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It has been quite sometime while the discussion had been going on as to what ITIS actually is. Well, to begin with, ITIS (IT Infrastructure Services) just another position offered by TCS. I see people are going so crazy to know about it in every social networking site or many news sites and blogs. For freshers and new candidates, it is really a new domain. So the curiosity is even more. The below site consists of a huge collection of domain wise questions to prepare for TCS ITIS Project Readiness Assessment (PRA) tests and more.

I have built a huge collection of practice questions below which will help you take your skills to the next level. Enrich yourself with a premium practice experience for ITIS, NQT, and all related exams. It will be quite sometime before the companies across the world realize the benefits of the Infrastructure services offered by a player with as much talent and quality as TCS. Do you have any questions before purchasing? Contact me below for personal guidance. It is great to see so many candidates practicing continuously and benefiting from the knowledge-base every week.

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Infrastructure Services range across a pretty decent array of technologies and tools ranging from the smallest bug in the system software to the mainframe server systems, from cross-platform compatibility of a software to the networking functionalities of a widespread network of workstations. They all come under the Infrastructure services. There is virtually unlimited amount of potential in this field and TCS has probably taken one of the smallest step in one of the most gigantic field of opportunity and is undoubtedly destined to some outstanding performance in ITIS in years to come. I think it will be pretty soon when ITIS services will overtake IT services in terms of total profit and revenue. Here’s some further readings on different domains.

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A more clear picture of ITIS

If you want me to help you relate to some real-world scenario which might clear your doubts further, let's take up some examples. Say for example a company like SAIL (Steel Authority of India Limited) which all of us are familiar with. They must be having a pretty decent volume of data to handle with so much of construction work going on all across India and with such huge volume of finances involved.

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If they want to move all their data from the huge files on their tables to the computer systems (you can be sure they already do), they have moved to the world where they will be requiring ITIS. Because the moment they start using computers to facilitate and speed up their work, they are automatically stepping into a world in which they do not have expertise (try not to use your imagination and relate the use of steel in your computer motherboard or CPU cabinet!). Soon their data volume will increase, hence the need for more servers, hence comes a service for Data Management. Soon they will be concerned with security issues, hence the need for more secure environments, hence comes a service for Security. They might be using a software for managing and faster processing of their data. Soon they will want to get the best quality performance of the particular software, hence the need for upgrading to a better version or to a different better software, hence comes a service for Application Management. Thus every aspect related to the technology they will be using will invariably have a Service aspect associated with it.   

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TCS ITIS and Job Profiles

Detailed picture of job roles in TCS ITIS

TCS ITIS is the service started by TCS for quite sometime now. It ranges currently across most of the industries like banking, healthcare, retail, telecom, etc. It promises and undoubtedly delivers an enhanced quality of service to help their clients experience the perfect ITIS solutions they can yearn for. You can read my detailed comparison of IT and ITIS for a more clear idea. Here I have tried to provide some insights into what the job role might be like for each of the ITIS services offered by TCS. At the end of each job role, I have provided an approximate rating of technical skill that I feel might be required in the particular job role along with an analysis. Each an every of these job roles offered by TCS ITIS are dreams to thousands of IT professionals. So there shouldn’t be any doubt whether you should go ahead for it! You can feel free to comment below. I would also recommend you to download the study materials below to have a better understanding of this field. The study materials are only available to Premium Members.

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Service Name

Job Role
IT Service DeskTCS says “We define a service desk (SD) as the single-point contact for all IT-related issues for our clients. Our geographic spread and thorough understanding of IT Infrastructure technologies helps us provide you with quick turnaround solutions from concept to service delivery in 30+ local languages, with certainty of cost, quality and schedule.” 

Type of Job:  
Well, it can be somewhat like a technical helpdesk kind of job. I doubt if the people in the IT Service Desk will actually be working on the issues that arise. They will take calls from users all across the world and record the problems they are having. They will then transfer the issues depending on the type of problem to the respective technical team (Database Team, Security Team, etc). They will be more concerned with updating the list of issues and events, keeping a track of the issues, contacting and updating the user, following up with the technical teams, suggesting resolutions to the user. Tools they will be using might include all sorts of sophisticated mobile technology like desktop sharing, video conferencing, etc. 
Data Center  
Management Services
TCS says “TCS’ Data Center Services offer comprehensive data center support. They help design and manage data centers across heterogeneous platforms and support these with global hosting capabilities. Our solutions optimize and consolidate the data center and its resources, leading to improved service levels and reduced cost of ownership.” 

