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Amazon is one of the largest corporations in the world today and there are a variety of principles that Amazon uses to nurture its employees. Amazon has a specific set of core values and leadership principles which it wants to see in every employee that it hires. There is a lot of importance and emphasis provided on the Amazon leadership principles during the recruitment and hiring phases of Amazon as well. Most of the questions that Amazon asked to its interviews and candidates who want to be a part of Amazon is focused on these Amazon leadership principles. Let us learn more about these leadership principles. subscribe below to get different questions that are fully focused on the Amazon leadership principles.

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These questions below and the practice exam will give you a complete idea of the different types of questions that you can expect in the Amazon interview. There are different online assessment tests as well, which you should prepare for before appearing for the Amazon interview. subscribe below to get access to the interview questions and practice all types of beautiful real personality coding, quantitative verbal reasoning and logical reasoning type of questions that you can expect in them as an interview. So states that they use their leadership principles every day in all aspects of their work that they do daily in every department. The Amazon leadership principles come into play when they're discussing different ideas on their projects, or when they are deciding on a particular approach to solve a problem.

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Amazon Leadership Principles

The Amazon leadership principles are some of the core values that drive every decision making and every important aspect of Amazon's day to day activities. It is one of the things that makes Amazon special and Amazon prides itself in focusing on its leadership principles. The key leadership principles of Amazon which we learn in more detail is customer obsession. Ownership. Invent and simplify our right a lot. Learn and be curious, hire and develop the best insist on the highest standards. Think Big bias for action, frugality, or interest. dive deep. Have backbone, disagree and commit deliver results. Strive to be art's best employer success and scale bring broad responsibility.

Amazon Leadership Principles
Amazon Leadership Principles

Customer Obsession

The customer obsession, leadership principle of Amazon is one of the most important because Amazon is extremely customer focused in every activity they do. Every software development and app development along with the cloud computing infrastructure that Amazon develops is extremely focused on the leadership, customer satisfaction of Amazon. Amazon mentions that all leaders should start with the customer and work backwards. Amazon emphasizes that leaders should work vigorously to earn and keep customers trust.

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Although leaders will be paying close attention to their competitors and that will also influence what type of work they are going to do. They should first obsess over customers and think about them before doing anything else. The customer obsession aspect of Amazon is one of the key things that makes it one of the top employers and organizations in the world today. Customer satisfaction being one of the key principles of Amazon has made it healthy working environment and culture where customers find that they are valued and their voices are being heard.


Amazon also highlights that ownership is one of the key skills and principles of Amazon. All leaders are owners. Amazon also emphasizes that all leaders think long term and the should not and will not sacrifice any long term petaloo for any of the short term results. Amazon also highlights that all leaders are acting on the behalf of the entire company and not just their own team. This is one of the most important traits that Amazon looks for in individuals when they're hiring for any of the departments and divisions.

This is more applicable for the senior management level positions like vice presidents and directors because they should reflect the principles and values of Amazon more than anyone else. Amazon also highlights that all the leaders of Amazon will never say that something is not their job. Ownership is one of the key skills and principles that all leaders at Amazon abides by this this forms one of the top leadership principles and values of Amazon and influences every decision that Amazon takes and the tasks that teams Amazon teams performs.

Invent and Simplify

Another particularly important leadership principle of Amazon is invent and simplify. All leaders who are working in Amazon are expected to innovate and invent from their teams and find new ways to simplify and solve different tasks and problems. Innovation and invention along with creative thinking forms one of the core values and responsibilities of all leaders at MSL. This is what creates a culture of exploration of different ideas where all employees can contribute.

This is something that is extremely externally aware centric approach where all teams are looking for new ideas from everywhere and thinking out of the box. This particular leadership principle helps the Amazon employees not to be limited by something that is not invented here. Amazon wants all the employees of Amazon to do new things and accept that they might often be misunderstood for long periods of time before they're out of the box thinking gets accepted. And something gets implemented by following the things that they have suggested.

