How do freshers get jobs at Amazon?



Amazon is one of the top technology companies in the world that employs thousands of people globally. Candidates who were freshers also can get jobs at Amazon if they plan strategically and build up their skills. There are a variety of full time, part-time, and hourly opportunities at Amazon where freshers can get a job. Amazon also is one of the major leaders in the cloud computing space with Amazon Web Services where freshers can get a job where the salary and compensation is significantly higher. Amazon is one of the most competitive organizations in the technology sector and offers a great salary and employee benefits to all its employees. Besides salary, Amazon also provides medical and health insurance, along with retirement plan and generous leaves and paid time off policies.

Hence, getting a job for freshers at Amazon is definitely doable and is an attractive opportunity. There are various internships also available for freshers, graduates, undergraduates, and PhD candidates so that they can join the company and even get paid while getting to learn from some of the top projects and engineers in the world. Experienced candidates who have been working at Amazon in a variety of technology departments and other departments like warehouses have highlighted that if you are planning to start your career with Amazon Web Services, it is considered to be a very good decision. There is a large amount of opportunity available for Amazon Web Services jobs for freshers in the United States and Europe as well as in India.

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Amazon Web Services Skill for Freshers

The top three players who are the market leaders in the cloud computing business right now are Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. Amazon Web Services is considered to be an extremely lucrative career option for people from technical or software backgrounds, because the experience and knowledge about the software which is needed is already available to them. It is not surprising that people from non-technical backgrounds as well can also get started and train themselves on the technical qualifications required to consider AWS as a career option. However, Amazon Web Services might seem slightly difficult for non-technical people at the initial stages, but as we get to learn it more the expertise is definitely helpful in a variety of fields.

Amazon Web Services is comparatively easier to learn if candidates are already coming from a technical background. Some key things to learn about Amazon Web Services when choosing it for a career is that there is no need for you to learn any programming language. If you're going to learn Amazon Web Services, there is no need to brush up your skills on coding and learn a new language for programming. It is very easy to learn and start to implement Amazon Web Service components in real time because it does not involve the learning curve usually associated with a programming language. One of the most attractive features of having the knowledge of Amazon Web Services is that there are a variety of jobs that are available right now based on AWS.

How do freshers get jobs at Amazon
How do freshers get jobs at Amazon

Amazon Freshers Opportunities

Due to the large number of vacancies and openings available, learning Amazon Web Services has the potential to give you a lot of jobs in different places, wherever you want to go. Amazon Web Service professionals also get very high salary, and hence that is also one of the factors many candidates are opting to work for this field, including freshers. Amazon Web Service developers are getting a very good salary all over the world. And the salary is expected to go up even higher as Amazon acquires new clients who are also using Amazon Web Services as part of their product stack. Freshers can start a career in Amazon Web Services with some strategic planning and study, and they can also start earning a very competitive salary in today's volatile technological landscape.

We should also bear in mind the challenges that freshers might face while starting with the Amazon Web Services career. There are various certifications that are provided by Amazon Web Services that helps freshers to get a good head start in this field. This is because certifications are often considered proof of the initial level of expertise that a candidate has. Even though the extra knowledge that the candidate has should be evaluated, an AWS certification no doubt helps to stand out from the crowd and the large number of applicants who are applying for the same job position which you are applying for. Building up a career in Amazon Web Services starts with a good study plan.

Amazon Freshers Preparation Guidance

One of the most important things that a candidate needs to remember while building a career in Amazon Web Services and getting a job as a fresher at Amazon is how to learn and approach this new concept. One should particularly focus on learning the fundamentals and then revise them and prioritize the important concepts. Candidates should always focus on doing a practical analysis of the topics that are covered in Amazon Web Services, and the overall concept of cloud computing. You can expect a variety of different questions in the Amazon interview based on the different cloud computing concepts which are an integral part of Amazon Web Services.

The AWS technicalities are extremely important because as an interviewer I will be focused on learning in going into deep topics and see what are the types of questions that you are most comfortable in. As an interviewer I will also be interested in knowing you how much deep you have gone into and see what level of complex questions that you can answer. Getting familiar with Amazon Web Services is the first step in building up your confidence before appearing for the Amazon job interview. For decades, Amazon Web Services have been building up their platform and has been adding robust features that help corporations of all sizes take advantage of their versatility. Amazon Web Services thus have continued to become one of the top leaders in the industry and competes with some top cloud computing providers.

Amazon Top Skills for Freshers

Amazon Web Services provides a variety of benefits due to which many organizations are now choosing Amazon Web Services over other cloud products like Oracle Cloud and Google Cloud. One of the top reasons that corporations are taking advantage of Amazon Web Services is because it is very much cost-effective and holds a lot of value. However, users and freshers who are building their skills in Amazon Web Services should be ready to take up different types of courses and learning on cloud computing advanced features and techniques, which is essential for Amazon Web Services. Explore the links above to find a lot of available fresher jobs for Amazon based on different types of skills, including AWS.

