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Amazon has a large number of warehouses all across the world where it employs thousands of employees. The employees can be full time, part time, or hourly employees working in a variety of roles in these warehouses with their unique skill sets. Many requests have come to me to find Amazon warehouse near a candidate's location that will easily help them find a job. The tool below has been built which will help you to find the Amazon warehouse near you which is employing currently and has new openings. Simply enter your zip code or city name below and you will be presented with the available job opportunities that are currently available at Amazon warehouse near you. There are a variety of jobs that are provided by Amazon which you can explore using the links provided here.

Based on the team that you prefer or on the locations provided in the filter, you can find a variety of opportunities available at any time at Amazon based on your skill sets. Many employees who have worked at Amazon including the warehouses keep sharing their experiences, which is extremely insightful. It is important to learn from the experiences of these employees to get an idea about the existing work culture at Amazon. Employees have reported that they have taken leave and after returning from their leave, they found that they were mistakenly fired. They also reported and shared their experiences that they could not reach anyone at Amazon to help them regarding their situation. After that, there were various situations where during challenging situations workers refused to come to back to work at Amazon.

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Amazon Employees Remote Working

The Amazon data analytics teams and the management were responsible for analyzing the employee trends and behavior and they were researching variety of options. They did not want to force the employees to return to office abruptly as that could result in firing of tens of thousands of people. Any decision that Amazon was taking was going to affect the lives of tens of thousands of people. The management knew that the work at Amazon offered a lifeline to the employees, with compensation and benefits. Amazon needed to be very competitive, and the management wanted to create a type of culture where the speed of the work would be of the highest importance. However, employees shared this often took a backseat and did not help anymore because people were not sure if they're going to come back to work or not.

Safety in the work culture was of highest importance. If employees got a sense of job security, then they will be ready to give more than what they're asked for. Amazon wanted to find out if employees were ready to come back in the first place to work. As the situation became better in the economy it was projected that if employees were asked and brought back to work gradually, about 10% of the employees can be projected to be staying at home or ready to lose their job. If Amazon wanted to accelerate, its coming back to office, then many more employees would be ready to resign from their jobs at a faster rate. Amazon wanted to make sure its employees were getting the best benefits and work culture possible.

Amazon warehouse near me
Amazon warehouse near me

Amazon Employee Policies and Leaves

Recently Amazon told its workers that unlimited unpaid time off will not be extended in a couple of months. The company also approved personal leaves and said that employees could remain at home without any penalty. The workers also were provided a week to apply for their leaves. This decision created chaos and lead to multiple applications being flooded into Amazon offices. It was reported to be an insurmountable task before the Amazon managers who were overwhelmed by a backlog of nearly 20,000 cases. The workers who were informed of the Amazon policy panicked and were trying to take leaves continuously. Many of them found the phone lines busy and got automated replies mentioning delayed delivery of messages.

Such decisions and experimental scenarios that were created by Amazon decisions led to panic among the employees. Managers did not really know to handle such a situation. Many of the faxes and emails which were supposed to be automatically sorted, were getting bottlenecked with a huge inbox that required manual intervention from Amazon employees and managers. The leaves that were supposed to be approved and directly reflecting in the attendance programs and softwares had to be manually entered by hand in the back office. This was creating a lot of confusion among the Amazon employees who wanted to get some time off before the policy change was put in place. In addition there were warehouse employees who got their leaves approved by the system.

Amazon Policy Update Challenges

But again all these employees received notices that they would be removed from their employment and their respective job positions for abandoning their jobs. The managers helplessly saw as this situation unfolded in front of their eyes, where hundreds of employees were facing this situation due to the policy announcements. There was frustration and complaints of inadequacy and a lot of panic, which were described in hundreds of interviews by Amazon employees. These employees were either on disability or were executives and human resource personnel from different types of warehouses and Amazon back offices.

The location of these employees were in the United States and abroad, which means that the work culture and issues faced by the Amazon employees is pretty much common across all the countries where the feedback and interviews were done. It has been reported that the issues that were described repeatedly and are coming to the forefront right now have been existing in Amazon for several years. However, Amazon tries to fix these issues but are not fully capable of resolving them, and hence, many employees are forced to take the matter up into their own hands. Many employees at Amazon fight their own cases and are able to save their job whereas others give up and quit working for Amazon.

Amazon Leave Policy and HR Challenges

The spokespersons who were interviewed in a variety of analysis by different reporters have mentioned that Amazon quickly approved variety of personal leaves which has been applied and requested by the Amazon employees. There was also an increased volume of requests for the process of the leaves applications, and Amazon was trying to process all the leave requests that it had received as soon as possible. Amazon has also introduced a step to contact the employees before they were fired to actually see if the employees wanted to keep their jobs. This is a very welcome step up and is expected to mitigate the situations and the complaints that were raised by the employees who worked earlier at Amazon.

