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Tableau is one of the most popular data visualization tools today. Business across the world are using Tableau to analyze their data. The demand for skilled Tableau professionals is now more than ever before. A Tableau Certification definitely goes along way in demonstrating your familiarity with the tool. Tableau offers different types of certifications for Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server. Based on your proficiency you should choose which exam to take. I have been using Tableau for years and here I have built some of the most comprehensive Tableau Practice Tests covering variety of datasets and scenarios. The tests have been refined and updated several times based on feedbacks received from thousands of aspirants. Practicing with different types of data will help you build your expertise which is essential for the Tableau Certification Exam. If you can score well in my Tableau mock tests here, you can be sure you are ready for the actual exam. For any help in Tableau for your certification or office work, you can reach out to me.

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DA Exam Guide

Download the Tableau Certified Data Analyst Certification Exam Guide. Score 75% from about 60 questions in 120 minutes.

DS Exam Guide

Download the Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification Exam Guide. Score 75% from 45 questions in 60 minutes.

Server Guide

Download the Tableau Server Certified Associate Certification Exam Guide. Score 75% from 55 questions in 90 minutes.

Exam Costs

Tableau Data Analyst Certification Exam cost is $250, Tableau Desktop Specialist is $100, Server Certified Associate is $250. Exam reschedule fees $25. Schedule your exam here.

Tableau Datasets

Download Tableau datasets for practice. Average salary of a Tableau Data Analyst is $100,000 per year. Download Tableau workbooks with interview scenarios.

Practice Exams

Subscribe for learning videos, 1000+ Exam questions. Read Tableau Certification Questions, LOD, Order of Operations, Sets, Groups, Bins, Charts, Dates, Moving Average.

Tableau Certification Cost

The cost of the different Tableau Certifications is as mentioned above. Share your Tableau Certification experience with Insight Crunch and get up to $30 for your article. Learn more here. You will get $30 from me for every article you submit as per the required quality standards mentioned. Articles can be about your certification experience, and also about any experience you have had during your exam preparation journey or data analytics projects you have worked on. Tableau also occasionally offers promotional discounts. Are you getting certified from your organization? Then you would be entitled to get the full cost of the Tableau Certification reimbursed. Make sure to learn how much Tableau is being used in your workplace, accordingly your company will prioritize on getting you certified. If you are a student, Tableau Certification cost will be lesser with student discount. If you need help or have questions regarding Tableau you can always reach out to me. To get free Tableau Certification, simply share your experiences as mentioned above in different articles.

Tableau Certification
Tableau Certification

Tableau Desktop Specialist Practice Exam

The Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification Practice Exam below will give you a complete experience of the actual exam. Subscribe below to begin, refresh this page after you have Subscribed to view the Tableau Datasets and Tableau Certification Practice Questions. Tableau says you must have been working in Tableau for 8-10 weeks before appearing for this exam. This will ensure you have a good grasp on the topics on which you would be assessed. The Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification Exam consists of 45 questions which you have to answer in 45 minutes. About 5 questions among the 45 questions will be unscored, and remaining 40 are scored. The unscored questions help the examiner understand the efficiency of the different questions. The exam is conducted by Pearson VUE. The scoring model uses a scaled scoring model. Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification exam will not give the candidate access to internet, the Tableau software, or any outside application. The Tableau Desktop Specialist Exam consists of the below main sections on which questions are asked:

  • Connecting and Preparing Data - I would want you to know the different ways to connect data. You should be able to clearly explain to me the advantages and disadvantages of live and extract connections. You must also be to clearly tell me how relationships, joins, and unions work in Tableau. Practice the Tableau Certification questions and answers below before you take the main exam.

  • Exploring and Analyzing Data - In this section I would like you to be aware of the different chart types like bar chart, line chart, scatter plot, dual axis chart, and the different types of stacked bar charts. Do you also know about Pareto chart, dumbbell chart, radial bar chart, and heat map charts? Great! Also make sure you know about groups, sets, table calculations, bins, and histograms.

  • Sharing Insights - As a Tableau professional, in this section I would expect you to be able to answer questions on the Marks card. How well can you format marks, fonts, and configure animations and legends. Can you comfortably work with worksheets in dashboards, and add interactive elements using dashboard actions. Questions on stories and dashboard exports are popular in the exam.

  • Understanding Tableau Concepts - There are some essential key Tableau concepts that you must be familiar with. Understanding dimensions and measures is critical for the Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification exam, along with their differences. You must also be able to solve questions on discrete and continuous fields, and the blue and green pills. Aggregation of measures is a common topic as well.

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Tableau Data Analyst Practice Exam

The Tableau Certified Data Analyst Certification Practice Exam is a simulation of the actual Tableau Certification Exam. Subscribe below to get started. You will have instant access to the Tableau Datasets and Tableau Certification questions and answers with real-time feedback for every question. Tableau recommends you must be working with the tool for at least 20-24 weeks before taking this exam. If you do not use Tableau daily for your work, you might have to put extra hours to get up to speed. Of course, if you are dedicated you can be ready for the exam in lesser time even if you do not use Tableau for your company work. The time limit for the Tableau Data Analyst Certification is 120 minutes. You have to answer about 60 questions, including about 44 knowledge-based questions and 12 hands-on questions. Among these around 15 questions will be unscored which Tableau uses for internal exam analysis purposes. So effectively you have about 30 scored knowledge-based questions and about 10 hands-on scored lab questions. Tableau uses a scaled scoring model for the exam. You cannot access internet during the Tableau Certification Exam. However, during the hands-on questions you will have access to the PDF version of the Tableau Help Guide besides Tableau Desktop software. The Tableau Data Analyst Certification Exam consists of questions from the below topics:

  • Connect to and Transform Data - Questions from this topic need you to be aware of live and extract connections, and the concepts of .hyper and .tde files. You must know how to use custom SQL to pull data from databases. To score well, I want you to be familiar with aggregations, unions, joins, and converting between discrete and continuous fields. Subscribe and practice the questions given below to improve your skills.

