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TCS Hiring 2023

TCS is hiring for the batch of 2023 through the TCS National Qualifier Test, or TCS NQT. The TCS NQT follows an integrated test pattern which is common for both TCS Ninja and TCS Digital Fresher hiring at TCS. The best thing about TCS NQT is that candidates will be appearing for a single exam. And based on how they perform in this TCS NQT exam, candidates will be qualifying for either the TCS Ninja profile, or the much coveted TCS Digital profile. There are different stages and the pattern of the recruitment also varies between the TCS Ninja and the TCS Digital profiles. TCS is one of the largest software service organizations in the world. The fact that TCS is hiring and if you are eligible, I would suggest do not let go of this opportunity. Even if you do not join, I would say keep TCS as a backup option just in case the economic situation does not improve. This article is updated every week to provide you the latest information. Read my other articles highlighted below. Also, make sure to evaluate your skills with a mock practice exam curated with a variety of questions to be ready for TCS.

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NQT Registration Date

Apply for TCS NQT here. The Registration Last Date for the Sep exam is 4th Sep 2023.

TCS NQT Exam Date

The TCS NQT Exam Date 2023 is 16th Sep 2023 onwards. TCS NQT Results will be declared shortly after the exam.

TCS NQT Results

The TCS NQT Results are declared within 1 week of the TCS NQT Exam in the TCS official site.

Arts, Commerce, Science

The TCS BPS profile is for Arts, Commerce, and Science candidates.


The TCS profile is for candidates who are ready to support the IT infrastructure services operations.

TCS Helpline

The TCS contact email is The TCS contact phone number is 18002093111.

The TCS NQT exam has eligibility requirements. The TCS NQT Eligibility Checker Tool below will help you find if you can apply for the TCS NQT Exam.

Please select all the parameters above to find your TCS NQT eligibility.

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TCS NQT 2023

The TCS National Qualifier Test 2023 is open for students who are graduating in 2023. The eligible degrees are B.Tech., B.E., M.Tech., M.E., M.C.A., M.Sc./M.S.. These degrees need to be offered by recognized universities and colleges in the country. The TCS NQT is one of the most popular and competitive exams in the software industry today. Prepare yourself for aptitude, reasoning, and verbal ability questions at TCS Interview Questions which is a third party industry professionals driven venture. It would not be wise to appear for the exam without sufficient preparation. Your first step in to login to TCS Next Step official portal. Then register and apply to the drive. If you are already registered, TCS says to login and complete the application form, and after submit click ‘Apply for Drive’. If you are a new user, i.e. you have not registered earlier, you first have to Register yourself, and choose category as ‘IT’. It is important to make sure that you are truthfully declaring your competencies when you choose IT and that you have the eligible qualifications as mentioned above. Now you can choose ‘Apply for Drive’ Choose your mode of test either In-Centre or Remote, and finally click ‘Apply’.

TCS Hiring 2023 NQT Registration Syllabus Digital Ninja BPS Atlas Off-Campus Cut-Off Phases Fresher NextStep Registration Link
TCS Hiring 2023 Guide

TCS NQT Registration 2023

What important points should you remember for your TCS NQT Registration? I suggest keep all your original documents ready. Create a folder or portfolio with all necessary documents within it. If required, keep a separate file for more important documents within your folder. TCS says that all communication related to the test will be done by their test partner, which is TCS iON. If you are receiving any email from free email sources like Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail, be sure that it is a scam. Also as you already know, there is no payment required to be made to TCS, and also there are no affiliated organizations or third party who are interviewing in behalf of TCS. Knowing these facts will help you steer clear of any monetary scams. The entire process from application, registration, examination, interview, and onboarding to TCS is completely free. You only need to brush up your skills and be ready to answer any challenging questions. You can explore more on the different topics at TCS Interview Questions which is a third party expert initiative, or my article here.

TCS NQT Syllabus 2023

The TCS NQT test is differenced into 2 parts. The first part is the Foundation Section. It consists of the following topics:

  • Traits - 1 min
  • Numerical Ability - 25 mins
  • Verbal Ability - 25 mins
  • Reasoning Ability - 25 mins

The second part is the Advanced Section. It consists of the following topics:

  • Advanced Quantitative Ability - 20 mins
  • Advanced Reasoning Ability - 15 mins
  • Advanced Coding - 55 mins

Thus, the total duration of the TCS NQT test is 166 minutes, or 2 hours 46 minutes.

