How long is Amazon hiring process?

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Amazon offers a wide variety of products and services and hence there are a variety of job positions available at any point of time at Amazon. The hiring process at Amazon is long and exhaustive because Amazon sets a high quality of benchmark among the candidates it hires. However, with strategic preparation and planning, along with the practice questions that we have here, you will have a good chance of cracking and succeeding at the Amazon interview. You will need to stand out from the vast number of applications that are submitted to Amazon for any job application. You will need a strategy as an applicant and candidate which will help you put your application ahead of others in front of the Amazon recruiters from the initial stages.

It is important to note that, in today's world, there are machines and systems built by artificial intelligence which scan your resume even before human technical recruiter reviews your resume. A application for a job will be screened by an AI system. Most of the large companies and corporations today receive resumes in large numbers and uses applicant tracking system or ATS. Amazon also uses a similar system, which is a type of software that screens resumes and CVs based on different types of keywords for that role. This means that at initial stages of the hiring process at Amazon, there will be a round of screening by the AI software system that candidates must overcome to qualify for that job. There are a few best practices that the candidates needs to follow to increase their chances of getting past this stage of artificial intelligence resume screening.

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Amazon Application Insights

A candidate must use relevant keywords in their resume or LinkedIn profile so that their application consists of these keywords in the Amazon job application. I can help you understand what the keywords are that the artificial intelligence is looking for during the Amazon resume screening process. The clue is to understand the 14 leadership principles of Amazon and the job description which you are applying for. In the Amazon job portal, there are different choices pertaining to the Amazon Application Status out of which there are three most significant choices available. The first one is application submitted status. The second one is under consideration, and the third one is no longer under consideration.

The application submitted status of the application in Amazon job portal means that Amazon has received your application but yet to go through it and process it. The second status which is under consideration at Amazon means that the hiring managers and different teams at Amazon are actively reviewing your application. The status under consideration means that your application has chances of moving forward to the subsequent stages and might be waiting to get selected by a more relevant team which might be better suited for your skill sets. The next status is no longer under consideration, which means that the application that you have submitted has been reviewed by the different teams and managers at Amazon, and they have decided that there is no position currently available at Amazon that meets your skill sets.

How long is Amazon hiring process
How long is Amazon hiring process

Amazon Application Statuses

It is important to note that you can apply to other positions that are available at Amazon even if you are not considered for the particular position that you have applied for. For the candidates who are not selected and considered by Amazon, you will not be further contacted, and we'll be seeing the status no longer under consideration for their job application. This means that the preliminary and assessment screenings that you have completed have been reviewed by the hiring team, and they found you not ready to proceed to the next rounds of the interview process. It is important to note that if you are fully confident that you have the relevant experience for the job, and still you are seeing the message no longer under consideration, it means that you need to revise your resume to better reflect your skill sets.

Improving your resume will help make sure that the next time you apply for a job at Amazon, the artificial intelligence systems and the hiring manager are able to assess your resume in a better way. If your Amazon Application Status shows that your application is under consideration, there is a good chance that your application is moving forward and is being reviewed by the different teams at Amazon. However, do not get too hopeful because the application status can change at any time in the course of the long evaluation process. Every application at Amazon is facing a high degree of competition because Amazon hiring managers are constantly looking for job candidates having similar skill sets for that role which you also have.

Amazon Job Skills and Descriptions

Candidates should have the functional and technical skills required to do the job and should add to the core values and principles of the company. There are a variety of Amazon online assessment tests that you should also submit as advised by your recruiter along with the submission and profile creation steps in the Amazon job portal. The type of Amazon assessment tests that the candidates will take will vary based on the job position that they are applying for. However, you can expect a series of job specific questions along with verbal questions, numerical ability questions, and logical reasoning tests. You will be able to find sample such questions and mock tests in the subscription details provided above. You will also be facing variety of situational judgment tests which will help the interviewer and hiring manager better understand your personality and skills.

