Odds of getting hired at Amazon

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There is a huge amount of competition for every opening of a job at Amazon. The acceptance rate at Amazon is 2% which is really competitive in the current industry. There are multiple candidates aspiring to be a part of this great organization. And hence, strategic planning and preparation is the key. Subscribe to the interview questions below to get a complete understanding and improve your preparation before the interview. During the Amazon interview process, there is also a reference check process. Amazon normally conducts one to two reference checks, and it varies based on how much of a senior position you are applying for. These are conducted over the phone by the HR manager or the Amazon hiring manager.

The reference checks might last a few minutes, and they might ask the candidate to help connect with any of their former bosses or managers. The Amazon candidate might also be requested to get a reference check from one earlier colleague as part of the hiring process. If you have been one of the professionals who worked in a managerial position in your past roles, then the reference check might also include one of your former direct reports. It is important to also learn about the Amazon hiring process timeline. One of the many questions that I come across various candidates at Amazon is how long does it take to get hired at Amazon? There is no fixed and definite answer for this because the timeline for hiring at Amazon depends on the particular job position that you have applied for.

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Amazon Interview Rounds

Based on the position, the timing and the number of interview rounds and evaluation processes vary considerably. The higher the position that you have applied for, the longer the process of evaluation and recruitment is. This is mainly due to the fact there are a variety of interview rounds and evaluation meetings that need to be set up with different teams. People from the hiring management team and also the individual teams who are interested in working with you will be part of the interview panel. The hiring interview rounds and meetings can continue for weeks and might even extend beyond months. This is because the senior management which includes the vice presidents and directors also need to be in sync before they can confirm your candidature.

Due to their busy schedule, the senior professionals will need some time before they can all agree upon a time which is also suitable for you to meet with them and answer their questions. However on an average we can get give an estimate that from the job application time, up to the job offer time for a senior position, the hiring process can take between 3 weeks to about 12 weeks. However, if you're applying for one of the lower positions at Amazon, which are not very senior like vice president or director, then you can expect the Amazon hiring process to be considerably faster. This is because there are fewer steps that need to be taken for the recruitment team and hiring team to process and understand your skills.

Odds of getting hired at Amazon
Odds of getting hired at Amazon

Amazon Rejection Reasons

Another question that I have come across is candidates are unclear why their application gets rejected. As a candidate if you are not successful in getting the particular Amazon job, you will see that your application status has changed to no longer under consideration in the Amazon job portal. There are a variety of reasons due to which your candidature might be rejected by Amazon. Maybe you have performed exceedingly well in the technical rounds and the programming questions. However, there are factors which are outside your control that might have affected your recruitment confirmation. Let us understand some of these in details. One of the top things is having a lack of proper and relevant work experience.

Having the relevant work experience can make a lot of difference when you're applying for a particular job position at Amazon. Your application might be rejected by Amazon because the position that you have applied for in the Amazon job portal might require more expertise and experience than you have. Many of the jobs in the Amazon job portal are focused on a variety of specialized technical skills which require experienced personnel. If you do not have that level of years of experience, then you might be not qualified enough to be in that top few applicants. You might be an excellent candidate with the right skill set, however, due to a lack of experience, you will not be able to get that job. Other candidates who might have lesser skill than you but have greater experience might get that job at Amazon.

Amazon Apply after Rejection

It is important to note that you can always reapply in the Amazon job positions even if you get rejected if you find another job that needs you to have the relevant experience and the matching number of years you have. Many of the Amazon jobs that are listed often demand a high level of education. One of the many questions that I get asked from candidates is what is the appropriate level of education required for the Amazon job. It is to be noted that the level of education varies from job to job. The job position might demand a bachelor's degree or higher, which you may not currently have. There are even jobs available in the Amazon job portal that require lesser or higher positions and degrees of education for different levels of job positions at Amazon.