Type of Job:  
This job might range across a pretty broad array of opportunities ranging from Database Administrators to handling the glitches in the network server which might call for candidates expert in networking. But no doubt the majority of the people will have to expert in SQL and PL/SQL apart from having knowledge of DBA activities. There are a lot of things to learn which are specific to DBAs only. It will undoubtedly give you a complete grasp over the subject to begin with your DBA career. 
Computing Services
TCS says “TCS’ End User Computing Services (EUCS) provide services to seamlessly transform the end-user computing landscape from its current state to a world-class environment by utilizing an analytics-based transformation approach to enhance end-user productivity and save costs.” 

Type of Job:  
This service will surely involve most of the modern technologies that are coming out starting from cloud computing to security solutions. So hardware knowledge for any kind of platform might be a default requirement. Compatibility and 24×7 availability will no doubt involve cross-platform testing and thus might involve thorough testing of single instances of applications (involving software, hardware, phones, patches) before they are being produced to the client for their use. These applications need to be of top-class quality and hence not the mildest bug or glitches of any sort would be entertained. But I tend to give it a touch low rating below because I am not sure how much repetitive the work will be like. If the same work needs to be done daily to resolve similar problems or issues, I won’t rate it high on technical skill. But if it’s not the case, consider it fine. 
Application Management ServicesTCS says “Growing application dependency and dynamism of the enterprise’s business environment require organizations to derive more out of its IT investments in its endeavor to align IT to business objectives. In this context, the need to ensure that your applications are at their peak performance with minimum downtime becomes critical  
TCS’ Application Management portfolio, by leveraging our vast experience in the application space, ensures that your enterprise has a reliable and available application eco-system through proactive 24X7 monitoring and performance tuning.” 

Type of Job:  
Many large organizations nowadays revert to top notch application usage to meet their analytical, financial processing, data processing needs. These applications need to be managed well and supported well by the vendor (not necessarily always the vendor, third parties might also help the organization to fix bugs in the application software built by a different vendor) to provide the correct, accurate and perfect output as expected. The needs of the organization might also change from time-to-time which inevitably leads to the developers and coding jumping into the scenario and providing the solution. But I am skeptical here as well, what if the organization using the application does not report any bugs or issues for a long time, or they do not need any upgradation or any new feature to meet their needs for years. But as you can see, this might well vary for different organizations and different clients and projects. 
Network Services
TCS says “TCS’ Converged Network Services offer a robust data network backbone that helps you converge your voice, data, video and other multimedia communication applications. It increases your operating efficiencies, reduces expenditure and promotes business interactions among employees, partners, customers, and any other internal or external agencies, thereby powering your processes and functions.” 

Type of Job:  
This TCS ITIS service will be an amazing one with the convergence of virtually of all technologies available to mankind till date. It will be a mixture of electronics, software, hardware, electrical and computer engineering at it’s very best. Platforms and files can range from anything to anything. Quality of service is promised to be of utmost priority, hence the coding standards needs to be high no doubt. There is immense opportunity to become a network admin or database admin or admin of any technology in this service. To start preparing yourself, just collect some names of books from your seniors. It deals with Routing(all kinds), Switching (most extensively used, might require knowledge of advanced Cisco Nexus Platform besides standard IOS), Virtualization(e.g. for VMWare implementation one has to be adept at VSphere, ESXi, VCenter). But I doubt how much work will be done for networking internally as TCS has Cisco as one of it’s biggest partners in this field.  
Security Services
TCS says “TCS’ Managed Security Services help you with comprehensive and cost-efficient security solutions that enable you to meet your regulatory compliance and data integrity needs.”

