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Amazon is one of the largest corporations in the world today. There are a variety of jobs that are provided to individuals with different skill sets. There are a variety of online jobs that are provided by Amazon where candidates can work from home even without any prior experience. Explore the links below where you will be able to find a variety of remote and work from home jobs that are provided by Amazon. The links are updated regularly, so make sure to check it frequently and also use a search box that has been built here, which will provide you customized results based on your search query. Using the search box below, you will be able to find the exact jobs that you want near your particular location and selected filter criteria.

Variety of Amazon jobs are available that requires little to no experience, because Amazon will often provide the training to the candidates. There is only the minimum age criteria that candidates must meet for different types of jobs. Explore the links below to learn more and search for jobs by individual department, skill sets, and location to find which one is best fit for you. Amazon employees have often shared their employee benefits which they are proud of. There are a variety of medical and healthcare benefits provided to its employees by Amazon, which is very competitive in the industry. There also have been various complaints regarding the work culture at different Amazon warehouses and offices which led to multiple issues.

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Amazon Employee Policies

In one case, one of the employees was let go due to taking more time off and the employee contested for unemployment benefits, highlighting that she was not informed. However, Amazon argued that the employee had been fired for a particular reason. The Administrative Court judge found the employee innocent, and found that the employee was never given a warning, and that Amazon had also not informed the employee that she was off duty. In another particular incident, there were several emails and notices posted in different bathroom stalls which mentioned that the productivity feedback was temporarily suspended due to the volatile situation overall in the world. This temporary suspension meant that no worker would be fired for being too slow during their day-to-day works.

Another fact that confused the employees during this message was that extra minutes for hand washing was added which was apparently already in effect for the last four to five months. The extra time of for hand washing was one of the most controversial decisions which employees readily cherished. But the fact was many of the employees were never aware of this policy change that was so helpful to them until they saw that noticeboard. Amazon was particularly known for tracking its employees constantly and penalizing them for taking time offs. Hence, the few extra minutes that employees could take a break and relax was very much welcomed by the employees at Amazon.

Amazon online jobs work from home no experience
Amazon online jobs work from home no experience

Amazon Work-Life Balance

Many Amazon employees only mentioned that the guidelines were only displayed at the workstations and initial instructions on how to do their job were marked by verbal guidance only. The managers who worked at the Amazon offices were supposed to tell each worker individually how to do their work, which was often termed as a high touch approach. There were a variety of building wide notices to announce the policy changes that Amazon was bringing. That was prompted by a lawsuit but was later dismissed. Many of the workers could not be punished for lower rates. But managers were always encouraging higher speed and higher productivity. This often caused a lot of stress among the workers at Amazon because all of them were not being able to work constantly hard at a high pace every day.

Many of the employees were getting tired by working several hours at a very high speed with little to no work-life balance. Many of the employees also complain about back pains and pain in their legs due to long hours of working and bending over while picking up goods and stuff. One employee was sharing their experience that they were limiting their bathroom trips to improve their productivity. At one point, the employee could not wait any longer, and they found the nearest ladies restroom was closed. That employee shared their frustration and anger at the cleaner regarding this closed restroom. Finally, the employee got fired for the horrible altercation she had with the cleaner at Amazon.

Amazon Complaints and Reports

Amazon employees recall that in one of the interviews she shared with journalists and reporters, it was made clear that the employee will not be able to reapply to Amazon in the future. However, later on the Amazon mobile app, the employees were receiving a notification that the employee was missing work. The employee finally returned to the warehouse with trepidation and then completed her shift and still works there. It was found later that the employee had been terminated, but the processing of a termination was not done properly. Thus, Amazon actually had a glitch in their system which led to favorable circumstance for that particular employee. Holiday seasons ask for better performance from the employees at Amazon.

And there are more incidents reported like the above one during the holiday season. Amazon has also been reported by employee experiences that they are burning out through the existing workforce. The employees were hired at an unprecedented rate in the American corporate history. There are several events like the Prime Day when the number of sales and items sold are considerably high, leading to a huge demand for workers and package personnel. At this moment, when there is huge demand during the holiday season to meet that particular moment, the Amazon warehouses absorbed into their friend and family units without even any job interview or processing.

Amazon Holiday Season Hiring

During the holiday season, in most of the cases there is little to no conversation between the employer and the applicants because all that matters is the eligibility criteria, and the basic minimum qualification that the employees need. Hence, during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the other holiday seasons there is a huge demand of employees and workers at Amazon. Many candidates reported that during these peak seasons, they worked at Amazon along with their friends, best friends, cousins, uncle, father, and other related family members and friends. Many of them had to share one car and make four or five trips between different places like Brooklyn and the warehouse.

In some cases, a mother and a daughter organized different containers of meals for their midday breaks. And other members like the cousins bagged the drinks and other goods in Theft Prevention bags that were carried by Amazon workers. Many of the employees who worked in these conditions highlighted that they were only grateful that they were being able to work, and they were getting paid in these uncertain times. Thus, Amazon provides a lot of good opportunity to employees to work and prove their ability and lead a healthy livelihood. Amazon implies that they are often very grateful to the employee benefits and the opportunities it provides despite the stressful work culture and complaints that often arise from there.

