Which Tableau certification is best?

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Tableau is one of the most popular data visualization tools in the market today. All the businesses around the world today are storing large amounts of data. Data needs to be analyzed to get the proper insights so that businesses can start making better decisions. The demand for Tableau skilled professionals is now greater than ever before. Tableau also offers a variety of different certifications, which helps to highlight the skills of a professional. Even though certification only helps as the official proof of your skill, having extensive practice with Tableau is essential to succeed in your job. Many candidates get great jobs even without having a Tableau certification. However, having a Tableau certification definitely adds value to your resume.

Tableau offers different types of certifications like the data analyst, desktop specialist, server certified associate, the certified associate architect, and the certified associate consultant. The Tableau Data Analyst certification is one of the hottest in the data analytics field right now. The Desktop Specialist Certification is focused on evaluating the basic skills and product knowledge of the tool. The Tableau Server Certified Associate Certification aims to evaluate the administrative skills and platform knowledge of an individual. The Tableau Certified Associate Consultant certification is aimed at evaluating individuals on their knowledge of overall best practices and the Tableau products.

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🎧 Which Tableau certification is best?

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DA Exam Guide

Download the Tableau Certified Data Analyst Certification Exam Guide. Score 75% from about 60 questions in 120 minutes.

DS Exam Guide

Download the Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification Exam Guide. Score 75% from 45 questions in 60 minutes.

Server Guide

Download the Tableau Server Certified Associate Certification Exam Guide. Score 75% from 55 questions in 90 minutes.

Exam Costs

Tableau Data Analyst Certification Exam cost is $250, Tableau Desktop Specialist is $100, Server Certified Associate is $250. Exam reschedule fees $25. Schedule your exam here.

Tableau Datasets

Download Tableau datasets for practice. Average salary of a Tableau Data Analyst is $100,000 per year. Download Tableau workbooks with interview scenarios.

Practice Exams

Subscribe for learning videos, 1000+ Exam questions. Read Tableau Certification Questions, LOD, Order of Operations, Sets, Groups, Bins, Charts, Dates, Moving Average.

Tableau Certification Questions and Preparation

The Certified Associate Architect certification is aimed at assessing a candidate on the Tableau platform implementation knowledge, best practices, and maintenance of the Tableau environment. Among these, one of the best certifications I would recommend for any data analysts to start with is the Tableau Data Analyst certification. It is one of the best certifications in the market right now and immediately adds a lot of value to your resume. To prepare for the Tableau Certified Data Analyst certification exam, it is recommended that you use Tableau for at least five to six months. Using Tableau for an extended period of time will make sure that you are familiar with all the functionalities of the tool, and know how to visualize different types of datasets.

Explore the menu above to get access to a variety of data sets along with the Tableau Data Analyst questions. After reading the different Tableau concepts like continuous and discrete along with the level of detail expressions and order of operations, practice with different types of data sets to enhance your skills. You should not get accustomed to any one particular type of data set because the Tableau Certified Data Analyst certification exam will be asking you questions from a variety of perspectives and data sets. Before appearing for the exam, it is important that you should be fully aware of how to connect and transform data, create different types of views and dashboards, exploring and analyzing the data, and publishing and managing the content in Tableau.

Which Tableau certification is best?
Which Tableau certification is best

Is it hard to get Tableau Certification?

There are essential skills which is expected from a candidate preparing for the Tableau exam. Explore the individual topics carefully in the official Tableau Certified Data Analyst Exam Guide. The Exam Guide lists all the topics that you should be carefully focusing on while preparing for the exam. The Tableau Certified Data Analyst Certification exam uses a scaled scoring method. The scaled scoring method is a mathematical conversion of the different items that a candidate answers correctly, so that this consistent skill measurement can be used across all forms of the exam. Tableau highlight that an example of this can be the process of converting pounds to kilograms. In that case, the weight of the object did not change, only the units were being reported.

The Tableau Certified Data Analyst Certification exam results are reported as a score from 100 to 1000. The score that will be scored by the candidate will be showing how the candidate performed on the examination as a whole. The scaled scoring models are often used to equate scores across different types of multiple exam forms that may have slightly different difficulty levels. To pass the Tableau Certified Data Analyst certification exam, a candidate needs to get a passing scaled score of 750 out of 1000, which is nearly equivalent to 75%. You will get all the related details about the duration of the exam, the time limit of the exam, how many questions you have to answer in details mentioned here below.

Tableau Certification Exam Review

The Tableau Certified Data Analyst certification exam is a proctored exam, which can be taken from your home as well. You must ensure before preparing for the exam that your computer network and your physical environment are properly configured as per the Tableau certification exam guidelines. You should also take a system test to make sure that your system is having the latest browser and adequate connectivity speed, as per the technical requirements mentioned from the exam. There are a variety of different question types in the Tableau Certified Data Analyst Certification exam. The main two categories are knowledge based and performance based. The knowledge based question requires a single or multiple selection response, a performance based question will require you to work in a lab environment using Tableau.

Let's learn more about the knowledge based section. The knowledge base section can have questions that are of multiple choice type, multiple response type, active screen type. In the active screen type question, you can have different types like build list, drag and drop, and hot area. In the multiple choice type question, the candidate will have to select one answer from a set of provided options. It is important to remember that you should carefully read all the options that is provided to you before you choose the correct answer. In the multiple response type, you can select more than one option as the correct answer. Hence, there can be two or more correct answers to the questions that are of multiple response type.