If you see the Amazon job descriptions, which are provided in the job portals, they are very detailed and descriptive and mentions different types of works that the candidate will be expected to do as part of their roles and responsibilities. Hence, it is important to read each one of them carefully before you understand what you are going to get into. It will also give you an idea of the type of tasks that you will be performing on a day-to-day basis. There will be a variety of simulations and work samples that might be provided along with the job description that will give you an idea of the job. The online tests that candidates are supposed to take are built by industry experts. The questions are framed to analyze the personality and skills of the candidates from a variety of perspectives.

Amazon Work Culture and Interviews
Amazon Work Culture and Interviews

Amazon Culture and Principles

The Amazon exams help to determine how you work as a professional and how you align with Amazon's leadership principles. The questions and assessment tests also help understand how you would react to different situations at work, and how will you perform in a team and as a leader. During the various stages of the Amazon interview process, the tests might ask you to choose the correct option from a variety of questions and work situations that best represent your style of working. The working style assessment test is very important at Amazon and your answers and performance in these tests will help determine whether you are a good fit for that job. It is important to remember that the entire work culture at Amazon is driven by the Amazon leadership principles.

So make sure that you read all the leadership principles of Amazon provided above to be clear about what you should expect in the questions. Amazon is continuously searching for the right match for their available job opening. Make sure that you highlight your strengths and preferences at work to make sure that both you and Amazon end up finding the right role. The various types of assessment tests take well under an hour to complete and easy, but make sure that you provide honest and truthful answers that help everyone including yourself. There are a variety of work sample simulations provided during the Amazon role specific assessment exams. In these type of work sample simulation assessment exams, a candidate is given a virtual task to complete.

Amazon Assessment Process

The virtual task that is provided in the Amazon assessment exams is relevant to the job that you are applying for. Based on how you perform and the answers you choose in this particular task, the Amazon hiring manager and recruiters will be able to judge you on how good a fit you are for this job. Amazon gets multiple applications for every job opening it has. Candidates who will perform the best and is the most ideal fit will be selected for that job position. In the different types of work simulations and job simulation assessments, the exam questions that you will be asked are all aimed at evaluating your interpersonal skills, quantitative to aptitude skills, problem-solving skills, data interpretation skills, and data analytical and processing skills.

With the practice exams that are provided above, you will get a complete idea of the type of questions you can expect in the actual Amazon interview exam. Similar to the questions in this site, the simulation and assessment tests will also evaluate a candidate on their leadership principles and skills, which might have a long term effect on the Amazon teams where you will work in. Hence, Amazon emphasizes and gives significant weight to these exam results on the simulation questions. Based on the difficulty of the questions that you will be posed with the simulation exam, the questions can take about an hour to complete. Make sure that you are well-prepared for this exam and have gone through all the necessary Practice Exam Questions and Answers above.

Amazon Interview Length

If your job application for the particular position at Amazon is approved, and you pass your assessment tests and questions, you will get a subsequent interview to appear for Amazon phone interview. The Amazon hiring process is rigorous because Amazon places a high degree of quality adherence to all its candidates and recruitment processes. The Amazon hiring process is lengthy and exhaustive for every opening and role for which it hires. The hiring process of Amazon runs from a screening call with the recruiter and human resource department through a series of interviews and tests. The tests can be of type writing, and technical, along with questions on interpersonal skills.

A variety of interview panels like the hiring panel and management panel might be interested in meeting you and evaluating you before confirming your job offer. There might be reference checks as well to verify some of your experiences based on the type of job you are applying for. The good thing about the Amazon hiring process is that it is relatively consistent over time for different jobs and roles. Hence, you can get a clearer understanding when you talk with your recruiter and get to clarify any open questions that you may have regarding the job position that you have applied for.

Because the candidate gets to know the structure of the interview ahead of time, it will be much easier for you to prepare and learn what kind of questions that you can expect during the Amazon hiring process. Due to fewer surprises with proper preparation, candidates can expect to answer well rehearsed and prepared questions and highlight their strengths and skill sets. However, make sure that you understand that this does not guarantee that the interviewer will ask simple and easy straightforward questions. But at least you will be well-prepared and know what kind of topics you need to prepare for, and the format of the interview panel and questions that you should focus on.

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