  • Explore and Analyze Data - I want you to practice a lot for questions on this section. The knowledge-based questions will really need you to choose from options that you can answer only if you have extensive practice. Answer the questions in my practice exams here to learn more. The important date functions are DATEPARSE, DATEDIFF, DATENAME, along with string, number, aggregate, type conversion, and logical functions. Other key topics are quick table calculations like moving average, percentage of total, and running total. You must also know how to use table calculations, year to date, index, ranking, context filters, parameters, reference lines, sets, bins, hierarchies, groups, geographic maps, choropleth maps, totals, subtotals, trend lines, distribution bands, forecasting, and predictive models.

  • Create Content - This section of the Tableau Certification exam assesses your knowledge on Tableau charts like bar, line, pie, scatter plot, histogram, tree map, bubble chart, data tables, Gantt chart, box plots, area chart, dual axis chart, and combo charts. I would also want you to read more on creating dashboards and stories, especially on interactivity of these components. Responsive designs form an important part of Tableau dashboards and stories.

  • Publish and Manage Content on Tableau Server and Tableau Online - The questions from this section is focused on your publishing skills of workbooks, data sources, and printing and exporting contents. Scheduling data updates, Tableau Prep, and managing published workbooks using alerts and subscriptions form the foundation of this section in the Tableau Certification exam. Once you Subscribe and start practicing the questions below, you will get a complete feel of what kind of questions you can expect in the Tableau Data Analyst Certification exam.

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Tableau Server Certified Practice Exam

The Tableau Server Certified Associate Practice Exam below will give you a comprehensive exposure to the actual Tableau Certification Exam. Subscribe below to access the practice questions and get started. Tableau recommends taking this exam if you have good understanding of Tableau Server, and if you have worked in a single-machine environment for at least 20-24 weeks. The time limit for the Tableau Server Certified Associate Practice Exam is 90 minutes. You need to answer 55 questions, out of which 50 are scored and 5 are unscored. The Tableau Certification exam is conducted by Pearson VUE, and the passing score is built using a scaled scoring model. You do not have access to the internet or Tableau Platform during the Tableau Server Certified Associate Certification Exam. The questions in the Tableau Certification Exam are categorized into the following topics

  • Connecting to and Preparing Data - This section will ask you about the user interface and navigation in Tableau Server, including the different client and server components and how they work together. Learn about the different versions, and read the release notes of the latest Tableau Server release. Know the minimum hardware and software requirements like RAM, CPU, hard disk, operating system, browser, and antivirus concerns. Licensing is an important topic as well. Tableau Services Manager (tsm) is a very important topic for the Tableau Server Certified Associate Certification exam. Read on the data source concepts like ports, drives, and the differences between file vs relational vs cube data sources. Be clear about network latency implications and dynamic IP addressing.

  • Installation and Configuration - To answer questions from this section learn about the installation path, gateway ports, identity store, SSO options, Active Directory, Trusted Tickets, SAML, Kerberos, Open ID Connect, SSL, silent installs, cache settings, configuring email alerts, user and storage quotas, group and user configuration options, License types, site roles, the security configuration for different levels like site, project, group, user, data source, and workbook. I recommend also read on Permissions like system permission composition, ramifications of the permission design, and the Tableau Security Model overall.

  • Administration - A Tableau Server Certification is not complete without evaluating you on your administrative skills. Brush up your skills on maintaining data connections, create schedules, subscriptions, backup, restore, cleanup, deactivating users, updating licenses, start, stop, restart, using tsm, using tabcmd, using REST API, embedding, monitoring usage, managing revision history of data source, viewing server status, using administrative views, performance recording, publishing views, interacting with a view using the Web, web authoring, sharing views, data source certifications, and extract caching to improve the Tableau Server performance.

  • Troubleshooting - This section will require you to know how to handle the requirements of third party cookies in a browser, how to reset passwords for a Tableau user, package log files for reporting, using the tsm to validate site resources, rebuild the search index, use maintenance analysis reports, and create Tableau support requests.

  • Migration and Upgrade - In this section of the Tableau Server Certified Associate Certification exam you will face questions focused on the Tableau Server upgrade process, detailed steps related to reinstallation of a Tableau Server, migration process to move the Tableau Server to a new hardware, and analyzing the backwards compatibility of the different Tableau Server components. The below practice exam will give you an all-round experience of what you can expect in the Pearson VUE proctored Tableau Certification exam.

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Tableau Job Support and Live Help

Achieving a good score in Tableau requires extensive practice and exposure to a variety of scenarios. With good guidance you can solve different problems in a variety of ways that leads to scalable and flexible codes. With years of experience in the data analytics industry with different tools and technologies, I have helped hundreds of professionals learn and build up their Tableau skills. Reach out to me below in case you need help with your Tableau Certification, or any complex office work scenario.

You can upload the Tableau Workbooks above as twbx that will help you share the actual workbook with a live example of your requirement. I usually acknowledge and respond to my reader's messages within a couple of days, and you can expect a solution within a few days as well. If the scenarios change you can submit multiple questions to me with different examples, datasets, and attachments. A Tableau Certification is a definitive way to add an official certificate to your Data Analytics resume.

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Rahul is a journalist with expertise in researching a variety of topics and writing engaging contents. He is also a data analyst and an expert in visualizing business scenarios using data science. Rahul is skilled in a number of programming languages and data analysis tools. When he is not busy writing, Rahul can be found somewhere in the Appalachian trails or in an ethnic restaurant in Chicago.

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