Yahoo! wants Huffington Post badly

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According to an article in Techcrunch, Yahoo is wildly wanting to acquire the Huffington Post, which is nearly the biggest thing on this planet with nearly 26 million unique visitors worldwide in April. Yahoo needs high quality content and videos and Huffington Post requires more traffic. So their signing a deal itself would be more than enough with a close integration of their services.

Huffington Post and Yahoo
Huffington Post and Yahoo

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The two companies seem to be in negotiation over a deep content partnership. Sources with knowledge of the HuffPo’s thinking insist it is not for sale. But everything is for sale at the right price. An acquisition by Yahoo would accelerate the HuffPo’s growth, while at the same time give Yahoo a strong anchor for its content business. Buying the Huffington Post would not be cheap. When it last raised $25 million in December, 2008, that round gave the company a $125 million valuation. It would want multiples of that now. But is it really worth that much? A content deal lets Yahoo dip its toes in the water and find out.

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