For any assistance or queries, TCS provides the TCS Helpdesk Team contact and 1-800-209-3111. TCS also provides TCS Launchpad which is a learning resource of TCS. You can login with your TCS Next Step credentials here. Once logged in, select Catalogue and subscribe to the applicable courses to begin.

🎧 TCS NQT Questions and Guidelines

TCS NQT Eligibility

The eligibility criterion for TCS NQT is 60% in Class X, Class XII, Diploma (if applicable), Graduation, and Post-Graduation (if applicable). This is inclusive of all semesters and all subjects. The accepted academic degrees are Bachelor of Technology, Bachelor of Engineering, Master of Technology, Master of Engineering, Master of Computer Applications, or Master of Science from any recognized universities and colleges. Many candidates ask what if there are backlogs in your career? TCS mentions there should not be more than 1 pending or active backlog when you are appearing for the TCS selection process. The same is applicable for arrear and ATKT. If you are selected to be a part of the prestigious Tata Consultancy Services, no pending backlogs, arrears, or ATKT are permitted during the time of joining. Such pending backlogs should be cleared by you within the course duration of the University where you are enrolled. Can you join TCS if you have a gap in hiring? Yes, you have to declare any gap in education and provide relevant documentations, and also your break in education should not exceed 24 months until your highest education. Part-time and correspondence education is not considered for TCS hiring, only full-time courses are permitted. Work experience of upto 2 years are allowed, and your age should be between 18 and 28 years of age.

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TCS Digital Hiring

The TCS Digital profile is one of the most valued profiles in Tata Consultancy Services by aspirants all over the country. TCS Digital profile offers a salary package of 7 lakhs rupees. TCS Digital hires for the different domains like Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Blockchain, Machine Learning, Virtual Reality, and Natural Language Processing. You can get hired for TCS Digital if your college is a TCS Premium college. TCS Digital profile can also be attained by cracking the TCS CodeVita pre-qualifier. You can also get the TCS Digital profile is you perform well in the TCS NQT. The eligibility criterion of TCS Digital includes all branches of B.Tech. and M.Tech. You should have 60% in Class X and XII or a CGPA of 6.0 or higher to be eligible for TCS Digital. If you are pursuing a degree, you should have 70% or a 7.0 CGPA or higher for TCS Digital. For Post Graduate candidates, you should have 60% or 6.0 CGPA at least in Undergraduate results for TCS Digital. You should not have any backlogs during the timing of joining for TCS Digital if you are selected. Any education gaps must be declared with relevant documentations for TCS Digital. The TCS Digital recruitment process consists of three rounds - TCS Digital Online Test, TCS Digital Technical Interview, and TCS Digital HR Interview.

🎧 TCS NQT Experience

TCS Off-Campus Digital Hiring

The TCS Digital Off-Campus hiring consists of the 3 rounds of tests as detailed below.

  • TCS Digital Online Test (Round 1) - The TCS Digital Online Test involves 2 online tests. One consists of Aptitude and Verbal Ability assessment. The second consists of Coding knowledge evaluation. The approximate time duration is 60 minutes.

  • TCS Digital Technical Interview (Round 2) - The TCS Digital Technical Interview consists of discussions on projects and your technical background. The technical interview needs preparation of the tools and technologies that you have already worked on. So make sure to brush up your skills for this round of TCS Digital.

  • TCS Digital HR Interview (Round 3) - The TCS Digital HR Interview consists of scenario based questions and personality evaluation sessions. Be ready to answer some of the common questions that are asked in the TCS HR interview. Learn what to say and what qualities the interviewer is looking for in you.

