Is it hard to get hired at Meta?

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Meta is one of the largest corporations in the world today in the software industry. One of the questions that is asked by all the aspirants who want to be a part of this reputed organization is how difficult is it to get a job at Meta? If we have to define in short, then the answer is yes it is hard to get a job at Meta. The company has a high standard of quality and is known to have an extremely lengthy and rigorous process of hiring. The total number of interviews can be about six. Meta also offers a higher than average salary for most of the positions that it has open. This means that every position has numerous aspirants and hence the competition is also very high. To apply for a job at Meta, you have to apply online via the Meta career page. You have to create your profile if you do not have one already. For most of the job positions at Meta, there is a preliminary assessment that will be required. This can include language, or technical or an analytical aptitude test that includes quantitative and logical reasoning questions. Subscribe here and get access to the Meta interview questions.

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Meta Interview Process

Your interview will consist of a one on one interview with the Meta technical recruitment team. Your interview will also happen with multiple teams who are interested in hiring you. The interview can be of different types. There will be a phone or video interview that you will have to attend with the hiring manager and the team members. There will be also a collaboration interview with the hiring manager, team members and other teams who will be collaborating with you. These are the different interview types and there is no fixed pattern about which interview will be held in which format. However, these are the common people whom you can expect to meet in every interview. Knowing who is present in your interview panel will give you an idea how to frame your answers to the questions. If your interviewer is from a higher position, then you will be able to highlight how your work benefited the organization. With more technical members in the interview panel, you can highlight best practices that you have implemented in your coding approaches. Meta requests you to use the STAR method for answering any interview questions. The letters in the abbreviation STAR stands for Situation, Task, Action and Result.

Meta Interview Difficulty and Hard Questions
Meta Interview Difficulty and Hard Questions

Meta STAR Method Answers

When your interviewer asked you a question, it is best to describe different experiences and how you performed in those scenarios using the STAR method - Situation, Task, Action, and Result. You can describe a situation first, which you encountered. Keep the amount of detail moderate and keep a focus on how YOU performed. Always focus on the activities you have been doing in that scenario and avoid giving a generalized description. After you have described the situation that you encountered, you describe that task which you performed. The task is the goal that you wanted to do in that scenario and as per the assignment requirements which was required to be done you. It has to be very specific in this step of the STAR method. The more clearly you explain that task and the goal that you had in your hand, the better you will be able to describe the actions in the next step. After you have described the task, you now explain the actions that you have taken in the action step of the STAR method. In this step, you describe all the actions in details that you took to address the situation and achieve your goal. The interviewer wants to know your thought process and the rationale behind every decision you took in this step. Always focus on what you have been doing and how you contributed to the overall goal and that task. If you have been working as part of a very large team, focus on how your contributions helped the overall project and added value. Always remember the Meta interviewer is interested in learning about you more than that task that you are talking about. So make sure that the focus is on you. After you have described your actions, you come to the results step in the STAR method. In this step, feel free to brag about your accomplishments and how you successfully contributed and added value to the project. Also, make sure to highlight what you have learned so that you show your ability to deliver similar performances in the future after learning from your mistakes.

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Meta Hiring Eligibility

To be eligible for the Meta hiring, you need to be at least 18 years of age and have a high school diploma. For many of the corporate positions in Meta, you also need to have a bachelor's degree and some amount of relevant work experience. There are various administrative assistant positions in Meta which are comparatively easier to get hired at. To be eligible for the Meta administrative positions, you must have at least five years of full time administrative experience where you have been directly supporting two or more executive members. In addition, you must also have at least five years of experience in coordinating travel logistics on the behalf of more than one or more than one executive. You must also have at least five years of direct calendar management and experience of expense report management for one or more executives. You are required to have excellent computer operating skills. Knowledge of Microsoft Outlook is a must. The average salary for this role is close to 100,000 United States dollar per year. One of the toughest positions for getting hired at in Meta is the engineering position. Most of these positions require a minimum of a bachelor's degree and very good work portfolio at a senior level,