One of the pioneer in cloud computing, Amazon has continued to build its different types of platforms based out of Amazon Web Services as well as it is its homegrown products. The market of Amazon Web Services is hundreds of billions of USD every year and is also growing every day. With newer clients joining in, the scope and possibilities of Amazon Web Services is endless, due to which freshers can expect to get a lot of jobs as long as they are focused on building their skill sets the right way. The competitors of Amazon in this field are Google, Microsoft, IBM and many other vendors who are also equally trying to build up their cloud infrastructure and not to lose out in this. Finding the right Amazon Web Services jobs is an important step because there are a lot of features where everyone cannot be an expert.

Amazon Certifications for Freshers

Currently, Amazon Web Services offers foundation courses along with three to four different types of certifications, as well as three to four different types of specialty certifications, and several professional certifications. As part of the job application process at Amazon for freshers, you should be able to provide all the experience that you have garnered based on different types of projects you have done as a fresher. When you are applying for a job at Amazon, you might not have the relevant work experience, but as an interviewer, I would like to see you building up all the right skills, and showing a proactive attitude throughout your career during your educational years. If you have been engaged in different types of college projects or assignments which showed your interest in related skills and technologies, include them in your resume, and also feel free to highlight them in your Amazon job application.

As Amazon interviewer and hiring manager I would be interested in knowing you as a person and your personality. Many times it has been seen that people only mentioned what they have done in their actual career, but think that many of the other extracurricular things are not relevant. But often this is not the case because if the candidates highlight their extracurricular activities, which is often linked to their technical aptitude and logical reasoning skills, these actually help build up your skills section in the resume and show that you have a great potential to be a good fit for that job. This also puts you ahead of many of the other candidates and sets you apart, because you have shown your potential which you have already accomplished in other aspects of your life.

Amazon Job Openings and Hiring

Due to the vast landscape in Amazon Web Services, it is very common to have questions regarding which particular job is the right fit for you. It is good to spend some time about the different jobs available in the sector to get a complete feel and understanding about what the particular role demands, and what is the day-to-day activity like for an Amazon Web Services developer. If you are interested in pursuing a serious professional career as an AWS developer, then it is important to understand what is the future like in this cloud computing field. You can work as a consultant, or as an independent contractor as well in this AWS developer field. As a fresher, you can also get a job at Amazon in this technology due to the sheer demand and scope of opportunities because AWS is implemented by many corporations and companies today.

Depending upon the preferences you have regarding the nature of the job that you want to do, and the skill set you want to build, you can decide if you want to apply as a system developer or as an architect or administrator type of job. You can also become an IT professional consultant or a web developer. There are also job openings for operations manager as well if you learn Amazon Web Services. Each of these roles will bring with them different set of roles and responsibilities. If you possess Amazon Web Services skills, it is definitely possible to get a job, and there are already these existing roles along with new roles coming up every day, which you will find in the latest Amazon job portal.

Amazon Roadmap and Future Skills

There are various career reviews and employee feedback sites which help candidates get a complete understanding of the job before they join a particular company. There are various meaningful and interesting conversations going on in the social media regarding Amazon Web Services and fresher jobs at Amazon, which you can explore from the links above. The best part about getting a job at Amazon Web Services for freshers is that you can build up your skills online, and also acquire the certification necessary to be ready for the actual job using the links shared above. You can explore different Amazon jobs near you that is suited for a fresher with limited work experience. The salary of an Amazon developer who might be working in Amazon Web Services is often in six digits for a technical role.

It is also to be considered that the Amazon developer salary is counted as one of the top 10 highest paid job segments across the world. And moreover, if it is on Amazon Web Services, then the demand is obviously very high. The top countries in the world like the United States have a very high demand for Amazon Web Services professionals. Some of the top five categories in Amazon Web Services are related to architecture, developing, managing, administration, and security. It is important to learn about the different types of Amazon Web Services tests. The first one is Amazon Web Services developer, which is meant for those who develop the different types of applications and fix and troubleshoot issues. They are also focused on building a better version of the software with time based on the issues that come up and need to enhance the existing architecture.

Amazon Certification Exams to Improve Skill

After the beginner level, there are also certifications available for candidates who are starting off with the subsequent roles. Another particular field is Amazon Web Services operations. There is also a certification on Amazon Web Services operations which is one of the most essential certifications to understand the role of an Amazon Web Services developer in a much more practical way. The Amazon Web Services operations certification is one of the top certifications that gives the candidate a deep understanding and knowledge on how to optimize and manage the cloud computing environment of Amazon Web Services. Amazon Web Services operations is a field of study which will be very exciting for you if you are interested in the system operations level of learning.

One of the other types of work that is very useful in Amazon Web Services field is that of Amazon Web Services cloud. The Amazon Web Services cloud is based on the candidates' day to day work on handling the Amazon Web Services development in a deep manner. It is also considered to be one of the beginner level certification programs for candidates who are working in this role. The core aspect for Amazon Web Services cloud is dedicated to the security aspects, and maintaining that data in a very secure and safe environment. Amazon Web Services specialty is one of the other areas which is dealing with a very specific domain concern with the specific technology. Amazon Web Services specialty is also related with security and big data, and has a very high demand of skilled individuals.

Author: Rahul Bhattacharya

Rahul is a journalist with expertise in researching a variety of topics and writing engaging contents. He is also a data analyst and an expert in visualizing business scenarios using data science. Rahul is skilled in a number of programming languages and data analysis tools. When he is not busy writing, Rahul can be found somewhere in the Appalachian trails or in an ethnic restaurant in Chicago.

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