Type of Job:  
This service will survive forever as long as hard disks and computers survive. Yes, security is given the topmost priority in each and every organization which use Information Technology. So to manage data securely and in an efficient manner, developers will need to be abreast with all the latest developments and coding standards and certifications. You will surely not like it if your code has a loophole which a hacker was just waiting for! 
System Management
TCS says “TCS’ IT IS Enterprise Systems Management (ESM) services focus on addressing the critical needs of your enterprise toward ESM tools implementation and operations.  
We collaborate with you to create an ESM tools services strategy that addresses the specific needs of your organization, ensures data and infrastructure availability, increases responsiveness and improves reporting and real-time dashboards.”

Type of Job:  
According to Wikipedia, “Centralized management has a time and effort trade-off that is related to the size of the company, the expertise of the IT staff, and the amount of technology being used”.  
So Enterprise System Management is one of those vital areas which needs to be taken care of by the entire team as a whole. Coding and developing may be a once-off activity here. Occasional upgrades and bug fixes or enhancements might keep ticking the coding brains alive. I am skeptical in this case as well and it entirely depends on your project. 
IT Service  
TCS says “The recent economic challenges have thrown the IT industry open to new arenas such as the migration to a Cloud environment, adoption of Software as a Service (SaaS) models, IT management by leveraging multiple suppliers and so on. TCS’ IT Service Management offers a comprehensive solution to help its customers establish a strong governance and setup a unified and standardized operating environment.” 

Type of Job:  
There is a revolution going on currently in the technology world with newer, faster, bolder and more complex ones coming out to provide some awesome services to the organizations and individuals. Starting from cloud computing to to conferencing technologies, there had been progress by leaps and bounds. This service area is going to include programmers, developers, tester, support activities of all sorts. It is destined to grow with more and more organizations looking up to IT these days to meet their needs. 
Transformation SolutionsTCS says “TCS’ Transformation Solutions focus on the optimization and transformation of enterprise IT infrastructure through its analytics-led Enterprise Transformation Framework. They transform your traditional computing environments, which are plagued with poor utilization, high complexity and high Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), into highly efficient, agile and optimized infrastructure, capable of meeting business goals effectively.” 

Type of Job:  
There are many different kinds of models followed by different organizations. Each of these models can be optimized to an extent that nearly achieves perfection with zero hiccups in every part. Such a service will certainly require candidates from all sorts of technologies because organizations differ in technology for the same task. It will be going to a very big team and it is difficult to say where you would fit. But the technologies would be nice no doubt. 

Let’s take a look at the most recent TCS quarterly results performance. I use this to understand where the organization is headed and a general sense of understanding how the overall IT industry stands today. With the information from these quarterly performance announcements, we can also analyze the trend of hiring of employees, joining dates, salary hikes, project pipelines, new acquisitions, and global expansion strategies.

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Author: Rahul Bhattacharya

Rahul is a journalist with expertise in researching a variety of topics and writing engaging contents. He is also a data analyst and an expert in visualizing business scenarios using data science. Rahul is skilled in a number of programming languages and data analysis tools. When he is not busy writing, Rahul can be found somewhere in the Appalachian trails or in an ethnic restaurant in Chicago.

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  1. Very confused about this job profile……….NOW GOT A CLEAR IDEA…….But still can you post the work growth of ITIS profile……..and using this experience can we get into IT profile….waiting for yor reply……..

  2. Hi Sara,Glad it's clear now.You do not need to think of ITIS as inferior to IT in any way. Entering the ITIS world does not mean your next aim has to be IT. Even in IT field there are tasks which might not require as much tech skill as some tasks in ITIS as is apparent.My next writing on a comparison between IT and ITIS will clear your doubts.

  3. thts a really a expert blog what i think but does it good who start their carrer with this profile !! and one more is it true growth is somewhat less compared to IT ..and at the time of recession does it affect ??? so many doubts plzz clear it

  4. Hi Sipra,Hope this helps to clear your doubt.Q. Does it good who start their carrer with this profile?Depends entirely on the job you will be doing after you join. The tag ITIS does not dampen your CV in any way.Q. Is it true growth is somewhat less compared to IT?Growth is an entirely variable parameter and what is growth to one need not necessarily seem as growth at all to another. But by strict comparison measures, IT definitely will have more things to learn and grow, but ITIS is a close second. And with time, can even overtake IT in any of the aspects of growth, exposure, platforms and technologies.Q. At the time of recession does it affect?The recession of 2008 was the worst since the 1930s. It has affected every industry across the globe. The comparison of which gets affected more among IT and ITIS is not possible.

