How Google Labs will continue to be an integral part of Google products

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As is apparently interpreted by many that Google Labs is only a testing ground for crazy fun and not real prime time implementation, I feel Google’s Labs are really in with an awesome amount of potential. If you are not yet aware, this is one of the testing grounds for Google for some of their coolest products which mainly serve purposes of easing our use of technology and some entertaining tech stuffs to hang out with. Be it Squared or the News Timeline, it is surely a pretty decent platform where Google seems to be coming up with some humble yet great stuffs, enough to keep an average techie engrossed.

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If you have already checked out the labs feature in your Gmail account you would be totally flabbergasted as to how so much of features has been made available besides it’s already existing awesome settings. Actually they provide a lot of well-thought-out tweaks and options which you may want to use, only making your user-experience a lot better.

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With so much of flexibility round the corners, Google’s engineers and researchers have no doubt been achieving something which many of us would have thought of but couldn’t find those services. Hope they come up with more such lab stuffs and integrate some of them into their core products.

Google Projects
Google Projects

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