TCS ILP Trivandrum Experience

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This is a guest post by Akash Panchal. The views expressed are of the author.

All the adjectives used to describe the goodness of something would fall short in order to share my experience during my ILP at TCS Trivandrum. I was one of the few in my batch who came out of their hometown for the first time in their life. Living 22 years with family was pretty much similar to playing in 30 yards of a cricket ground. Coming out of that shell was more like I was allowed to meet and greet new cultures . I guess that excited me more than anything else.

Moreover, I was going to live in a state which is considered as β€œGod’s Own Country”. Being nature lover since childhood and the fact of living life near to Nature propelled my confidence. Furthermore, In order to enhance my intercultural compatibility along with experienced garnished by memories was indeed need in my life after completing my engineering.

From the very first moment of getting Joining letter dated 12th January 2015 to facing new experiences even on release day 7th April 2015 was more than creating memories that I can cherish throughout my life.

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Here is what I experienced during my ILP in Trivandrum.

  1. Diversified Culture:

On the very first day of joining, I was happened to meet people from all around the country. Diversified culture of India is one of the peculiarity that makes ILP experience the most memorable. Beginning from having flatmates originating from Southern part of India, I got to know the minute details about their culture, cities and people during ILP. Discussing various topics related to sports, politics with some brilliant minds of the country helped me to sharpen my thinking methodology. We used to watch films together. I am movie buff. I used to watch Korean films other than Bollywood and Hollywood films. However, I never explored aspects of regional films other than Marathi and Gujarati films. My friends helped me to connect with South Indian films. I started watching films in the original languages rather than dubbing version. I still remember, we watched SHAMITABH directed by R.Balki in theater because of the stellar star cast comprises Dhanush and Mr. Bachchan. Celebrating birthdays, Watching WC 2015 all together, Going for tea-sessions , Exploring Cities like Cochin and Kanyakumari with them were few that I remembered the most in my life. Although English used to be communication language for us, We ended up learning so many phrases in their native language at the end of ILP, and they too happily learned Gujarati. ( In addition to that, They loved our very own Thepla and Khakhra! πŸ™‚ )

TCS ILP Trivandrum
TCS ILP Trivandrum

2. Vibes in Learning Environment:

Although, our ILP was completely digital meaning computer oriented. Fellow people helped me to grasp concepts quickly. Break sessions in between used to be funny most of the time describing our college days. Positive vibes coming from lab brought us closer. Business skills sessions helmed by very supportive faculty were more than fun.

3. Canteen (Spoilers ahead! πŸ˜› )

If you are die hard foodie or love tasting spicy dishes, Probably Trivandrum Canteen will disappoint you. Idli will be the first ever dish you will have in the breakfast followed by either North Indian or South Indian dish in the lunch. Although North Indian dish comprises majority of rice.:) In our times, there was a juice and milkshake center, We absolutely loved that. Unfortunately, Management changed the contract of canteen to other company at the end of the ILP. Most common problem every ILP associate found in the food is the oil they used. I have seen people heavily depending on fruits, juices or milkshakes in the lunch. So, Stay Healthy and Hungry if you can! πŸ˜› . On brighter side, surrounding restaurants or Dhabas such as Sharma and Tastyland would help you to survive as far as food is concern. (All the best in advance for food! πŸ™‚ )

4. Weekends (The Best)

Most of the time, you would be ended up your week by attending video lectures, doing assignment and preparing for exams. The only way to escape this hectic routing to utilize the weekends in most effective manner. Trivandrum itself has a lot of attractions. But what might fascinate you would be places nearby (even far) Trivandrum. There are many places and locations to explore such as Thekadi, Munnar( You just can’t afford to miss this!), Rameshwaram, Dhanushkodi ,Periyar and many more. Visiting these many places will prepare you for the next week. All the travel freaks are going to have great time if they get their ILP in Trivandrum.

5. Release Day

Release day is akin to last day in the school. On the very first day of your ILP, You might feel nervous but that nervousness will be converted into mixed feelings on the release day. Amazing bonding with your mates, feeling of not meeting few ones in your life would be striking the chords of your hearts. I have seen emotional breakdown on release day. You might be thinking to go visit your hometown before heading to base location, but Release day will surely make you emotional at one point. Promises of staying in touch with each other would be spreading all around the campus on the release day.

P.S: Even though, You might want to pursue higher education in different fields, I would still suggest everyone to go for ILP at Trivandrum. Memories will find their own place in your life for sure! All The Very Best!

Author: Rahul Bhattacharya

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