  5. Hi Rahul, im a BCAgrad, waiting for the JL, i was offered the position Graduate Trainee (ASE Trainee Level 1)im in ITIS profile, after the completion of one year, what position i will be offered? and will be the growth in ITIS field?

  6. Hi ,Do we assign to these jobs(IT service desk,data center mgmt, end user computing ……)after the training ?If so , then on what basis they will put us ?Does DBA belong to ITIS profile ???

  7. Hi Sara,If candidates are already told that they are for ITIS profile then there is more chance for an ITIS role for sure. And yes, TCS mentions these are the services they offer, so everybody would be shuffled across them.The deciding factor which you want to know is very uncertain, but if you want you can surely highlight your skillsets. All organizations listen to the initial preference of their employees.DBA most probably does belong to ITIS profile because it cannot be said that all the services are managed without any DBA activity. By the way, from where do you belong?

  8. @SaraThere are lots of certifications available. Having it definitely helps. In case you want to know details on which one to undertake let me know.

  9. Hi sandjaieOne ought to be allotted to a specific stream to be working on it in the industry. You must get trained and gather knowledge on one particular technology as you start your career. But keep in mind, it might change based on project requirements. And yes it can be any of the core technologies you have mentioned and also more.

  10. Hi ,All my interst is programming , So I thought to do SCJP certification, but after knowing that we are for ITIS profile and reading your post , I had a doubt of whether to do this or someother certification…So please suggest me a specific certification that helps me to shine in my career…

  11. @sarait is not that SCJP will not help in ITIS, their might be requirement for Java in lots of service modules since it is such a widely used technology.

  12. @ Rahul.. very very very useful information about IT IS department.. thank u so much 4 this great help!! i too belong ITIS department as i was told during the interview. Openly saying i am not so much interested in programmings n codings.. So in the stream of Management security services do we need to learn programings n codings.. please rly thanks in advance..

  13. Hi KamalYou can't be sure there won't be coding in a particular service. After all, the field is technical and all the services are technical only.You might suggest your preferences after you join to be offered a less technical role. Else you might also love to go through

  14. Hi JpavanITIS ideally should be 24×7 activity. But that does not mean you will need to stay for the entire duration or need to have regular night shifts. Most organization will offer a flexible pattern like rotation policy in case such a hectic schedule is in demand.ITIS training centers can be anywhere the organization decides. Keep in touch with the current batch and discuss here

  15. TCS only differentiated IT and ITIS ppl based on thier aptitude marks and I m a tech geek so should i join TCS ITIS for 2 years of my carrer and will it help me in a positive way………Awaiting a reply……..

  16. Hi MiteshThe training center is never constant and it might well vary with time.Regarding the differentiation of people amongst IT and ITIS it is the sole discretion of the organization. Your career will depend a lot on the project you will be working on after getting allotted, be it IT or ITIS. So just hope you get into a good one!

  17. Dear Rahul thanx for such wonderful information you provided.I was in much doubt before your valuable information.I have been selected in TCS for this profile.I just want to know the scope of this profile .How much maximum pay scale i can get if i will work hard in this profile.And go for the certification courses like CCNA CCNP.And one important thing is that can i get the jobs in chandigarh based it industries with a good package after getting experianced by tcs or itis is only for MNC s like tcs ,,infosys .please suggest dear.

  18. hiiwell most of my doubts are clear by nw..reading the posts above..but i and thereby many wud like to know that weter the locations of IT AND ITIS are similar or not ..nd if not then which locations are highly gushed!!

  19. Thanks for your feedback everyone, today I got some more detailed feedback by one of my readers. I would appreciate more such comments that would make this article from an overview to a more detailed one that would prove to be really beneficial.

  20. I have been selected in TCS ITIS.I want to know what are the chances of going overseas?what is the scope and the pay scale as compared to IT? Which is the best option to choose in ITIS? Should I stay with the offer or look for another company????plz help

  21. Every growing company requires the Outsourcing services to make their company well-disciplined and even employees can feel the professional environment. So it is better to have such a nice payroll and HR outsourcing services to manage the employee and organization as well.

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