Is it hard to apply at Amazon?

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Amazon is one of the largest corporations in the world today and employs 1000s of people globally The one of the best aspects of Amazon in the variety of jobs that is offers is majority of the jobs can be worked from home and all the responsibilities can be made remotely. Working from home has a lot of advantages one of the main aspects of which is less time required for travel the average commuter spends about 30 minutes driving to their jobs and the same amount of time is taken for them to return back home. Thus, employees can save so much amount of time every day and use that time for productive purposes. Employees are often found to learn new skills and perform better with better work life balance as they get to spend more time with their families.

If there is a delay in traffic, employees used to spend even longer time during in the roads when they had to travel to work. One of the main advantages of working from home is that you get to spend and save a lot of more money than you would have otherwise. You save a lot more when you buy. Have your food at home and you do not have to travel to work. You save money from gas, food and parking fees often. The more you work from home, the more you get to save the money, which helps you in turn to pay off any debt that you may have, and help builds your wealth. Amazon is one of the major players in the technology sector. And it is also renowned for its capacity to disrupt a variety of industries over time.

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Amazon Hiring Competition

Amazon has a prominent presence and in various technology domains and it advances it footprint through innovation, technology and scalability. It is one of the largest Internet firms by revenue, and undoubtedly one of the most well known brands overall in the world. Amazon also employs close to 100 close to a million people in various positions. Cloud computing, streaming ecommerce, aerospace, artificial intelligence, machine learning and virtual reality are amongst the top areas of interest at Amazon. Does due to the varied nature of the domains that Amazon is engaged in? Engineers have a variety of career options at Amazon. However, every position at Amazon has multiple candidates applying for it which makes it more competitive.

Let's learn about the different elements that makes getting a job at Amazon more difficult. Amazon has very high standards of quality and the technical rounds at Amazon are incredibly demanding. Also, Amazon's behavioral interviews has a variety of tricky questions that you need to prepare well ahead of time. Subscribe here and get access to hundreds of questions that you can expect in your Amazon interview. Amazon sets a very high bar when selecting candidates so that they can get the best person suited to do the job. Amazon is always looking for engineers, who has the aptitude to overcome challenging obstacles in the technology world. The technological sector is constantly evolving with new innovations every day.

Is it hard to apply at Amazon
Is it hard to apply at Amazon

Amazon Skill Requirements

Hence it is incredibly important to have a passion for learning new skills and tools and help empower Amazon to become even better. And Amazon is looking for developers and engineers who have the right attitude and temperament to help it grow as an organization with quality team efforts. Amazon is focused on their employees having quality behavioral attributes in addition to having excellent, collaborative and problem solving abilities. This is because Amazon believes in heavy working good as a team and every individual is expected to contribute to the overall progress of the team instead of individual high performers. Amazon is also looking for problem solving skills in a variety of capacities in different projects in the organization.

During the hiring process, various engineers are assessed by Amazon based on the familiarity with the fundamentals of topics like data structures, software engineering, algorithms, and system architecture. If you are able to answer questions on these topics, to the interviewer, then you can expect that you will be progressing to the subsequent rounds of interview having a good grasp of the fundamentals on data structures and algorithms is an extremely important knowledge to have many of the top organizations use these concepts to evaluate applicants. This is because having a good knowledge in these domains and concepts helps an individual to handle various different types of challenging scenarios in the industry.

Amazon Interview Preparation

Being good with concepts of algorithms and complex data structures imply that your logical reasoning and analytical ability is at par with what Amazon requires in the industry. It also shows that your problem solving ability is well developed and that you can handle different scenarios to plan next steps. design of systems is one of the The most important areas of work in Amazon. Amazon being one of the largest corporations in the world in the technology sector has a wide variety of sophisticated and distributed systems that can boast of enormous scalability. This systems in Amazon helps to reach more than a billion consumers all across the world. The ability of the Amazon engineers to continuously create scalable reliable, secure and low latency systems is what helps them move ahead of many other competitors in this segment.

