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Amazon is one of the largest corporations in the world, and it employs hundreds of thousands of people. There are a variety of job opportunities that are available at Amazon where candidates can apply online or can walk in and give their interview. There are various job fairs and events that are organized by Amazon where candidates can get a job on the spot as well. Amazon is proud to offer equal opportunity to every employee. In a job fair and hiring event, candidates can expect to get a job offer on site. There are various hiring events near you where Amazon showcases the different reasons why Amazon is one of the most exciting places to work at.

In these types of hiring events and job fairs, Amazon will answer any kind of question that you may have regarding the job that Amazon provides, and any of the benefits that is so attractive and popular which Amazon provides. You can also ask any kind of question and query that you may have in these types of fairs. You should explore the links below that we have provided to explore the job fair based on the skill and location near you and see what opportunity awaits. There is a lot of learning as well that you would gain from these hiring events and job fairs, which you should attend if you're looking for an Amazon warehouse job or any other Amazon job. Amazon emphasizes that candidates will be amazed at the type of work they do in the warehouses at Amazon.

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Amazon Diversity and Inclusivity

Amazon has jobs that fit any kind of lifestyle or modern workplaces that the candidate might desire. Amazon also has different types of teams which you can fit into based on your skills and physical capability. Amazon emphasizes that you should give them a chance to provide you that particular job role which you feel you should be capable of doing every day. There are also benefits provided that will help you support your career aspirations and goals. Amazon also provides support for those with disability and anyone during the hiring and assessment process. There is an applicant candidate accommodation team, which is available every weekday from morning to afternoon to provide any help that candidates need.

Amazon emphasizes on the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion values that it holds so close to their work culture. Employees who have worked at Amazon share their experiences of the inclusive culture that they have experienced at Amazon. They have shared that some of the things that drew them to Amazon and keep them working there was that they were inspired tremendously and were focused relentlessly on different types of issues that affected their customers and their colleagues. The fundamental beliefs of Amazon include diversity, equity, and inclusion. The treatment of black people, Amazon has repeatedly mentioned, was inequitable and unacceptable. Amazon also highlights that the rights of LGBTQ+ people must always be protected, and they always support the rights of immigration reforms and any immigrants who are working in an honest way.

Amazon job fair today
Amazon job fair today

Amazon Vision on Inclusivity and Diversity

Amazon also highlights that they are committed to fostering an inclusive culture and encourages all employees and Amazonians to follow our inclusive and kind culture, and be accepting of people from all backgrounds and diversity. Amazon also highlighted that they are grateful to many of the employees who continue to share their experiences, and there are also senior leaders who have seen Amazon over the years and how it has transformed during the changing times. Amazon understands that tough feedback is always uncomfortable to hear. But Amazon appreciates receiving the stories of its employees, and understands that there is so much more work to be done in order to achieve their dream and vision.

Amazon always focuses on creating a more inclusive and diverse work culture in the long term. Amazon also highlights that they have made different goals that they have set in recent years, including doubling the representation of black directors and vice presidents, and also have launched different types of inclusion training for all Amazonians. Amazon has also worked on removing any kind of racially insensitive language in any of the technical documentations. Amazon has highlighted that they are extremely happy with the results that they have achieved so far. And some of the work that they have been working in the background were not reported extensively, but they were making good progress in those aspects.

Amazon Focus on Black Community

Amazon has also highlighted that they spent many months diving deep into the different mechanisms which they use to hire, develop, and promote Amazon employees. In the new and improved method, Amazon has highlighted that they can better identify opportunities, which helps them to ensure equitable access for all candidates. In addition, Amazon also highlights that many of the conversations in recent years was about the black community. The work that they have been doing at Amazon lead to different types of learnings which apply to all the historically underrepresented communities including the black community. These kinds of inclusive culture is extremely welcome to all the employees and candidates who are aspiring to be a part of Amazon.

If the workplace is accepting and inclusive with diverse people from diverse backgrounds, then it becomes really great to be working in such an organization. Amazon is also constantly focused on setting new targets based on company-wide goals of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Amazon is also having a goal of increasing the representation of employees in the United States who are black. This will be extremely top priority for Amazon. Nearly all the goals that Amazon has taken effect all the communities by addressing specific situations where they are looking forward to increase diversity of backgrounds. Amazon is also focused on hiring employees having different experiences than their peers. That diversity is mainly focused on bringing to areas like development, retention, and talent assessment.

Amazon Statistical Studies on Attrition

Some company-wide goals that Amazon has for the upcoming years is to inspect any statistically significant demographic differences. The performance ratings by the VP team to identify root causes will be equally emphasized, and action plans will be devised as and when required. Amazon will also try to inspect any statistically significant demographic differences with regard to parameters like attrition and low performance actions by the PB team on a regular basis. This review will be done monthly to identify any types of root causes as required and accordingly devise action plans to implement their solutions. Amazon will also extremely focus hard on retaining employees at statistically similar rates across all the demographics.

Amazon will perform analysis studies and any type of variances that is being observed in any particular area will receive special attention to see what exactly is happening differently in that region. This will help Amazon learn from the particular scenario and implement remedial measures. Amazon is also building a scalable mechanism with regard to connections to inspect sentiment of inclusivity by different demographics for all the employees who are working at Amazon. Amazon is also going to focus on ensuring that 100% of the Amazonians in the company are taking the inclusion training. Amazon is also focused on building different types of scalable mechanisms, which will be focused on addressing any new instances of non-inclusive terms that is being written in their code, or any kind of document repository or any of the existing Amazon software development tools.