Amazon Automated Screenings

In general, most of the employees who work at Amazon are often found to be grateful that they're getting a job, and often they do not target to stick to that job for a very long time because the growth potential is often very limited. But the fact that Amazon pays its employees well is an excellent indicator that employees are looking forward to making a few bucks while working in a particular part-time or full time job. Many employees who work at Amazon have shared their experiences and have mentioned that they have retired after a lifetime of odd jobs like a postcard advertising work. And after they retired once they found the Amazon job opportunities, it was a great delight to them because it required no resume and no job experience.

Candidates who found these jobs at Amazon have highlighted that getting a job with no experience was something that they have never heard of. In place, they mentioned that they and other newcomers have been hired only after a quick online screening. Many of these jobs were also online and required minimal to no experience, and they were only required to attend the Amazon training, which told them how to do the job. Internally, many of the employees who worked at Amazon describes that the company's automated employment process was a lights out hiring. This meant that there were algorithms which were making decisions, and there was a limited visibility from Amazon's hiring management and other employees regarding what candidates were being hired and who were getting into the organization.

Amazon Automated Assessments

In the Amazon automated assessments, there is little screening and little manual effort involved in assessing and evaluating the candidates. Most of this entire process was being automated by systems and algorithms, which hired and paid the employees. The senior management at Amazon was trying to remove humans from the entire hiring process by which only machines could screen and evaluate the candidates, because the turnaround time in this case is much faster. The Amazon need for workers was so great that it would have been not possible to have at the same rate had manual efforts been involved. Applicants had to fill check the box on screen type of applications which the system could then easily scan instead of long paragraphs of text that might need manual intervention.

The automated assessment tests was also considered to be a consistent and unbiased way to find different motivated workers, because the same set of questions was being circulated to all the employees. An automated assessment and examination system is one of the best ways that has been found to be working in an automated system-driven artificial machine learning environment. The less human intervention and manual intervention means that the process was faster and much more streamlined than had manual interviewer and interview panels being involved. Amazon often highlighted that the jobs it created was helping a lot of the people who were getting the job and the community overall.

Amazon Employee Focus

Because of Amazon's large scale work, it was paying its employees a lot more than the minimum wage that has been set by the laws of the country. Amazon often highlighted that it was really a culture for companies to provide opportunities to employees that would help the industry grow overall and sustain the dominance of the United States. However, it was interesting to note that the numbers that Amazon was putting out was hiding the true fact how many workers actually left the organization. Many employees who work at Amazon often left the company within months or days of joining because they could not fit into the work culture. Amazon has a very fast-paced work culture which many employees and candidates struggle to get accustomed to.

It is interesting to note that there are a variety of complaints that often arise from Amazon offices and warehouses. Employees also highlighted that there are favoritism and little opportunity for growth. Due to less promotion and other opportunities, Amazon only pays very good salary along with excellent employee benefits, but at the cost of that there is literally minimal mental peace or work-life balance, which has been highlighted by many employees. But even then, the complaints of a few employees might not reflect the entire workforce of Amazon. Many employees who work at Amazon have also highlighted that they are happy to take the stress and do that work because they're getting paid significantly more than what they thought they would get in their life.

Amazon Employee Grievance Redressal

Amazon provides a great opportunity for many individuals to prove their worth and get a job which pays them and helps them support their families and loved ones. Someone reported that with time there were various complaints and feedback of concerns that came up from the different Amazon warehouses and offices. It was said that several workers got warnings about mandatory over times and their schedules got changed with no calls or text messages or emails. Many human representatives were hard to find, and employees said they were not trained or that were able to handle genuine complaints. This was one of the major reasons of concern by Amazon employees because human resource professionals are supposed to be one of the most readily available people.

Any complaints that Amazon employees might have, should be addressed. And the main job of the human resource professionals is to make sure that no complaints from the employees at Amazon go unnoticed. Because the human resource professionals at Amazon were not trained enough, it was a extremely difficult situation for the Amazon workers because many of them waited for hours to try to find a personnel who would listen to them and address their concerns, but they found no one. Even if they found any human resource personnel, it was found that they were not trained enough to help them adequately. Many employees at Amazon wondered that why they had to look for human representatives to fix errors if unpaid time off was deducted by the A to Z app at Amazon.

Amazon Employee Management Issues

Because the entire process of Amazon leaves and everything was aimed at being automated, the glitches that were there in the Amazon app should be fixed by Amazon itself, instead of the employees undergoing the harassment. All the employees who worked at Amazon wanted Amazon to fix this because these were some of the glitches and bugs that were cropping up in the app because it was unable to deal with different types of situations that was happening in reality. Definitely, if there would have been a particular committee or department who would take in all the complaints regarding the app and specific list of issues it could have been resolved.

The entire list of issues faced by Amazon employees could have been mitigated had there been a proper channel of feedback and mitigation team. But most of the time it was found that the Amazon representatives who were there were either not trained, or did not know what to do after they received the complaints from the Amazon employees. Due to this reason, the employees were often frustrated and concerned, and many of them were not being paid for their time offs, or many of them got fired incorrectly due to not showing up for their work even when they had got their leaves approved in the past.

Author: Rahul Bhattacharya

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