Amazon is always looking for candidates having greater levels of educational experience with a higher degree of education and greater for some key roles. Candidates for such roles are expected to have more complex experience in difficult projects. Candidates having these skills have a greater chance of succeeding in getting a job at a high level of managerial or director position that requires specialized skills and higher educational requirements. Another reason that candidates get rejected in the Amazon hiring process is a mismatch in their skills and years of experience. This can help happen if that candidate does not meet the hiring criteria of Amazon. The position might require a specific set of skills and a specific set of years of experience working in projects that needed those skills.

Amazon Resume Screening

Amazon might find some candidate as a better fit than you based on their resume, and they might get hired ahead since they have better skills and experiences than you. One of the other reasons that candidates can get rejected in the Amazon recruitment process is if they have any mistakes in their application. Having a quality resume is very important in the Amazon hiring process. Amazon receives a huge number of applications for every job opening they have. Hence, they have a foolproof automated as well as manual system to screen the applicants before they move forward. It is important to note that if the documents and resume you submit are not fully accurate, then there is a chance that your application will be rejected by the artificial intelligence software system or by the hiring manager and recruiter.

As we know like there are various types of keywords and proper formatting practices that help resumes stand out among a number of candidates. Get your resume ready with a focus on highlighting your strengths, and the relevant experience that you have learned while working in the past. Also, you have to make sure that you have read through and fully aware of all the cultural values and principles that drive Amazon's work and their employees. Another reason, due to which Amazon might reject various applicants is giving unsatisfactory answers to the questions that candidates are asked in the interview process. If the candidate has made past the Amazon under consideration status, then they will advance to a multiple sets of rounds of interviews with different interview panels.

Amazon Interview Tips

The Amazon interview panels consist of technical experts, hiring managers, and various senior executives from different teams at Amazon. The sole purpose of this interview panels is to understand how good fit you are and if you would be able to work efficiently with an Amazon team The questions that the interviewers will ask you is mainly focused around your experience and your motivation to work for Amazon. They will ask you about variety of situations you have faced in the past and how you handled them. There is no right or wrong answer to these questions. However, the interviewer panel is looking forward to understanding you at a deeper level, and learn more to see how you would react to different situations.

There can be a variety of questions that will be based on understanding how well you are aligned to the Amazon leadership principles. If you are able to explain every achievement in your resume, which you have achieved, or learned from any failures in the past, in alignment with the Amazon principles and core values, then you have a good chance of getting this job at Amazon. However, if your answers are not satisfactory, and does not portray your cultural and work culture fit with Amazon, then there is a chance that your application will get rejected. It is important to prepare strategically and make sure that you follow the best tips you can get to get hired at Amazon. There are various experienced professionals with this website where you will get excellent tips to get hired at Amazon.

Amazon Interview Readiness

The competition for each of the jobs that Amazon has posted in their job portal is very high because Amazon provides a number of employee perks and benefits including medical, dental and vision insurance. The interview process is intense and rigorous, and every candidate will be evaluated thoroughly before they are recruited into Amazon. Many candidates who apply at Amazon have superb academic backgrounds and great experience. So it will be a tough competition even for qualified candidates. However, with strategic planning, quality practice, and preparation you can improve your chances of getting hired at Amazon. The preparation stage starts several months before the actual interview process begins. So make sure to brush up your skills and fundamentals starting several months before the recruitment and hiring process. One of the most important things that you can do is to familiarize yourself with the company culture of Amazon and their core values.

All the questions that are asked in the Amazon interviews are focused on their key values which every employee is supposed to adhere to. Every applicant should demonstrate their skills and experience matching with those values that Amazon wants every employee to share. Your values should also reflect in your resume and any cover letter that you have prepared for Amazon. It is also important that you should be able to articulate how you plan to contribute to the company's success.

You should be able to explain at a very high level how your contributions in the past and the projects that you have worked on, have helped your organization grow. Sharing the bigger picture at various levels will help your interview panelists understand how you can add value to Amazon and the various different products teams at Amazon. Make sure your resume is prominent and clear about highlighting your strengths and articulates your enthusiasm that you want to talk about, while at the same time being aligned with Amazon's core values and principles.

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