Are Right, A Lot

And then they're particularly important leadership principle that Amazon highlights that leaders should be having is being right a lot. Amazon says that leaders are right a lot and their judgment reflects their maturity in thinking and correct accurate thinking in multiple situations. This happens because leaders were working at Amazon should have strong judgment and good instincts to see what the situation might unfold. Hence, Amazon leaders will be seeking diverse perspectives and work towards constantly disconfirm their beliefs so that they are able to take the correct and the right decisions. Hence, Amazon leaders are expected to have a combination of extremely strong judgment and ability to read the situation and very good instincts that will help them take the right decisions in maximum cases.

Learn and Be Curious

The next most important leadership principle that Amazon wants all its employees to exhibit. It's to learn and be curious always. Leaders are always expected to be learning continuously and always looking for ways that will improve them. Yes, Amazon says should be always curious about the different new possibilities that await before them and take action to exploit them and see how they work out. Being curious is one of the most essential traits that Amazon expects from its leaders.

Hence, it is one of the most critical leadership qualities that you can expect to be asked on during your Amazon interview. There are varieties of leadership principles that every Amazon interview or is assigned with and being learning continuously and being curious about the new things that lie around us is one of the most important areas where you can expect to be asked on. The Amazon interview is thus filled with some of the key leadership principles around continuous learning and self development that will help Amazon secure their robust position in the current technology and retail sector.

Hire and Develop the Best

The next leadership principle that Amazon focuses on is to hire and develop the best. Amazon always emphasizes that leaders should be always raising the performance bar for every hiring and promotion that they do two and provide. Hence, leaders are expected to be recognizing continuously exceptional talents and always be looking forward to moving exceptional talents throughout the organization so that the candidates get an opportunity to learn as well as benefit other teams. Leaders should be also developing leaders is one of the key principles that Amazon abides by.

Amazon also focuses on teaching their leaders and expecting them to take their role extremely seriously in coaching others. Hence, every leader at Amazon should be focused on coaching other leaders and make them into great leaders so that they can do great things for the organization. Amazon highlights that they are a company who is working on behalf of their people to invent different mechanisms for development like carriers choice. Hence, exceptional leadership is one of the key things that will help drive the operations at Amazon in a fantastic way.

Insist on the Highest Standards

The Amazon leadership principles next is regarding insisting on the highest level of standards. Leaders should be having high standard expectations continuously. There was an as highlighted that many people think that standards are undeserved, reasonably high in various cases. However, leaders should be constantly raising the bar and drive their teams into delivering exceptional quality products, processes and services. For any project that the leader might be undertaking, the level of quality and expectation of the standard should be of the highest level.

Every leader at Amazon is expected to ensure that any defect that is identified will never get sent down the line and problems should be permanently fixed. Any problem that is being fixed Amazon highlights should stay fixed and should be fixed in such a robust way that they will not come up at a future date through some loopholes that might have been overlooked. Hence, insisting on the highest standards is one of the key qualities that Amazon constantly expects from its leaders.

Think Big

Another principle that Amazon is focused on is about thinking big. Amazon's mentioned regarding his leadership principles that thinking small is actually a self-fulfilling prophecy. What Amazon expects from its leaders is to create and communicate different bold directions that will be inspiring results. Amazon also highlights that leaders are expected to think differently and look around corners for different ways that will help to serve the Amazon customers.

Amazon leaders should always look at any kind of situation or problem from different lenses and variety of perspectives to make sure that they are heading towards the best possible direction that is available to them. Amazon leaders are also expected to be inspiring a variety of results in their decisions that they are making, and they should be thinking differently. Many of the decisions that Amazon leaders are expected to make should be from the fact that they are going to inspire the results that the customers ultimately would like to see.

Bias for Action

The next day she principle that Amazon focuses on is having a bias for action. Amazon highlights that speed always matters in businesses definitely. However, Amazon also highlights that many of the decisions that they're taking and actions are reversible, and hence do not need extensive study. Amazon, we've had loose calculated risk taking to make sure that they're taking the best possible action after repeated attempts and even failing, which is highly encouraged.