TCS Ninja Hiring

TCS Ninja is one of the most popular profiles among candidates who are looking to be a part of Tata Consultancy Services. TCS Ninja offers a salary of 3.4 lakhs. The TCS Ninja eligibility criterion is B.E./M.E./B.Tech./M.Tech./M.C.A./M.Sc. To be eligible for TCS Ninja you should have 60% or 6 CGPA and higher throughout Class X, XII, Under Graduate and Post Graduate (if applicable). You should not have more than 1 arrear while applying for the TCS Ninja profile. And you should not have any pending backlogs when joining the TCS Ninja profile if you get selected. You can have a maximum of 2 years of education gap for TCS Ninja. Be ready to present proper documentations explaining your gap in education. Only full-time education is considered for TCS Ninja. You can apply for TCS Ninja in TCS Next Step and choosing Apply for Drive option. Make sure you prepare enough before the actual exam. See the practice tests I have built above and choose the appropriate topics to test your skills. If you can consistently score above 80% in my practice tests above then you can be sure that you have a good understanding of the essential concepts.

TCS Ninja Hiring Results

The TCS Ninja recruitment process consists of an online test. If you clear the TCS Ninja Online test, you will be further requested to arrive for the TCS Ninja Technical round, the TCS Ninja Managerial round, and then the TCS Ninja HR round. The online TCS Ninja test consists of 4 sections - Numerical Ability, Logical Reasoning, Verbal Ability, and Programming. Make sure to practice using the Practice Tests I shared above to be ready for these rounds. Every attempt will present you with new questions for the TCS Ninja exam. These exams will give you a real feel of what to expect in the actual exam. Try to score passing marks at least in every attempt of these practice tests, and you will understand the level of expertise I want you to have. One of the common questions is if you can move from TCS Ninja to the other available TCS profiles to gain broader experience and increase your salary. The answer is yes, you can apply and move to different domains in TCS by continuously learning and upgrading your skills. Based on the respective assessment tests and how you perform you can move from one profile to another in TCS.

TCS Ninja Cut-off Marks

The TCS Ninja cut-off marks is based on the number of candidates appearing for the exam, and the overall marks scored by the candidates on a percentile basis. In simple terms, his means it depends on how your peers perform in comparison to you. Hence, the cut-off marks for TCS Ninja will vary for every test. When you take the TCS practice exams above, you will be presented with a pass and fail percentage based on the cut-off marks I have decided for you using these tests. These will give you an idea of what kind of questions to expect for the main exam. You will also understand the level of preparation I expect from you before applying for the actual exam. Since the cut-off marks varies you need to improve your level of preparation to the highest level possible. Understand from the above practice tests which areas you need to improve on, and then focus on them, then retake the above practice tests. I would advise get comfortable scoring high marks in the practice tests above before appearing for the actual exam. This will not increase your confidence but improve your chances of succeeding in the main exam immensely.

TCS BPS Hiring

TCS BPS stands for TCS Business Process Services. TCS BPS is about managing and executing business operations and spans across different industries supporting processes like accounting, HR, and supply chain management. The TCS BPS role is more focused on providing IT and non-IT support to the different domains. The TCS BPS offer letter takes around 3-4 weeks to arrive after you submit your documents. Based on experiences of candidates in BPS profile the TCS BPS role is definitely a promising stepping stone into the technology world. However, if you are looking forward to moving more towards IT and development fields then keep brushing up your skills, take the practice tests I shared above, and continue applying for the IT positions. The TCS BPS eligibility criteria are Graduates and Post Graduates with at least 9 months of relevant work experience. Are you ready for TCS BPS? Take the practice tests I shared above for necessary skills that you will require to find out. You should have good verbal skills and preferably decent aptitude skills. I suggest getting a good score in my practice tests shared above before attempting the actual exam.

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TCS Atlas Hiring

The TCS Atlas job profile is for roles like Data Scientists, Data Validators, Risk Modelers, and Statisticians. The salary package varies from 7-8 lakhs. There are online tests and interviews conducted during the TCS Atlas recruitment process. The TCS Atlas eligibility criteria states that candidates should be between 18 and 28 years of age. In terms of education, TCS Atlas aspirants should have full time post graduation degree with a specialization in Mathematics, Statistics, and Economics. The test provider for TCS Atlas is TCS iON. A infrastructure readiness check will be scheduled a couple of days before the actual exam which you will be communicated over your email. You should have 60% and 6 CGPA or higher through Class X, XII, under graduation and post graduation degrees to be eligible for TCS Atlas. The exam for TCS Atlas consists of sections on Statistics, Mathematics, Economics, and Coding. The TCS Atlas exam duration is usually 90 minutes. How good is your aptitude and reasoning skills. Test yourself by taking a try at my assessment tests shared above. If you can get a good score, you can be assured that you are ready for the actual exam.

