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It’s a bit really late to write on this now, a week gone by almost. But really the hype over Slumdog Millionaire, a pretty average film to me, has been on my mind for quite sometime now. The movie, in its true essence is an Indian movie. No doubt about it. Gordon Brown may be proud of it, but we are prouder than ever because of our success. A fully Indian cast, economic capital of India as the prime location, some of the most talented artists of India, with a few British technicians and crew members with director Danny Boyle, makes this movie stand  apart from the rest because of its blend of two cultures. But the movie can surely boast of its sole Indian essence. The criticism of the poverty portrayed was surely expected right from the time the film was being made am sure.

Poverty all over the World

But this is India, and I strongly feel had it not been for Danny Boyle, this film would have been gone absolutely unnoticed. A film which wouldn’t have bothered a fly. But I feel as Indians we need to accept the true facts that we are Indians, where poverty is really a big issue. We do tend to hide it under the carpet everywhere. Absolutely a very unwanted pragmatic approach to the issue for sure. 800 million of the Indians earn below 20/- a day. This is the irony of poverty. This is reality. And if someone depicts the reality, as a progressing nation, we shouldn’t be ashamed of it. We are trying to eradicate poverty, we have moved forward a lot in this field, and we need to progress further. So this unnecessary hype over criticizing the poverty is really not legible. We should be self-confident about ourselves and the state of our country and not just feel shy of getting it exposed to outsiders!! Slums are everywhere, don’t forget Pursuit of Happiness guys !!

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Author: Rahul Bhattacharya

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14 thoughts on “Indian Movie Slumdog Millionaire

  1. I agree whole heartedly… There is nothing wrong in showing a dose of reality with fictional characters. Did people object to Titanic’s love theme in the midst of tragedy?? NO!! Why not embrace what is true and just give an artist his due for the creative genius. We Indians need to voice our ear-drum breaking protest sounds in a more meaningful direction…dont u think??? 🙂

  2. hey yaar…this is what the reality…when i heard the news i could nt believe so easily ..after a decades the time has again turned upon…gud job.

  3. well i think dat ur persepective is very true…..lets just 4get d film displayin the ugly image of India’s poverty…..and almost an uncanny realism of a slum boy going rags to riches….yet the essence of the film was indian….so we can obviously say its a british movies with a partial Indian soul.!

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