The systems that are built by Amazon can handle requests from millions of users every few seconds you will be questioned during your interview on a variety of topics related to these types of systems during the design round of the on site interview. You should be knowledgeable about what how the systems function internally and what the challenges are faced by the developers at various phases of the build process. Knowing the challenges and the development process at a high level will help you answer the questions that are asked by the interviewer. Keep in mind that the interviewer panel can often include senior level management personnel from the company as well as detailed experts and subject matter SMEs from the technology teams.

Amazon Culture and Bar Raiser Round

So you should be ready to answer any type of question. When asked from different perspectives, The Amazon interview also assesses if the candidate is a good fit for the culture of the organization. Amazon values its internal culture and employee diversity, inclusivity and integrity very highly. Hence the candidates are evaluated by a variety of different questions during the interview and recruitment rounds in accordance with Amazon's code behavioral standards. The core behavioral standards of Amazon are focused on the models or honesty, respect for others. Working cohesively as a team and forging productive relationships with coworkers and team members. Even if you are a seasoned programmer with very high coding skills you risk losing the job opportunity if you do not pass Amazon's cultural fit test.

I have come across multiple candidates who have above average coding talents but did not make it through. Finally, do too. Only because sales were not the perfect fit for the culture at Amazon. Amazon also has a bar raiser round which is a step in the hiring process. During this round of the interview, there are experts who are entrusted with upholding the company's high degrees of standards they are appointed so that Amazon chooses only the qualified engineers during the recruitment process. The bar Blazers who are hired by Amazon are independent contractors. And they have no connection with the team where for which the candidate is applying Even though they have no connection with the team where you will be working in Amazon, they have been appointed with a predetermined set of standards by which they judge each and every candidate.

Amazon Evaluation and Experiences

If they find that the candidate is not a good fit as per their standards and eligibility criteria, then they have the power to reject the candidate. Even if all the other interview panels have approved you for hiring, if the bar is or panel does not seem, considered us a good fit, then the candidate will not be a part of the organization anymore. There have been various stories as well at how employees have faced horrible experiences at Amazon. However, many of those places have been where the management were not at par. And immediately when someone brought this to the attention of Amazon, there were several changes that were made. To mitigate the situation and ensure that it does not happen ever again.

It is seldom heard about all the places where Amazon employees adored their jobs, because that often does not create catchy headlines or spicy stories only when people highlight some of the negative things of working at Amazon does people tend to read more and find out about what the workplace at Amazon is. It is also important to note that not all the departments at Amazon function the same way they have different sorts of roles and responsibilities that are assigned to them. And they each of them individual with different things. They have different situations to deal with. And hire people have different skill set that form a different atmosphere at work.

Amazon Hiring Experiences

The type of meetings that are held and the working hours and schedules of the employees are also quite different from one department at Amazon to another. Hence, it is very difficult to generalize the work culture at Amazon and identify how hard it is to get a job for a particular position. The only way that you can ensure that you get hired at Amazon is to do well in all the interview rounds starting with the phone screening round. Make sure that you perform well in the on site interview round as well that will be held later. If you need to reschedule your dates, feel free to contact your recruiter and explain your situation.

Your interview might can constitute a group project where you might be put into different teams of three or four members. The projects might require you to complete coding assignments as group projects. You might be presented with a choice of using Java, Python or C++ The coding section can take few hours to complete and then you proceed with the testing round for a few hours to make sure that everything works properly. You you need to make sure that you proofread your code before finalizing and sharing it with the interviewer. Keep practicing with the practice questions presented here. To improve your chances of getting hired at Amazon.

Author: Rahul Bhattacharya

Rahul is a journalist with expertise in researching a variety of topics and writing engaging contents. He is also a data analyst and an expert in visualizing business scenarios using data science. Rahul is skilled in a number of programming languages and data analysis tools. When he is not busy writing, Rahul can be found somewhere in the Appalachian trails or in an ethnic restaurant in Chicago.

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