TCS ILP Trivandrum Accomodation

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This is a guest post by Aman Gupta. The views expressed are of the author.

My ILP training at Trivandrum was from Dec 17 to March 18.

I have given details both for male associates and female associates

During this period TCS Trivandrum campus was full of trainees hence there were many accommodations at different places provided by them.

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For Male Associates:


The best one Among all the accommodation, luxurious rooms, sofa sets, balcony view with green Coconut trees. It's around 5โ€“6 Km from Peepul park campus.

I was provided 3Bhk with 5 other people 2 in each room. Luckily we got a new flat that was semi-furnished.

Both 2bhk and 3bhk flats were available it's your luck and time you reach decides what you will get.

There were no restriction in the society it was named Diamond District. It was 5km from TCS campus.There was even a bus stop nearby which made our traveling easier. Only there was issue of not getting food nearby we had to order the food or near the TCS campus.

Otherwise, the best in everything from living quality to Transportation.

TCS buses won't be that frequent, so you will have to adjust with bus timings.


After 1 month we were shifted to Scarlett because some flats were vacant there as few batches completed there ILP.

This is also decent accommodation provided by TCS and the main accommodation. It's around 5km from Peepul park campus.

There are 3 blocks


Orchid and rose are the best once rooms are good and spacious whereas in Sirius they are a bit small.Sirius has Block B, Block C, Block D.

There were both 3bhk flats and 2bhk flats.

Scarlett has just environment like a hostel once you come out everywhere you will find associates.There is even a good gaming parlor nearby and a lot of places to have food and other snacks, fruits etc.

Transportation is an issue near Scarlett as it's on the interior side and so the auto guys charge heavy amounts and even at times don't allow cabs. Kazakhotam is about 2km.

If you get a floor above 10th you could have a nice beach view.

In Scarlett TCS buses are frequent in our days there used to be 15 buses from 7am to 8am.

TCS ILP Trivandrum Accomodation
TCS ILP Trivandrum Accomodation


As heard by friends and co associate this is not that good accommodation to be at if you are unlucky you can get it. Distance from Peepul park is nearly 4km.

Many people from by batch were there at Lee Frank, but we're unhappy about the service and living conditions, but you can't help they don't change your accommodation and even after several complaints things don't get changed.

It's a type of lodge taken on rent by TCS to provide accommodation.

Lee Frank is on the way to Scarlett, bus timing are also bad as during our ILP only one bus used to stop at 7am, but you have many shops nearby and transportation is also fine as running autos are available.


This is near to Desai homes near to main road. Good conductivity if you want to visit on weekends any places in Trivandrum.

It was around 4km from Technopark gate and 4.5 from TCS peepul park.

Mostly 3Bhk are there shared by 6 people.

Restrictions are less than Desai homes and Scarlett.

Food again will be issue you will have to eat either at TCS campus canteens or order, or you can go outside nearby outlets and shops.

For Female Associates


This one is present inside the campus and is good one as always female associates are provided with good accommodation and facilities. No concern for security as it's inside office campus hence it's properly secured.

The rooms are luxurious and good atmosphere to live in with 24*7 security.

The only thing is strict timing rules.

By 9:30 every female associate should enter the main gate or else will have to call HR and say the reason for being late.

The main TCS gate is also near about 600m from hostel, so you will get a habit to walk more.

Only thing is associate will have to carry on ID card when ever to go out and roam about in campus, strict rules.

It's a type of double sharing rooms for female associates and food will be given in TCS canteens, or you can go outside campus but keep in mind timings.

Nearby are Sharma dhaba, Delhi Darbar,New Arya's on the other side of the road.

And near kazakhotam is famous aaryas restaurant for vegetarians


At times Kenton have been accommodation for both boys and girls as well, depends on number of associates and accommodation available.

During our ILP only girls were there. It's around 800m from Peepul park campus but don't need to worry frequency of buses to TCS is high and that to at different timings.

Rooms are also quite good and comfortable.

Strict policy of timing and keeping electronic items like iron Box and hair dryers etc. are not allowed so need to follow those.

Food won't be a issue you will be having many options either to order or visit nearby hotels most famously Delhi Darbar.


This is around 3km from peepul park campus. Flats are provided in the society for female associates 2bhk and 3bhk were present.

No options are available for food nearby as it is in isolated area. So better to you use TCS bus facility or cabs for traveling and eat food in or nearby campus.


There would be few more accommodations as they lease new ones if there are more associate.

Like one is near TCS peepul park campus on other side of the road near to Le Arabia.

Most of the hostel and flats have good living facility, proper water supply, Aquaguard for drinking water, proper cleaning facilities.

Only food is the issue.


Have a great journey to Trivandrum, beautiful place to live and have memories. Utilize the weekends property and travel around Kerala.

For any more concern and other information about accommodation,ILP or visiting places feel free to contact.

Good luck!

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