Tableau Certification Question Types

In many of the cases it can be noted that Tableau uses some wordings that often confuses candidates. In such cases it is important to see and evaluate every option before confirming your answer. You can also focus on using the elimination tactic by which you can eliminate the wrong options that you are sure of. Once you've eliminated the wrong options, you will be narrowing down to the correct answers and that will help you find the correct options. The active screen type of questions incorporate certain interactive elements in the question like drop down lists, checkboxes, option buttons, or drag and drop functionalities. Candidates can select answer using these elements that are provided in a building list type of question which is a subcategory of the active screen type.

A candidate's ability is evaluated on how well they can rank a list of items or sequentially order a series of tasks. You will be given with a split screen with a list of options on the left side of your screen. On the right side of your screen, you will have to create an ordered list which will be your answer to the question. You can use the arrow buttons so that you can move the items from the left to the right and sort them in the correct order. Each of the options that will be presented on the left side of the screen can be used only one time. In the drag and drop type of question, you will need to evaluate object associations and placement with the different drag and drop item types.

Tableau Certification Latest Patterns

In the drag and drop type of question, candidates will be required to select and reposition different answer options in a list of graphics which can be like a paragraph. Candidates will have to drag the different elements that is the answer options from the left side of the screen into the appropriate position on the right side of the screen which is the answer area. It is important to note that the answer area will often contain a passage type of text with certain blanks which needs to be filled the correct answers. The candidate will be dragging the items from the left and dropping it into the blank areas in the answer area.

Another type of particularly popular question in the knowledge based section for the Tableau Certified Data Analyst certification exam is the hot area. Hot area is a type of question in which your ability to look at correct regions on an image is evaluated. In a hot area type of question, you will be presented with the image, and you will have to submit the answer to the question by selecting a specific location on the image. The locations are activated by hot area objects. This is a type of active screen question that you can expect in the Tableau Certified Data Analyst certification exam. In the next type of question, you will get performance based questions where candidates will be working on Tableau in a hands-on lab type of task.

Tableau Certification Resources during Exam

The responses will be automatically graded within the Tableau lab environment. It is important to practice a lot with the sample types of practice questions that is given in the mock tests above to make sure that you're fully ready with the relevant concepts essential for the Tableau Certified Data Analyst Certification exam. During the Tableau Certified Data Analyst certification exam, there will be no access given to the candidates to any kind of resources or to the internet. Only during the hands on lab section, candidates will be provided with the PDF version of the Tableau Help. For none of the other sections will there be any kind of access permitted to either internet or any other outside application. Tableau also recommends that candidates are encouraged to comment and share feedback on items in the exam.

The comments that Tableau receives are considered as valuable feedback for every question in the exam. The experiences that candidates described during the exam help Tableau to enhance the subsequent questions and the different formats of the exam. Tableau also mentioned that in case you encounter any technical issues during the Tableau Certified Data Analyst certification exam, you should be contacting the proctor. The proctor is always available during the entire duration of the Tableau Certified Data Analyst certification exam to make sure that you do not face any difficulty in answering the question and navigating the different resources provided to you for the exam. In case you might need to restart the exam, the proctor will guide you if the need for such a scenario arises.

If you're not seeing resolution in a timely manner, and you feel that your results of the exam will be negatively affected, or that you will not be able to finish the exam within the time allotted, you can also ask the proctor to stop the exam and log a case with Pearson Vue. In case you have the exam stopped for other reasons, then you can get new date for your exam. You can follow up with Tableau certification team at the email id mentioned above to know about your next steps. The Tableau Certified Data Analyst certification exam is considered to be one of the best Tableau certifications available today.

Tableau Certification Exam Sections

The Tableau certification exam is broken down into four main topics - connecting and transforming data, which constitute about 24% of the exam content, exploring and analyzing data, which constitutes about 41% of the exam content, creating content which comprises 26% of the exam content, and finally publishing and managing content on Tableau server and Tableau online which comprises 9% of the exam content. One of the most important things to understand about the Tableau Certified Data Analyst certification exam is you should be extremely familiar with the different tools and functionalities of the Tableau Desktop software. If you have excellent knowledge on how to analyze different datasets using Tableau Desktop, then you can very comfortably score well above the passing marks in this exam.

Each and every question that is provided in the Tableau practice exams above is heavily focused on evaluating your skills in the four sections of the Tableau Certified Data Analyst certification exam. If you are able to score well in the practice exam here, you can be sure you are on the right track for the actual exam. Also, in case you are not able to pass the practice exam here, then I would strongly recommend check the real time answers and feedbacks that the questions and answers here are providing to you. Accordingly, you need to focus on those particular topics and brush up your skills. Every attempt of the practice exam you take here will present you with new Tableau Certified Data Analyst certification questions.

Tableau Certification Practice Questions

Make sure to review the answers and explanations of every question to make sure that you are also learning the concepts. Every question here will be provided with answer in real time so that you can cross-check your answer and also see a new perspective of solving the question. You will also be provided with more details on the particular topic on which the question had been asked. This will help you understand the actual concept and also help you answer any other type of the question that can be asked from that particular topic.

The Tableau Certified Data Analyst certification exam evaluates your skills from end to end perspective of a data analyst. Even though there might be questions on Tableau Prep and Tableau Server, most of the questions are heavily focused on a data analyst's perspective. Hence, you do not need to worry about the different administrative tasks for Tableau Server Admin. Instead, you should be focused about how a data analyst might publish a workbook in the server. Every question in the Tableau Certified Data Analyst certification exam is from a data analyst standpoint

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