Wipro Salary Hike FY22 for Employees and Freshers

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Wipro has announced that they will give out annual increments for the financial year ended on March 31. This is also known as the Merit Salary Increase or MSI. The Wipro salary hike applies for freshers as well as experienced employees who form about 96% of the overall Wipro workforce. The remaining 4% of Wipro employees are usually employees who are on extended leaves and sabbaticals. Wipro employees and Wipro freshers who joined the company can expect their salary hikes along with the September month salary. Wipro also announced that employees above C1 band received pay hikes on June last year, however this year it is effective in September. Wipro freshers and employees can expect to receive their increment letter from their managers in the coming weeks. Wipro employees are often referred to as Wiproites. The Wipro salary hikes will be awarded based on the employee performance and their eligibility criteria. Wipro employs nearly a quarter of a million employees. Prepare for your Wipro interview with the Wipro interview practice questions below.

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Wipro Salary Hike
Wipro Salary Hike

Wipro employees who are C band above will not receive any variable payouts in their salary according to Wipro. Wipro employees who are A band and B band, i.e. Wipro freshers and Wipro team leader levels, will receive 70% of the target variable pay for the quarter. This Wipro salary pay is subject to the billability threshold that is determined by a variety of factors including project pipeline, currency fluctuations, and customer demand. This is great news for Wiproites in such uncertain times when there are talks of upcoming recession. There was recent news of Wipro employees being fired for moonlighting for competitors as well. The Indian IT sector overall has been faring well with most organizations including TCS and Infosys announcing substantial hikes for all their employees. There are information about slowing hiring among companies like Twitter and Meta in the United States. There is also news of slowing hiring amidst the turbulent situation in Europe currently. In such times, the salary hike for Wipro employees is much welcome news that all Wipro employees including freshers and experienced candidates will rejoice.

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