Many of the workers were giving up their hope of working and in retaining their job, and were desperately returning to the Human Resources teams in the warehouses for help. The Human Resources teams were not directly responsible for the Leave Approval Process at Amazon. But yet they were the only teams who had been reached out to by the employees. Even under the common circumstances, the human resource teams were stretched very thin, and hence they were unable to provide much help to the frustration of the employees. In multiple interviews, many of the HRs who had worked at Amazon describe the long hours of work they attempted to do to fix the errors and help these employees. However, the number of these issues were so large that they could do very little.

Amazon Employee Discipline and Leaves

Amazon wanted to enforce their rules fairly and respond to the problems that the entire low income workforce was facing as a whole. Many of the employees were in dire need of transportation help and childcare. While working at Amazon, many of the employees reported that they also spent nearly 30 minutes break waiting in line to speak to a human resource professional at Amazon to highlight their concerns but ultimately found no one. This has led to increase suffering among the employees of Amazon because break time is considered one of the most critical times where employees can rejuvenate themselves.

While waiting for the human resources personnel to be available, the employees of warehouse and different places at Amazon have been giving up their hours over time, only in return to find a team of human resource professionals who could assist them in any way. It is more important for Amazon than ever before to make sure that the employees have a feedback system where they can highlight their concerns, and issues and challenges that they're facing. This would ensure that the employee satisfaction remains high, and that attrition and turnover at Amazon is not exceeding the industry standards. The scale of innovation and scalability of Amazon in a variety of landscapes that it works in is very well known.

Amazon Hiring Scenario

Amazon has disrupted several industries through its analytical thinking and innovative approaches. Due to this reason, Amazon is also considered as one of the most influential brands in the world. It is one of the biggest internet company by terms of revenue. The vast size of Amazon requires a large number of employees to be employed for the different types of work that it engages in. Hence, Amazon also employs over a million workers all across the globe. There are a variety of roles for which Amazon hires in the technology field all over the year. The interests of Amazon are spread across a variety of domains like cloud computing, aerospace, artificial intelligence, streaming, and in e-commerce. There are a vast amount of opportunities for engineers in Amazon.

However, getting a job at Amazon is always very challenging. Because Amazon sets some very high bar while recruiting its candidates. The technical rounds at Amazon are also very rigorous. There are also behavioral interviews which are conducted in Amazon that are considered very tricky and challenging. Amazon is constantly looking for engineers who have good ability to find different types of solutions to pressing roadblocks that is faced by the modern technological systems. Amazon is always looking for developers who has a extremely high level of problem solving skills. Candidates who want to work at Amazon should also have the right attitude, temperament and the perfect mix of behavioral traits that help them to work in a team.

Amazon Interview Process and Tips

Regarding problem solving, Amazon constantly highlights that it needs candidates who have good knowledge in data structures and algorithms. Amazon interviews are framed with questions that help analyze the knowledge of candidates in data structure fundamentals, algorithms, and different types of system designs. These are some of the most important things that are evaluated by most of the tire one companies to evaluate their candidates. Being expert and good with the algorithms and data structures mean that the problem solving skills of the candidate are really good. The depth of the knowledge of a candidate thus allows the interviewer to understand that they are able to solve tricky and complex problems.

System Design is also one of the most important aspect which is used by large number of companies in the world. There are a variety of distributed systems which are used by Amazon that are really complex and has massive scalability to reach billions of users across the world. During the design round of the different types of Amazon interviews, the interview panel will check your ability to build systems that are scalable. The interviewer will want to know how you plan to build systems that are scalable and robust, along with the ability to exhibit low latency that will allow the system to handle millions of user requests every second. A scalable system will be able to handle a large number of requests that it receives from users all across the world.

The Amazon interviewer wants to know if you will be able to think through the challenges that a system can face when it is implemented at a large scale. One of the most important aspects that Amazon looks for in an employee while hiring is regarding the cultural fit. Now, Amazon warehouse employees should reflect the diversity, inclusion, and integrative principles that Amazon focuses so hard on. The Amazon warehouse employees that you will be working with near you will also be aligned with the principles of Amazon. Hence, having all the employees who are a cultural fit with the same values and principles helps Amazon achieve its goal and targets in a smooth manner. Keep searching using the links and the tools above and to find the best fitted and different types of Amazon jobs near you.

Author: Rahul Bhattacharya

Rahul is a journalist with expertise in researching a variety of topics and writing engaging contents. He is also a data analyst and an expert in visualizing business scenarios using data science. Rahul is skilled in a number of programming languages and data analysis tools. When he is not busy writing, Rahul can be found somewhere in the Appalachian trails or in an ethnic restaurant in Chicago.

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