Amazon also has a leadership principle on frugality. Amazon believes in his leadership principles of accomplishing more with less. Amazon highlights that constraints will be breeding resourcefulness among its employees, along with a sense of self sufficiency and invention. Thus employees are always stressed and put in challenging situations where they're supposed to get new ideas that will help Amazon build better products and services. Amazon also highlights that there is no extra points for growing the headcount of the team and increasing the budget size or fixed expense. Hence Amazon believes in keeping the same team size regardless of the volume of the work that is being undertaken, and often leading teams to achieve more with minimal resources. This also often puts our toll on the workers and destroys a work life balance. However, this is one of the key leadership principles that Amazon focuses on.

Earn Trust

The next leadership principle that Amazon highlights is regarding earning trust. Amazon highlights that leaders should always be focused on listening attentively and speaking candidly and also be regularly treating others respectfully. Emerson highlights that leaders should be vocally self critical and they should do that even when it might seem awkward or embarrassing. Amazon highlights that as per the leadership principle, leaders should not believe their teams set their benchmark against themselves, but instead the teams should set benchmarks against the best teams.

Dive Deep

Amazon also highlights that diving deep is one of the key leadership principles of Amazon. Leaders should be operating at all levels at Amazon and should always be trying to stay connected to every detail Amazon highlights that leaders should be focused on auditing frequently and should be skeptical when any kind of the matrix and the useful anecdotes are differing. Amazon is also highlighting as per their leadership principles that they should not consider any task as beneath. Them and should treat all tasks equally.

Have Backbone; Disagree and Commit

In the next phase of the Amazon leadership principles, Amazon highlights that leaders should have a backbone and should often disagree and commit leaders at Amazon are always obligated to respectfully challenge any kind of the decisions which they are not agreeing with fully. Amazon encourages leaders to disagree even when doing that might feel uncomfortable or exhausting. Amazon highlights that leaders at Amazon should have the conviction and should be tenacious. Amazon also highlights that leaders should not compromise for the sake of social cohesion and also needs to make sure that if decision is determined once they should commit to it fully.

Deliver Results

The next Amazon leadership principle is on delivering results. Amazon highlights that leaders should focus on the key inputs for their businesses and always focus on delivering them with the right quality and in a timely fashion. Even though there might be several setbacks, but leaders should always try to rise to the occasion and never settle down.

Strive to be Earth's Best Employer

The next time was a leadership principle that Amazon highlights is to be the striving to be the earth's best employer. Amazon mentions that leaders should be working every day to create a safer and more productive and higher performing workplace which is extremely diverse and feels like more than a work environment. Amazon mentions that every leader at Amazon should be leading with empathy and having fun at work, while at the same time making it easy for others as well to have fun. Amazon highlights that every leader who are working at Amazon should be asking themselves if their fellow employees are growing and if they are feeling empowered. Every employee under Amazon leaders should be feeling if they are ready for what's next. Amazon highlights that every leader should have a vision for the commitment to the employees personal success.

Success and Scale Bring Broad Responsibility

The next members in principle is regarding success and scaling bring broad responsibility. Amazon highlights that every individual often started in a garage but they are not there anymore. Amazon is in a position to impact the world and hence they must be humble and thoughtful about every secondary effects of their actions. Amazon highlights that every local community planet and future generations should be kept in mind every day. Hence Amazon leaders should be responsible for beginning every day with a determination to make better and better for their customers, employees and partners and the world as a large. Amazon also highlights that this leader should be focused on ending every day knowing that they can even do better tomorrow and creating more than they can consume and also leave things better than how they found them.

Author: Rahul Bhattacharya

Rahul is a journalist with expertise in researching a variety of topics and writing engaging contents. He is also a data analyst and an expert in visualizing business scenarios using data science. Rahul is skilled in a number of programming languages and data analysis tools. When he is not busy writing, Rahul can be found somewhere in the Appalachian trails or in an ethnic restaurant in Chicago.

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