TCS Off-campus Hiring Phases

Tata Consultancy Services is one of the largest organizations in the world. TCS conducts off-campus hiring every year and candidates can apply for this in the TCS NextStep portal. Register and choose ‘IT’ from the list, and then in the application form choose ‘Apply for Drive’. Only candidates with B.E., B.Tech., M.Tech., M.E., M.C.A., and M.Sc. degrees are eligible. These are online tests and interview rounds for various positions in the organizations. Candidates are evaluated in different skills - Aptitude, Verbal, Reasoning, Coding. To get an idea what kind of questions to expect take the practice exams I have built above. Every attempt will present you with a new set of questions, so make sure to take the practice exams a few times. The minimum marks required is 60% or 6 CGPA and above in Class X, XII, Graduate and Post Graduate (if applicable) degrees. You also should not have any arrears or backlogs at the time of joining TCS if selected. You should have proper documentation if you have any education gap. Any questions? Comment below and I will try to answer.

TCS Fresher Hiring

TCS is hiring freshers every year through the TCS National Qualifier Test, also known as the TCS NQT. The test is for the TCS Ninja and TCS Digital profiles. The salary package for TCS NQT ranges from 3 lakhs to 7 lakhs. To prepare for the exam, I suggest take the practice exams above to evaluate yourself. Whether you score good or score average in these practice tests I have built, you can expect similar results in the actual exam. Every attempt in the practice exams above will present you with new questions. To be eligible you need to have B.E., B.Tech., M.E., M.Tech., M.C.A., or a M.Sc. degree. The TCS Integrated Test Pattern, also known as the TCS ITP, is another test that allows you to showcase your skills using which you qualify for either the TCS Ninja or the TCS Digital interview. You need to prepare for Aptitude, Verbal, Reasoning, and Coding skills for the TCS assessment exams. Build your knowledge and keep practicing until before the actual exam. This will help you encounter different questions of varied complexity from each topic. The more wide variety you can cover the better your chances of succeeding in the main exam.

TCS Next Step Exam Date

All exam dates and details of next steps of candidates being hired are updated by TCS in the TCS Next Step portal. Starting with a package of 3 lakhs and often reaching upto 7 lakhs, TCS Next Step provides details for candidates coming from various backgrounds of TCS NQT like TCS Ninja, TCS Digital, TCS Atlas, and TCS BPS and experienced hires as well. Keep track in TCS Next Step daily of the different phases and dates of your TCS hiring process like Candidate Registration, Application Received, Applied for Drive, Candidate Batched, Offer Letter Generated, Offer Accepted, ILP Eligible, ILP Scheduled, Joining Letter Generated, Joining Letter Accepted, and so on. TCS advises to stay safe and trust only genuine emails and updates from authorized TCS information sources, so if someone reaches out to you for TCS referral or expedited hiring process you should keep waiting instead and revisit the TCS Next Step portal. Reach out to the dedicated TCS Helpdesk contacts provided in TCS Next Step and wait for them to answer your queries. You can also ask me for guidance if you have any queries regarding your situation.

The TCS Ninja registration is being conducted under TCS NQT. Take my TCS NQT Practice Tests shared above to prepare for the TCS Ninja exam. You can apply for TCS Ninja at TCS Next Step, after registering and creating your account, choose IT when prompted, and start filling the application form. Keep a note of your Application ID, and start filling your Education and Work details sections. In Other details section, provide remaining information like certifications, resume, achievements, photo. Finally, you choose to Apply for the Recruitment drive - choose Remote if you want to give the exam remotely, or choose In-Center if you want to attend the exam by physically attending the venue of the exam. The entire process of registration for TCS Ninja is streamlined using the dedicated TCS portals for aspiring candidates. You can check every step of the process and request for updates or help via the provided dedicated TCS contacts.

Let’s take a look at the most recent TCS quarterly results performance. I use this to understand where the organization is headed and a general sense of understanding how the overall IT industry stands today. With the information from these quarterly performance announcements, we can also analyze the trend of hiring of employees, joining dates, salary hikes, project pipelines, new acquisitions, and global expansion strategies.

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