Amazon Black Employees Hiring

There has also been an increase in the number of black employees who have been hired in the positions of directors and vice presidents year over year. There has also been an increase in the hiring of black employees for the below levels and next to senior levels by at least 30% in year-to-year comparison basis. In addition, there has been an increase in the number of women who have been hired in Amazon in the Senior Principal director, Vice President, and distinguished engineers positions in technology and science roles. There has been a fast increase in the number of United States black software development engineer interns compared to prior years Amazon has also actively worked on reaching millions of underrepresented students all over the world using its Amazon future engineer program.

This program is inspired by real world virtual and hands on computer science project learning activities. These activities that Amazon has highlighted and is working on indicates that Amazon is extremely focused on its diversity, equity and inclusion roadmap. Amazon is also focused on that journey while it is ongoing, and not only on reaching its final destination. All of us who are working at Amazon is clear that it is going to take a lot of time and a lot of focus to achieve and fulfill all the goals that has been set. These goals also represent only a particular aspect of Amazon's ongoing diversity, inclusivity, and equity work. There are multiple other goals complementing these visions of Amazon in different departments of Amazon, and all across other businesses and geographies in the world.

Amazon Culture on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

There are owners from different companies who are also focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion in the same way that Amazon is currently working on. There are different vendors and financial partners and along with that, there are different online websites, which Amazon uses where they will be working and updating it to create a more exciting roadmap to the future. Amazon understands that only intentions will not help, but there are different mechanisms that have to be put in place so that the inclusivity culture progresses across all the segments. Hence, Amazon is extremely focused on creating different types of initiatives in the business to create an inclusive and equitable workspace. There are different goals that Amazon has set along with setting up different reviews to make sure that there is significant and sufficient progress being made for each of the goals that they have set.

There has been different meetings, the only purpose of which had been to scrutinize the progress that Amazon has been making towards the goals that they have set. There is a lot of data that Amazon also shares in their website in public domain so that everyone can know how and what Amazon is doing to achieve their diversity, equity, and inclusivity goals. Each of the Amazon goals are also represented by different job types, and frontline and corporate employees are also measured compared to their historical data in the past few years. There is continuously updated websites on Amazon's Diversity Equity and inclusivity culture and the goals that they have taken based on the new leaderships who are getting hired. The new leaderships will also be giving them different ideas and feedbacks on creating an inclusive team and culture during the work hours.

There has also been a variety of messages that has been shared by the Amazon senior leadership team based on the vision that Amazon has to become the earth's best employer and earth's safest place to work. Amazon has also made various different substantial changes for the United States field operations teams in order to help them achieve their long term vision. There has been different teams all across Amazon who have been working hard for multiple years to create an extremely world-class workplace. There has been significant progress in this regard and LinkedIn has also named Amazon as one of the most sought after workplaces in consecutive years. Besides LinkedIn, Forbes has also listed Amazon as one of the top workplaces in the world.

Amazon Employee Feedback and Reviews

Employees using Glassdoor also have given Amazon four-star rating and there also has been multiple surveys of employees across the different fulfillment networks of Amazon. More than 94% has recommended Amazon as one of the places to work for family and friends. One of the most important metrics that Amazon always focuses on is regarding the time of task policy. The policy which is known as time of task is one of the ways for Amazon to measure the amount of time that Amazon employees are logged on to the software tools in their workplace area. The time of task is something that has been in place in some form or another since the earliest days of Amazon. The time of task is also similar to policies that Amazon has at many of its logistics and manufacturing facilities.

Amazon also emphasizes that time of task policy is similar to a policy that is prevalent and often found in any other logistics and facilities as well. There has been a lot of misunderstanding and newspaper reports regarding the time of task policy, where employees have highlighted their concerns regarding the stress that it puts them under. The performance tracking mechanism of time of task has often been mischaracterized as Amazon taking advantage of their employees by putting them under extreme stress and not providing them enough break during work. The primary goal of time of task that Amazon helps us understand is whether if any issues exist with the tools that people use to help them become productive.

Amazon Time Off Task Policy

The primary goal is always focused on the productivity and secondary goal of the time off task is to identify if any employees are not being able to perform up to the standard. As Amazon has clarified that there are many types of reasons why employees log off the software tools. There are different types of incidents where employees might be talking to their managers, as process issues are imbalanced during their work, a mechanical failure, and any other type of breaks. An employee if not logged into the software tools for extended periods of time, which is usually known to be more than 30 minutes, is a good indication of Amazon identifying operational system defects. Such detection always helps Amazon managers to engage with the employee to help them and get into team effort to understand what challenges the employee was facing.

Such team effort helps the manager and the employee together to address the problem to fix it. Hence, Amazon mentions that time of task is often not a bad thing that the newspaper and media reports have highlighted it to be, and it also has some beneficial aspects like this where an employee is not left alone to try and figure out what went wrong in the machine. There are now also average time of task metrics that Amazon is introducing over a long period of time to make sure that there is more efficient data and fewer gaps and noise. Employees having a good average time of task will be considered to be an efficient worker and intermittent breaks will not create as many red flags as it used to be happening earlier.

Author: Rahul Bhattacharya

Rahul is a journalist with expertise in researching a variety of topics and writing engaging contents. He is also a data analyst and an expert in visualizing business scenarios using data science. Rahul is skilled in a number of programming languages and data analysis tools. When he is not busy writing, Rahul can be found somewhere in the Appalachian trails or in an ethnic restaurant in Chicago.

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