in Amazon is that of IT Support Engineer. The IT support team at Amazon is one of the most central teams that helps support the various products and services in the organization. There are a variety of skilled engineers in Amazon who are experts in different technologies and help keep the integral services up and running smoothly. Security is one of the most important aspects of customer data. The IT engineers at Amazon also help stabilize the infrastructure and enhance it with new features.

The most common IT positions which are available at Amazon are IT technician, network engineer, network support engineer, and IT system engineer. Candidates who have background working in operational services or experience working with computer systems and information technology operations can apply for these positions in a role that they find a good fit for them. If you can brush up your resume with certain technologies and skills that Amazon works heavily on, then you can improve your chances of getting hired by Amazon.

Amazon Flex Delivery Jobs

One of the other job opportunities that is offered by Amazon is called Amazon Flex. Amazon Flex is slightly different from the usual work from home jobs because it is a kind of job that where candidates help deliver packages from the Amazon warehouse to the customers. Individuals who participate in the Amazon flex can set their own schedule and work accordingly. Professionals working in Amazon Flex can earn between 20 to $25 per hour depending on their location. It maybe expected that you will be using your own vehicle to deliver the packages of Amazon customers. This is actually not a full time position for income. However, it provides an opportunity for a side hustle income. Keep exploring the variety of jobs that is offered in the Amazon job portal to learn more about the open positions that are made available.

Explore the links above to learn more now and see the details of the jobs. In the job portal you need to create your profile and then proceed. The amount of payment that Amazon pays to work from home varies considerably based on the skill, experience, and relevant knowledge of the candidate for that job. Many of the jobs are full time and many of the jobs are part-time, and several of them offer work from home opportunities. All these jobs are made available at different times throughout the year, and there is no fixed pattern when the jobs will be made available. The pay also varies for example, like Amazon customer service associate which has an average hourly rate lesser than a quality associate professional at Amazon. It is important to keep in mind that many of the Amazon positions like customer service associate need you to work during weekends, nights and sometimes even during holidays.

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