Meta Employee Salary

Many of the engineering positions in Meta has an average annual salary of over 200,000 United States dollar. The hardware research engineer position in Meta requires a PhD in computer science, or electrical engineering, or hardware operations. It is also preferable to have publications in conferences or journals, and experience in fields of virtual reality, machine learning, computer architecture, or artificial intelligence. Due to the nature of the work that this role demands, a Hardware Research Engineer requires a lot of experience in these fields. You must also have an experience in leveraging theoretical and empirical research to solve various types of problems. You must be able to communicate complex research concepts and theories in a clear, concise and an actionable manner. Meta requires you to be able to code and script efficiently. Researches in distributed storage systems, optimizing artificial intelligence and machine learning systems and traditionally distributed applications is also preferred. The average annual salary with these skills is around 180,000 United States dollar. The typical annual salary ranges for various different positions in Meta can be defined as - Content Designer business analyst often earn around 150,000 United States dollar, a client partner earns close to 300,000 the United States dollar, growth marketing analyst in Meta earns around 160,000 United States dollar.

Meta Interview Difficulty

Meta has a long and exhaustive hiring process due to its selective nature and high salaries. This overall makes Meta a company where hiring is indeed hard, but the effort is worth it in the long term as you get to work in a lot of the latest tools and technologies. The Meta interview process has been defined by various recruiters as a traditional but thorough interview process. The pre-screen phone call is the first stage with the recruiter. This phone call is to determine the minimum qualifications along with the skill sets to ensure that you are aligned with what the role requires you to perform. This phone call also helps identify if you are the right fit for what Meta envisions. If this call goes well, and the candidate possesses the initial skills, you will be moving on to the screening interview. This interview is done with the hiring manager or with a member of the team that you would be working with. It can also be another team member whom you will be supporting once you join the company. Together this interview panel then leaves dives deeper into your level of experience and asks you to provide examples of the different skills using the STAR method that we discussed above. The goal of this interview panel is to fully assess and understand the scope of your current experiences and how these translate into the role that you will play in Meta at an organization level overall.

Meta Final Interview Round

The last stage is the full loop interview, which is the final stage of the interview process which consists of three to five person panel interview. In this stage of the Meta interview, it becomes a mix of interpersonal and execution based skills. Each of the interviews is around 30 to 40 minutes long and requires a lot of preparation. This is why the Meta recruiting team steps in to provide the candidates with different study materials and preparatory calls. It is very important that the candidates can improve on the specific areas in which they are experts before appearing for this interview. In summary, this interview process is very thorough. So you need to be very patient and have a strong mindset when appearing for your interview in these different Meta interview panels. Meta takes pride in the great coordinating team in their recruitment process. Meta also provides their interviewee with resources such as preparatory materials in addition to access to a recruiter who is always ready to answer any questions that the candidate may have. Meta also talks about the imposter syndrome. For that, it is advisable that candidates take help from their family, friends and colleagues. People who know you, and will be able to support you the best way. It is important to know that you have a structure in place, and you should be confident with what they remind you. This will help empower you and make you the best version of yourself and be confident before you appear for your Meta interview. You should have full trust in your experiences and the capabilities that you bring to the table when you appear for your interview. If you are able to show your drive and passion to the Meta interviewer, then you really have a good chance of getting hired at Meta. For more information on any job opportunities for Meta and learning about the different roles, keep following this blog and subscribe to get the latest updates on the hiring freeze, performance review scenarios, and how to avoid layoffs.

Author: Rahul Bhattacharya

Rahul is a journalist with expertise in researching a variety of topics and writing engaging contents. He is also a data analyst and an expert in visualizing business scenarios using data science. Rahul is skilled in a number of programming languages and data analysis tools. When he is not busy writing, Rahul can be found somewhere in the Appalachian trails or in an ethnic restaurant in Chicago.

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